Future Tales: Episode 3: Temporal Conspiracy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
"Something very suspicious is happening in the Galactic Union. A crime has been committed but by who? The only way to find out is in the future or maybe the past. Has there been a Temporal Conspiracy?"

Submitted: June 05, 2012

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Submitted: June 05, 2012



Temporal Conspiracy



Scene 1

A few months after the events of “Intergalactic War” I visit Kyle Hirst in prison.

Hirst: Hi

John: Hi

Hirst: Your still alive then.

John: I am… Luckily I found out about your little virus long before I arrived back on Earth.

Scene 2

20 years earlier Charlotte and I are on the Reptilian ship bringing the Nazi’s back to Earth.

John: Ok Gus I’m going to install the NPU’s into you.

Gus: I am ready.

Charlotte: I would just like to say that I think this is a bad idea.

Gus: I agree with you but I also know that my people will never truly trust you until they have proof that you are not demons.

John: I am afraid this is the only way. Besides that we are running out of food for everybody unless everybody becomes Hologram everybody will die.

Charlotte: Ok let’s get this over with.

I install the NPU’s into Gus.

John: Ok now accept the update.

Gus: How do I do that?

John: Look at the icon and click accept.

Gus: I can see it.

Gus starts screaming and waving his arms around.

John: What’s wrong?


Gus starts to attack us.

Scene 3

In the prison Hurst and I discuss these events.

Hirst: That’s awful!

John: After that the Nazis split up into 2 groups and had a bit of a war.

Hirst: Oh no! What have I done?!

John: It didn’t last long we only had a week’s worth of food left. By that time we worked out what had gone wrong.

Hirst: So I’m guessing you are the other John then?

John: If I was do you think I would be telling you all this.

Hirst: So you’re a combination of the two then?

John: Yes.

Hirst: So what happened to Charlotte?

John: We flipped a coin and the one who rescued the Nazis won. After she found out what we had been up to all these years she was disgusted at what I had become.

Scene 4

Months earlier Charlotte and I are arguing about my decision to combine with my other self.

Charlotte: I can’t believe what you are telling me!

John: I didn’t have much of a choice!

Charlotte: You’re a monster!

John: It wasn’t just me you were there to!

Charlotte: Don’t put this all on me!

John: In fact it was your idea!

Charlotte: That wasn’t me!

John: Well what do you want me to do? I can’t un-combine now.

Charlotte: Just stay the hell away from me!

Charlotte storms away.

The other version of Charlotte (her memory’s now erased) walks over to me.

Charlotte2: Hi… are you my dad?

John: What?

Charlotte2: Sorry it’s all a bit confusing I don’t actually remember anything before a few minutes ago. What’s my name?

John: I don’t know. Why do you call me dad?

Charlotte2: Normally when new Holograms are activated they are in the presence of their guardians whose job it is to introduce them to the new world and help them adjust to life. I’m surprised you don’t know this its standard knowledge for me.

John: Ok then I guess I’m your dad.

Charlotte2: This isn’t a very good start to my life. Are you going to help me work out who I am?

John: Sorry about that it’s just a bit of a shock. Oh yes of course I’ll help! Me and your mum have just had a bit of a row nothing for you to worry about though.

Charlotte2: I’m guessing that shouty woman is my mum.

John: Yeah you weren’t exactly planned.

Scene 5

Back in the prison with Hirst we discuss these events.

John: I haven’t seen Charlotte since then.

Hirst: That would explain why it’s taken you so long to come and see me. What happened to the other Charlotte?

John: She’s called Carla-Marie and she’s changed her appearance. She looks kind of like a combination of both of us now.

Hirst: Has Charlotte met Carla-Marie?

John: Yes surprisingly she’s like our go-between. She’s so much like Charlotte in a lot of ways but in a lot of others they are so different.

Hirst: Have you told her what we did?

John: No! And she must never know!

Hirst: So why did you pick now to come and see me?

John: I didn’t… You’ve been recruited.

Hirst: Recruited for what?

John: The Reptilians are threatening war unless we return their ship and we need to assist in negotiation.

Hirst: So why do they need me for that?

John: I have no idea. The Greys requested it again.

Scene 6

Charlotte and I are in a room next to a large “Star Gate”.

The Gate is being prepared for your Journey.

John: Hi.

Charlotte: Hi… So are you ready.

John: Yeah. I’m still not sure about this Star gate thing. It doesn’t look safe to me.

Charlotte: Its belter than relying on the Greys wormhole technology. I can’t stand that planet and you can tell they don’t like us.

John: Oh didn’t you hear.

Charlotte: What?

John: We aren’t going to Zeta Reticuli.

Charlotte: Where are we going?

John: The Pleiadian home world.

Charlotte: I’ve never been there.

John: I have… I went with Kryten on one of his ambassadorial trips. It was amazing! The planet is kind of like a big Garden of Eden. Everyone just spends all day sitting in the sun all day and everybody is so healthy! And there’s a massive city filled with the most amazing technology. I can’t even describe it or even what it does it’s just so amazing!

Charlotte: I can’t wait to see it! John there’s something I need to talk to you about.

John: What is it?

