Wine Chocolates Roses

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Your words are my food, your breath my wine. You are everything to me.

Sarah Bernhardt

Submitted: September 02, 2018

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Submitted: September 02, 2018



Wine  Chocolate  Roses

Wine, Chocolates, Roses

A melody gift to the heart as whispers proposes

The sweet elixir, so tempting to the palate, as soft petals

Caressing touches, worth more than stones, gems, or precious metals

Kissing me tenderly from head to toe, a blessing to experience, no disguise

Make me cry out your name, as passion dances in your eyes

This day for you, slowly unwrap the bow, and play with your awaited surprise

Desires of the hearts shall take us pass the throne of sunrise

Mirror the reflection of my touch

Allow me to drizzle my body with honey, your tongue to bathe as such

Blend us as one, the death of passion, only we shall part, come undone

Enrapture song of a sultry clandestine one

No beginning no ending

Attuned hearts beating, pluses escalating, sending

Lips, heart, bodies mending

Time for us suspending

Eyes closed, feeling the dominating sheer bliss

Today, tomorrow, the present of our yesterdays reminisce

Coveting my lips, the extended domineering of your soul, seeking

Funneling, moaning, once inside, tweaking, inch by inch peaking

Basking in the warmth of my inner soul

Appetite to restrain, completing me, uncontrolled

Love in the act of making

Weakening me powerless as you’re hungrily taking

Ebbing at a soft waterfall, pulsating persistence

I have no more resistance

Locking palms within mine

Essence of me caving as drinking fine wine

Pushing me over

Clenching signature of silk covers

Oh God, all the breathless pleas in the moment, love hovering, smothering

A King of Heart’s passion is overwhelming as he’s lashing

I’m sinking, he’s still locked inside, thrashing

A cascade of love, giving into, bodies shuddering from the thrill of a flowing rush

God created muscular beings to submit women to a feeling as such

A comparative heart, a fluttering blush

Getting lost in the arms of a man’s inebriating touch

Becomes weakening, captivating, the yearn to fulfill is never too much

Addictive to the height of its peak

Stealing my breath, my name he calls out as lust breathlessly speak

Submerging deeper, a feeling of Wine, Chocolates, Roses, sweet wishes

Unwavering quench, dependency after one taste, bodies laid upon a bed of silk, tender kisses

Ecstasy and the desire to idolize within the glorious nature of its sunken abyss, spellbinding, delicious 

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