Future Tales: Episode 2: Intergalactic War (Plot Outline)

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The biggest criticism I get from my friends about my story’s as that they are way too long to read and digest in one go. So I’ve decided to publish plot outlines to give people an idea of what the story is about before reading the full story.


80 years after the events of “Hologram Revolution” technology has moved on again and soon we are able to travel to other planets and meet other life forms. But what might seem like a new start for the human race quickly turns into another massacre. The question that we are asking though is "Who is the real enemy?"

Submitted: May 19, 2012

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Submitted: May 19, 2012



Intergalactic War (Plot Outline)

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Main Characters

John: The story is told from John’s point of view

Charlotte: John’s wife

Alex: Charlotte’s half niece

Kryten: A member of a salvage team in charge of recovering uploaded humans

Kyle Hirst: A cyber terrorist and the oldest person alive

Main events

Many years after the events of Hologram Revolution John and Charlotte are resurrected by Kryten

It is revealed that Alex has also been resurrected

It is revealed that a large chunk of Charlotte’s memory could not be recovered

Contact with extra-terrestrial life forms is established

John, Charlotte and Kyle Hirst view a space battle between Grey aliens and a species known as the Kamikaze.

Hirst infects 2 uploaded humans with a virus which causes them to destroy the ship we are on.

Charlotte escapes and finds herself on a planet where reptilians are keeping human prisoners descended from World War 2 Nazis

Charlotte activates a backup copy of John and they help the Nazis escape the planet

The version of John who escaped the battle finds himself with Hirst in the Kamikaze Galaxy

John activates a backup copy of Charlotte

In an attempt to return to the home galaxy they follow a Kamikaze ship though a wormhole

They find themselves in another galaxy separated by 50 years

After returning to the Kamikaze galaxy they discover that during his time in the other Galaxy Hirst was rehabilitated by the life forms he came across

After witnessing what the Kamikaze have done in the other galaxy they formulate a plan to destroy them all

Hirst reveals that before his rehabilitation he secretly infected us with the virus in an attempt to infect more people on Earth

Hirst removes the virus

Once the plan has been implemented they make another attempt to return to the home galaxy

During the attempt they spot a Grey ship and the Greys take them home

Many years later whilst visiting Hirst in prison John finds out that the other versions of himself and Charlotte have arrived back on Earth and that they must decide which copy must live and which must die.

When John leaves Hirst realises that the other versions are still infected with the virus and he rushes warn John about the virus but is stopped by the guards

This story continues in Future Tales: Episode 3: Temporal Conspiracy.


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