Charlotte: You remember on the asteroid belt when you told me…

Charlotte is upset.

John: Hey are you ok?

I comfort Charlotte.

John: What did I say?

Charlotte: You told me about that horrible thing that happened to me.

John: Yes.

Charlotte: When we were away Kryten found a database of erased memories and I stupidly decided to install them into my brain.

John: I know… me and the other Charlotte did the same thing. Turns out I had some missing memories too. After I installed mine we decided not we had best not bother with yours.

Charlotte: What did you erase?

John: A few nasty things I got up to during the war which I’d rather not talk about. Some things from when I was a kid….

I am upset.

John: You’re right I am a monster!

Charlotte: You’re not a monster. I’m sorry I said those things.

John: Well why did you block me?

Charlotte: I just needed time to think and accept the new situation. Based on the things you were saying it was like you were a completely different person. I wanted to give you time to accept the merging and become the person you are again.

John: So where do we go from here? Because I have tried to cope on my own without you and I really don’t think I can do it.

Charlotte: I don’t know John… I’m finding it really hard to get past the whole genocide thing but…

I interrupt.

John: I can change! I will do anything you want!

Charlotte: What I was going to say is that I don’t think I can’t cope without you either.

John: So what do you want from me?

Charlotte: I’ve decided to give you another chance.

John: Oh thank you! I love you so much!

Charlotte: But I still don’t completely trust you. That is something you have to earn.

Scene 7

A few days later we are in a conference room with the Reptilians.

Negotiations are not going very well.

Reptilian1: We do not accept your terms.

Reptilian2: You must return our vessel now!

Charlotte: Ok now everybody calm down. Negotiations seem to have gotten a bit heated.

Reptilian2: Why is it that you stupid apes cannot speak your own language!

The Reptilian strikes out at Charlotte with a large Cain.

The Cain goes though Charlotte.

John: What the hell did she say that time?!

Reptilian1: The words “ok”, “gotten” and “bit” are incorrect.

Kryten: May I present my most sincere apologies my lord. The war criminals are unfamiliar with the customs of the reptilian people. Please I beg that you make allowances for this most unreasonable behaviour.

Reptilian2: There will be no allowances!

John: How the hell are we supposed to negotiate when you people are constantly criticizing our grammar?

Kryten: John perhaps Alex and I should continue the negotiations alone.

John: No Kryten it’s not right! Its time these people were told that they can’t just do what they want. We all have to live together in this union and…

Alex: John go!

Charlotte and I leave the conference room.

Scene 8

I enter a room where Carla-Marie is waiting for me.

Carla-Marie: How did it go dad.

I punch the wall.

John: Awful! I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t the start of another war.

Carla-Marie: What happened?

John: I insulted the reptilian ambassador again by using bad grammar.

Carla-Marie: Well maybe you should improve your grammar. Maybe if you did you might be friends.

John: Not after what I saw them doing on that planet.

Carla-Marie: You still haven’t told me what that was.

John: You aren’t ready for that yet. You’re still too young for that kind of horror.

Carla-Marie: If you’re trying not to scare me dad I think we’ve gone way beyond that. Since the day I was born all I’ve been exposed to is negativity I doubt there’s anything more you can tell me that will be worse than that.

John: Ok but only because I need to get this off my chest.

Carla-Marie: Well go on then tell me!

John: They were eating them.

Carla-Marie: Eating them?

John: They were farming them until the age of around 50 or so and then they would come in the middle of the night and take them.

Carla-Marie is upset.

Carla-Marie: That’s awful! To kill another living person and eat them!

John: Do you see now why I didn’t want to tell you?

Carla-Marie starts to shake.

I comfort Carla-Marie.

Carla-Marie: I don’t have words to describe this it’s just wrong.

John: The worse part of it is that according to the law they were well within their rights.

Carla-Marie: So why are we even here? All you did was recue those poor people.

John: Apparently because we stole the spaceship from their planet we are in the wrong.

Carla-Marie: They took our people! Shouldn’t they be in the wrong for that?

John: Apparently not! It all goes back to a disputed claim by the Reptilians on Earth. They had some claim to the planet as part of their “Draco Empire”. They claimed that they were ruling the planet in secret. This was mostly proved untrue in the mid-21st century and all the Reptilians were evicted from the planet.

Carla-Marie: Why isn’t this in my database?

John: Most of this info will be available when you reach maturity and get upgraded to standard cast.

Carla-Marie: So they took these Nazi’s when they owned the planet. Then how can they still be allowed to keep them once we got the planet.

John: There’s a law that any species who makes claim to a planet can hold other species who come to their planet indefinably in whatever condition they see fit. In other words whilst we are on an alien planet they can do whatever they want to us and we can’t complain.

Carla-Marie: Even here?

John: Yes but I wouldn’t worry since the Pleidians are peaceful so I think we are safe here. This works both ways you know. If an alien comes to Earth we can do what we want to them.

Carla-Marie: I don’t think we would ever do anything like that on Earth.

John: We did in the 20th century. Some of the things we did to the Greys were just awful.

Carla-Marie: I wish you hadn’t told me that now!

Scene 9

A few hours later we are all gathered in a room next to a smaller and more advanced looking Star Gate than the one on Earth.

Hirst is strapped to a wheelchair.

Alex: So has anybody been told why we are here?

Everyone: No.

John: Has anybody been told why we have to be here when everybody else is asleep?

Everyone: No.

Charlotte: Maybe they’re all going to jump out and yell surprise.

Kryten: Actually that’s pretty likely. Pliedians love a good party.

Carla-Marie: I really don’t like this. I want to go home.

Hirst: I’m sure all you lot will be fine. If things turn nasty you can just fly away and escape. I’m stuck here tied to this chair.

Charlotte: You just can’t help it can you? Any excuse to escape and kill us all!

Hirst: The girls scared I’m just trying to comfort her. I’m not trying to escape. As I’ve said many times I deserve everything I get.

Charlotte: There is only one thing to be scared off in this room and it’s you!

Charlotte moves to hit Hirst.

Alex stops her.

Alex: Leave him he isn’t worth it!

Charlotte: I remember what you did! I know what you are capable of!

Hirst: Believe it or not we used to be friends. John tell her how close we were.

John: I’m staying out of this one.

Two Pleiadians enter the room.

Pleiadian1: If you could all calm yourselves we must speak to you.

Kryten: What must you speak to us about?

One of the Pleiadians switches on the Gate.

Pleiadian1: As you may be aware this conference was originally designated for the Zeta Reticuli neutral zone.

Alex: Yes we are aware of this.

Pleiadian2: What you may not be aware of is that we specially requested that the conference be held here.

Alex: Why did you request this?

Pleiadian1: We requested this because we have information that the Greys wish to arrange your death.

Everyone gasps!

Carla-Marie: Oh no, oh no, oh no!

John: Don’t worry we’ll sort it.

Kryten: Why do they want to kill us?

Pleiadian2: As you may or may not know the Pleiadians and the Greys are in possession of the most advanced and accurate time viewing technology in this Galaxy. Observe…

The image on the star gate shows an army of holograms in the Zeta Reticuli star system. They are being led by all of us and they are attacking the Greys ships.

Pleiadian2: The image you see is of a potential future if the Greys do not succeed in killing you.

John: That’s awful! We would never do anything like that! At least not unless we were attacked first.

Pleiadian1: But you do and this is defensive, this is an attack. An attack which would devastate the Greys.

Charlotte: Alright. How about if we just decide not to do that?

The image in the gate repeats itself.

Pleiadian2: The events are constant.

Kryten: How can we avoid these events?

Alex: Is letting the Greys kill us the only way?

Pleiadian1: That is the reason we have decided to save you.

Pleiadian2: If you stay here on this planet and never again return to Earth these events will not happen.

Charlotte: This doesn’t make sense. If we decide not to do something then surly we won’t do it.

John: How did we know that this is an accurate representation of what’s happening?

Pleiadian1: We have been helping you for far longer than you know.

Pleiadian2: We arranged for you to be separated so that you would create parallel versions of yourselves.

Pleiadian1: If we had not the Greys would have killed you on your way back from the Kamikaze galaxy. The confines of their religious beliefs means that they cannot kill you unless you are whole.

Charlotte: Did you also arrange for Kyle Hirst to be on that space ship?

Pleiadian2: No that was the Greys.

Carla-Marie: Why did they do that?

Pleiadian2: They did it to prevent the Kamikaze…

I interrupt.

John: That’s not important.

Hirst: The main question I have is why you are helping us if we are so dangerous?

Plieadian1: Your survival is essential to our interests.

The image on the Star Gate changes.

A fleet of advanced looking Reptilian ships are attacking the Pleiadian home world.

Pleiadian1: You can prevent this from happening just by being here.

Hirst: You want us to fight in a war?

Charlotte: We won’t do it! That is exactly the reason why that other version of the future happens. Once we start fighting we never stop and eventually it becomes a massacre.

Pleiadian2: There is more that we must show you.

Both Pleiadians look at Alex.


The star gate shows the year 2014.

Charlotte and her sister Jessica are in a hospital waiting room

Charlotte: Shouldn’t be too long now. You nervous?

Jessica: Yeah of course I’m nervous! What kind of a mother am I going to be? I don’t even know who I am! I’ve gone from Wednesday Addams to Katie Sugden in only a few months and even that doesn’t feel right.

Charlotte: Haha funny.

Jessica: What?

Charlotte: I said that exact thing to a guy I met yesterday.

Jessica: Oh no not the guy with the creepy fingers. You should dump him.

Charlotte: No I dumped him. I met this guy yesterday.

Jessica: Oh tell me more.

Charlotte: There isn’t much to tell really. I met him yesterday; he’s actually a patient of mine.

Jessica: Carful CJ dating a patient could lose you your job.

Charlotte: Very true, but when I found out this guy was also my neighbour I figured it would be ok. Plus the guy could barely walk and needed help getting home so one thing leads to another…

Jessica: And!

Charlotte: We spent all night talking and watching sci-fi films.

Jessica: Sounds fun.

Charlotte: I knew he was defiantly interested in me by the way he pretended to lose his keys.

Jessica: Sounds creepy.

Charlotte: Yeah but that’s what I like about him. He’s also got an innocents about him. I can tell he’s a nice guy.

Charlotte looks across the room at a young blonde haired doctor and five blonde haired nurses.

Charlotte: Who are they?

Jessica: I think they are my surgical team.

Charlotte: I’ve never seen them before. I don’t know what it is about them but they seem a bit…

Jessica: What?

Charlotte: Alien.

Jessica: You’ve been watching too much paranormal TV.

Scene 11

In the room with the star gate everyone looks at Alex.

Alex: So you were involved in my conception?

Pleiadian1: We created you using our DNA. We hid within you secret knowledge and the desire to survive.

Alex: But I’m human! My DNA is human! Or at least it was before I became a hologram. What are you going to tell me next? That you are my father!

Pleiadian1: We have the ability to mask our DNA and appear to be human. I am not your father. Unfortunately our father died 100 Earth years ago.

Alex: Now that is just….

The Pleiadian shines a light into Alex’s eye.

Pleiadian2: If you were biological this would revert you to your natural state. In your current condition it should just unlock the knowledge hidden within your brain.

John: Alex are you ok?

Alex: Yes… Yes I can see now. A lot of this is stuff I already know from a different point of view. But there’s more… I understand how time works.

Pleiadian2: We have given you a lot to think about. We will leave you now to carefully consider your answer.

The Plieadians leave the room.

Kryten: Alex? What do you think we should do?

Alex: I can see now what’s been happening. It’s all one big temporal conspiracy. I was born to keep you two alive so that we could all be here now and help the Pleiadians protect the planet.

John: What do you think we should do?

Alex: I don’t know. It doesn’t seem right. There is something that they are not telling us.

Charlotte: If only we could interface with this star gate. We could see for ourselves what the future holds.

Hirst: I can do it.

Charlotte moves close to the star gate.

Alex: Charlotte no get away! If you go through the portal we don’t know where or when you’ll end up.

Charlotte: You mean we can use this to actually travel in time?

Hirst: Guys…

Alex: Yes but I wouldn’t recommend it. The Greys are limiting time travel as soon as you go through the gate they can detect you and if your presents alters things too much they will make you disappear. The butterfly effect is very real even your presence can drastically alter the future. So much so that you can never return to the same version of the future you come from.

Hirst: Guys!

Charlotte: What?

Hirst: I can control the gate.

John: How can you control the gate?

Hirst: I still have that bio-organic computer in my brain. Since we arrived I’ve been scanning this place. I also used that blue light to collect data on the biology of the Pleiadians. I can construct and emulate a model of a Pleiadian brain and use it to work the machine.

Kryten moves Hirst towards the gate. Hirst concentrates on the gate. An image appears on of the Reptilians fighting holograms on the Pleiadian planet.

John: Ok now that’s not such a good future.

Charlotte: I suppose if we killed ourselves now it would be our own choice and not because some aliens decided.

Everyone: Agreed

John: Ok so we are all going to kill ourselves. Before we do I think we should have a look at the future if we do that, just to make sure everything goes ok.

Hirst grunts as he tries to alter the image on the star gate.

Hirst: This isn’t as easy as I thought!

Scene 12

The image on the star gate shows a few minutes in the future.

John: Ok let’s set the self distruct for 20 seconds.

Everyone: Agreed!

Charlotte: I love you John. I’m sorry for how I’ve been this past few months.

John: No it’s me who should be sorry I’ve done some terrible things.

Kryten: Well it looks like this is it. Alex you have made my life worth living in so…

Alex interrupts.

Alex: Shhh! Just hold me!

Hirst and Carla-Marie scream.

A Pleiadian enters the room and fires an energy weapon at us which stops the self-destruct.

Scene 13

As we watch the images on the star gate we look around at each other.

John: OK let’s not do that one.

Kryten: What else can we do?

John: Alex if we went through the star gate to a point in time in the future and an area of space where there is no life. Could they find us?

Alex: It’s hard to say I don’t think so.

Charlotte: Ok then let’s do that.

Hirst struggles to get an image on the gate.

Hirst: It’s too hard I can’t focus!

John: Keep trying!

Alex: We have to hurry! If they knew we were going to kill ourselves then they know about this!

John: Think of an image any image.

Two Pleiadians enter the room.

Kryten: We have to go now!

Kryten unties Hirst and runs for the portal quickly followed by everyone else.

Scene 14

We emerge at the back of a huge crowd of people.

Kryten: Hirst, where are we?

Hirst points a massive wheel across a large river.

Hirst: Earth, Europe, United Kingdom, England, London, The River Thames.

Alex: When are we?

The crowd start to count down from ten.

Everyone: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Happy New year!

The wheel lights up with fireworks and the crowd starts singing.

John: Never mind I think I know.

We all take shelter in a nearby takeaway.

We move up to the 2nd floor and sit down on an empty table.

Charlotte: Why aren't they following us?

Alex: I don't know based on our current location the Greys should have got us from the moment we arrived.

John: Yeah I imagine us being here at this time has caused a few ripples.

Alex: I don’t know, these things vary. I mean some people spend years in the past before they are found out. I have my suspicions that they may have told me all this to keep us from doing what we’ve just done. Maybe time is fixed maybe not, I don’t know.

Carla-Marie: So what do we do now?

Charlotte: I think we should do exactly the opposite of what we set out to do.

Kryten: What do you mean by that?

Charlotte: I mean that we based our decision to find an empty place on the things that Alex had in her mind. So that’s where they’ll be looking for us.

John: I think I see what you mean. We should go to the most crowded place on Earth and set up lives for ourselves. Blend in and they won’t be able to find us.

Scene 15

A few days later we have set up a life for ourselves in New York City.

We sit around the table of an apartment discussing our new identities.

John: Ok so Charlotte and I are a couple. We are both 38 and Carla-Marie is our 15 year old daughter.

Charlotte: Carla are you sure you don’t want to be an adult like us? You are way more mature than most 15 year olds of this time period.

Carla-Marie: I know I seem that way but I’m still actually trying to work stuff out about who I am. After all I am technically only a few months old. I really want to experience things like school and growing up as much as possible.

Alex: That’s ok as long as you don’t make too much of an impact. No boyfriends no dating unfortunately.

Carla-Marie: I understand that and although it means I won’t have the full experience I still want to do it.

John: Ok Alex and Kryten you are both 30 and you are our “visiting cousins” and Kryten from now on you are called Kevin.

Kryten: I don’t see why you can’t call me Kryten isn’t it common in this time period to have unusual names?

John: Yes but I think Kryten is a bit much.

Charlotte: We can still call you Kryten though as a nickname though.

Kryten: That’s ok I suppose.

John: And Hirst you are 68 years old and my father in law from a previous marriage. You suffer from dementia and various other mental disorders which means that occasionally we have to strap you to the chair and you must never be left alone,

Hirst: This is really unnecessary you know.

Everyone: Shut up!

John: Ok we are all in agreement that we can all keep our names. Since most of us haven’t even been born yet and we have such common names it should be ok.

Everyone: Agreed.

John: Right now as for money. I’ve made credit cards for all of you with unlimited limits but don’t go mad with them or people will get suspicious. Now lastly your bodies.. Please remember to be careful with them. They damage so easily and we don’t want another incident like with Kryten and that knife.

Kryten: That was an accident. I don’t see why we can’t just use our hologram bodies.

Charlotte: Because Kevin… If one of us gets injured or develops a glitch people are going to notice.

Kryten: Yeah but if that happens we can easily cover it.

John: How are you going to cover it if someone comes at you with a baseball bat and the bat passes right through your body? In a few years’ time everybody’s going to have a hand held camera in their hands it’s just not worth the risk.

Kryten: I still don’t think its necessary but I agree.

John: Ok what I suggest now is that we all go out and explore our new home. I’ll go with Kryten.

Carla-Marie: Who’s staying with Hirst?

Charlotte: I’ll stay with Hirst. I suppose it’s only logical since Alex remembers more about this time period than me and we can’t leave Carla-Marie alone with him. Besides that I’m not exactly anxious to be going outside in this time period.

Charlotte shivers with fear.

John: You ok?

Charlotte: Yeah just some bad memories surfacing.

Scene 16

A few hours later Kryten and I are in a music store.

The song “Good news week” is playing in the background.

Kryten is disturbed by something.

Kryten: John.

John: What?

Kryten: I think we may have seriously altered the past.

John: What? Why?

Kryten: Can you hear the music?

John: Yeah so?

Kryten: That music is from at least 40 years ago and should not be playing now.

John: Sometimes they do play old songs you know. Just like you might see someone wearing unfashionable clothes or driving old cars. It doesn’t mean that there’s been a sudden temporal change.

I turn round and Kryten isn’t there anymore.

I look round and I can’t seem to find him.

John: Kevin! Kevin where are you!

Suddenly I spot a man who looks like Kryten but wearing different clothes and with a moustache.

John: What you looking at?

Man: Mind your own god damned business.

John: Cool but you know you shouldn’t change your clothes in the middle of the street. Nice moustache by the way.

Man: Excuse me sir?

I scan the man and determine that it is not Kryten but his DNA is the same.

John: Sorry to bother you I thought you were my friend.

Man: Well you’d better watch it.

My phone rings and I answer it.

John: Hello.

Kryten: John I’m in a bit of trouble with some security guards.

John: Where are you?

Kryten: The shop across the street.

John: I’m on my way.

Scene 17

Outside the shop Kryten and I are saying goodbye to the guard.

John: Thank you for being so understanding.

Guard: No problem pal. Those paint fumes can be lethal. I hope your friend gets better soon.

John: Oh yeah me to.

Kryten steps out into the road without looking and I stop him.

The guard laughs.

Kryten: Just explain to me what I did wrong again.

John: Well firstly you pay for stuff with your credit card and not your phone and secondly contactless payment doesn’t become popular for another 15 years. Why did you run off like that anyway?

Kryten: I saw a really rare Nokia and I thought I could just pop in there and be back before you noticed.

John: Ah well that’s another thing all those things they have on display aren’t real.

Kryten: They’re not? I didn’t think holograms existed in these times.

John: No they aren’t holograms they are just empty cases for display purposes. No working parts you get me?

Kryten: John I think you’ve just solved one of the mystery’s that has plagued me most of my life. For years I’ve been wondering why I kept finding so many empty cases during my work in salvage. Now I know and it’s fascinating.

John: Well I’m glad you’ve learned something but I think we’ve got bigger problems.

Kryten: What’s that?

John: You know there’s someone walking around the city who looks exactly like you? Do you have any idea who that is?

Kryten: It’s possible he could be my predecessor, the guy who my neural net is based on.

John: In other words your dad.

Kryten: Yes.

John: So now we have to move again and find ourselves new identities.

Kryten: I don’t think that will be necessary since he moves to Canada in a few months.

John: Yeah but he’s going to have family and friends here who will recognise you.

Kryten: Well I’ll just change my appearance.

John: And what happens if we meet one of his family or friends who because of what we say or do around them convinces him to return here or do something else? You could erase yourself from existence if I haven’t done that already.

Kryten: Ok point taken.

John: Let’s go home and break the bad news. Oh yeah and look both ways when your crossing the street in future.

Kryten: I did but the cars just kept coming.

Scene 18

A few hours later at the apartment I am showing Kryten how the oven works in the kitchen.

Charlotte and Hirst are in the living room.

Hirst is asleep.

John: Ok now we’ve set the temperature and put the Chicken in the oven and switched the oven on. What do we do next?

Kryten: Take it out of the oven and eat it.

John: No, we let it cook first which should take 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Kryten: Based on the instructions on the box it should take 2 hours and 50 minutes.

John: Yeah but you don’t want to pay much attention to that. It’s never very accurate besides that it’s a new oven and we didn’t heat it up before we started.

Kryten: Ok so after that time has passed can we eat it.

John: Well firstly we have to test to see if it’s ready to eat. Do you know how we do that?

Kryten: Scan it.

John: I mean in this century without using future tech.

Kryten: I don’t know.

John: We poke it with a knife. The sharp and pointy end not the black bit that you hold. If the juices run clear it usually means that it’s safe.

Kryten: Isn’t that a little inaccurate?

John: Yeah but it’s the best we’ve got.

Kryten moves his face towards the oven door but I stop him before he touches it.

John: And don’t touch anything with your fingers until it’s cooled down! Remember what we learned this morning with the toaster.

Kryten: Ah yes I forgot about that. I never really appreciated before how fragile human bodies are.

John: Just count yourself lucky we can actually heal ourselves. Those injuries you sustained this morning would be permanent for anybody else.

Kryten: I didn’t know the waffle maker would create such a large explosion when I put it in the sink.

John: hahahahaha

Kryten: What?

John: Oh nothing, I was just thinking about that fart you let off this morning.

Kryten: It’s not funny I thought I was going to explode.

Kryten and I enter the living room.

I sit on the couch next to Charlotte and Kryten sits in a chair across from Hirst.

Charlotte is in deep thought and is startled when I sit down.

John: Hey are you ok?

Charlotte: Yeah I’m just thinking… About those memory’s.

John: Hey it’s ok. Nobody can hurt you now.

Charlotte: I just don’t like this feeling that someone can hurt me like that and nobody can do anything about it.

John: I know as holograms we take for granted that if we don’t like someone we can just block them or leave. As living humans we are more or less at each other’s mercy. Although we know we’ll be ok because we’ve got future tech to protect us so it’s not so bad.

Charlotte: Also there’s the thought that he’s out there now. I just want to find him and kill him for what he’s done to me or what he will do in 15 years’ time.

John: And if you did that what about Kelly? She’ll never be born.

Charlotte: Was she worth it John? Was she worth feeling like this?

John: Yes… I can honestly say that she was. Besides that I’ve come to realise that you were right. The killing was wrong. It turned me into somebody I don’t want to be. I did some awful things during the war. I erased those memories because I thought they would make me a better person but in the end I turned into an even worse monster. I don’t want to be like that.

Charlotte: Then you don’t have to.

John: Kryten, how’s Alex been coping with what’s happened with her.

Kryten: She hasn’t really said much except that she feels a bit more like herself. She also said that if she was a bit younger and didn’t know so much about the Pleiadians and all the other stuff anyway she might have been overwhelmed and not like herself anymore. I don’t exactly know what she meant by that.

Charlotte: I do it’s like memory’s change you and how you think and feel about things. It’s just…

Alex and Carla-Marie enter the apartment.

Alex: You guys are not going to believe what happened to us!

Carla-Marie: Yeah we were just walking out of this shop and the security guy pulls us over saying we had gone without paying.

Alex: Well after I tried to explain the issue and find out what we did wrong he takes us up to his office and calls the police. It was only when they arrived that I suddenly remembered about paying for things. It’s funny how much you forget when you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

John: I know me and Kryten had the same issue. I had to tell the security guards he wasn’t well before they let us go.

Everyone laughs.

John: Another thing that happened today is that we found out that we have to move.

Alex: Move why?

John: I’ll let Kryten tell you that one.

Before Kryten can speak Carla-Marie interrupts.

Carla-Marie: Hey what’s cooking?

John: Oh it’s a big chicken. I got from the butchers shop on the corner.

Carla-Marie: It smells good I can’t wait to… Hang on you say you bought it.

John: Yes.

Carla-Marie: You mean that’s a real animal that was once alive and you want us to eat it.

John: Um yes, that was the idea.

Carla-Marie: I can’t believe this you’re a monster!

Carla-Marie storms away.

Kryten: Just so you know I did say all this before.

John: Carla-Marie wait!

Carla-Marie: I’m living in a family of monsters!

Carla-Marie slams her bedroom door which wakes up Hirst.

Hirst: Ah what’s happening?!

Charlotte: Oh go back to sleep!

Scene 19

18 months later we are living in a house in Perth Australia.

Hirst has left the house on his own and we can’t find him.

John: Ok Alex any sign of him?

Alex: No I’ve scanned the whole city I can’t find him.

John: He must be masking himself somehow.

Charlotte: Somebody needs to go out and look for him.

Alex: I called Kryten he’s doing that.

John: What in a car? He’s only just passed his test! He’ll have a crash.

Charlotte: Hang on if Krytens looking for him who’s picking Cara-Marie up from school?

John: I’ll go and do that and then I’ll go and look for Hirst. Charlotte you stay here and Alex expand your search whole the whole containment if you have to.

Alex goes out of the back door and flies away.

Charlotte: Should we phone the police?

John: Not yet.

Charlotte: Well if we are trying to make out that he’s got dementia wouldn’t waiting look a bit suspicious?

John: Ok phone the police.

I open the door to leave but there is a police officer standing at the door.

John: Wow that was fast! Oh no what’s happened it’s not Kryt..Kevin is it? What did he hit?

Officer: Unfortunate I’m not here to discuss your cousins driving skills this time.

John: Well what is it?

Charlotte: We were just about to call you our father in law has just gone missing.

Officer: Well if that’s the case ma’am he must be able to run pretty fast.

Charlotte: What do you mean? Where is he?

Officer: A man matching Mr Hirsts description and claiming to be Mr Hirst was arrested in Melbourne earlier today.

Charlotte: What did he do?

Officer: He was arrested for assaulting a 17 year old boy.

John: Is the boy alright.

Officer: The boys got a few broken bones but he’ll survive. Now I’m afraid that based on what you’ve just told me I need to ask you a few questions.

Charlotte: Ok come in and take a seat.

The officer enters the house and takes a seat on the couch.

Officer: Now you say you’ve only just noticed your father in law is missing. How do you imagine he got half way across the country then?

Charlotte: Well… it’s a bit of a funny story really... um…

John: Well the last time any of us actually saw him was last night at 7.

Charlotte: Yeah he was tired and said he wanted an early night.

Officer: So why didn’t you report him missing this morning?

John: Well we thought our daughter had taken him out for the day earlier this morning but we forgot it was Friday and she had school.

Charlotte: Only occurred to us about 10 min’s ago that it wasn’t Saturday.

Officer: Even so he’s pretty speedy for an older fellow. Does he have a history of violence?

John: Sorry just curious… What is the boy’s name?

Officer: Unfortunately I’m not at liberty to divulge that information.

John: His name isn’t Kyle Hirst is it?

Officer: How the bloody hell did you know that?

Scene 20

We are in a prison in Melbourne.

Charlotte and I are talking to Hirst in a room.

John: Ok the security camera is transmitting a false image.

Charlotte: We’ve just been on a plane for you. A plane Hirst! Do you have any idea how dangerous that is considering what day it is tomorrow?!

Hirst: I’m sorry but I have to tell you…

Charlotte: I can’t deal with you anymore! I’ve had it! All you do is betray our trust at every opportunity and hurt people

Hirst: I know but if you’d just…

Charlotte: How did you even get here? I know you don’t have NPU’s!

John: Yeah that’s my fault I gave him temporary privileges last night so he could see the racing results and have a little gamble.

Charlotte: Oh this just gets worse! I knew it was a bad idea even letting him out of the chair.

John: He needs exercise he’s an old man.

Charlotte: Well he certainly got that didn’t he?! When he kicked the shit out of his younger self! I hope it hurt! I hope when you massacre all those people you remember how much it hurt!

Hirst: It did hurt.

Charlotte: Is that all you have to say for yourself!

Hirst: No you don’t understand. I remember it hurting. I remember today!

Charlotte: Well of course you can it’s just happened!

John: Charlotte don’t you see what he’s saying? He remembers us from when he was young. In other words in our world line we existed. This means that we’re safe! Time is linear! Anything we do now has already happened. As long as we don’t go mad and mess with established events we can do anything we want!

Charlotte: So you mean we don’t have to worry about cleaning up his mess? We can just go!

John: Basically yes.

Charlotte: See ya Hirst!

Charlotte leaves the room.

Hirst: Wait!

John: Sorry man.

I leave the room.

On the other side of the door the younger Hirst is watching.

Charlotte and I start to walk away.

Hirst bangs on the door of the room and starts screaming.

Hirst is restrained by the guards.

Hirst: This isn’t right! You have to come back! John!

I stop and look back at Hirst.

Charlotte: Just leave him.

Scene 21

Back at the house in Perth we are talking about what happened with Hirst.

Everyone except Carla-Marie is in the living room.

Live footage of the 9/11 terror attacks is playing on the TV.

Kryten: So you just left him there.

John: Yep.

Charlotte: Well there wasn’t much point bringing him with us. He needs to me punished and we don’t need to look after him anymore.

Kryten: I don’t like this. What about when he gets out of prison? What if he tries again?

John: The lawyer said he’s going down for at least 10 years. If he does get out he’s going to be in his 80’s or 90’s if he lives that long.

Charlotte: Besides that he only attacked himself in the first place because he remembered it. Plus whatever he does it already happened so there’s not much point worrying.

Alex: I don’t feel right about this either.

Alex attentively watches as the footage repeats of the 2nd plane hitting the tower.

John: I just feel really bad for him. I suppose it’s only natural after spending every day for 25 years with him.

Charlotte: I don’t! He’s a scumbag and he deserves everything he gets!

John: Well maybe that’s what he thought! You know! Maybe he finally realised that what he did was wrong and he wanted to stop it! Or maybe he realised it in the Kamikaze galaxy and tried to make up for it there!

Carla-Marie walks into the room.

Charlotte: We’ll discuss this later.

Carla-Marie: So what’s happening? Did I miss anything?

Kryten: Yeah sorry I forgot to let you know it was starting with all this trouble with Hirst.

Carla-Marie: Its ok I’ve seen the footage lots of times. Have the towers gone down yet?

John: Wow you’re getting a bit desensitised to all this violence aren’t you?

Charlotte: Is it any wonder with the people we expose her to.

John: Not now!

Carla-Marie: Well I suppose it’s like that old saying “When in Rome.” Besides that for us all this has already happened. We can’t stop it so we might as well enjoy it.

Alex: Ok there’s something wrong here.

Alex projects a 3D hologram showing both the footage of the attacks happening live and a simulation of the footage of the attacks.

Carla-Marie: What is it?

The footage shows the plane hitting the north tower.

Alex: You see that! The plane hit the tower at a different angle than in our world line!

John: So maybe whoever did the reconstruction did it wrong.

Alex: I thought that at first.

Alex plays the live footage.

The south tower is down but the north tower is still standing.

John: Ok now that’s not what happened.

The reconstruction shows that by this time both towers are down.

The north tower instead of falling in on itself as the south tower did has toppled over killing people in the streets and buildings below.

John: So it’s a little different. Everything could still work out the same.

The north tower collapses in on itself.

Alex: That’s defiantly not how it happened.

Charlotte: What could have caused it?

Alex: I don’t know. The nature of time travel is complicated. Sometimes things change for very weird reasons. It’s the butterfly effect.

Kryten: Is it possible that there could be another time traveller?

Alex: Could be.

John: It defiantly wasn’t us!

Carla-Marie sees something in the corner of the room.

Carla-Marie: Umm guys!

Everyone turns round to see a Grey in the corner of the room.

Grey: Oh yes I’m afraid you did cause this and a whole lot more.

Scene 22

We are in a cell on board a Grey ship.

The cell is a brightly lit featureless room with no doors or windows or openings of any kind.

John: Any luck anybody?

Kryten: There doesn’t seem to be a crack or break in the structure at all.

Charlotte: I don’t understand it. How could we possibly change 911?

Alex: Time can be very complicated. It’s related to gravity and space and the speed of light and everything. Even with the technology the Greys have its impossible to predict exactly what will happen. It’s difficult for me to explain. Sometimes 2 worldliness can be exactly the same and then 1 little thing can be changed and everything is turned upside down. The best way to describe it is a combination of the butterfly effect and the uncertainty principle.

John: Alex can you bring up that simulation again?

Alex displays the simulations from both world lines.

John: Ok fast forward to just before the north tower is hit.

The simulation moves to that point.

I point out a little dot on the sky in the new footage.

John: what’s that?

Kryten: It looks like a Grey ship.

John: That’s exactly what it is. Now that ship does not appear in the original.

Charlotte: You think they were here for us?

John: No I think they were here to observe 911.

Kryten: So why aren’t they on the original footage?

John: Because the original footage was photo shopped. I think originally there were 2 Grey ships observing the attacks and the ship that we are on is the one that is missing from the new footage.

Kryten: How do you know this?

John: Because in the original world line there is audio footage of the pilot saying “What are those things?” Those things as in 2 of them.

Charlotte: And that never happened because that ship was sent to collect us.

Kryten: So why have they come for us.

Alex: Isn’t that obvious! In the original world line older Hirst had no memory of younger Hirst when he did the attack. From the point those memories surfaced the world changed somehow.

A grey walks though the wall.

Grey: Your assumption of the situation is correct. In your world line you rescued the older Hirst from the prison and he did not remember meeting his younger self. As a result the younger was never able to confront him about the attack. As a result of that meeting the younger searches for and finds the younger versions of John and Charlotte which results in a different future.

John: Ok so just rescue old Hirst from prison and erase the young ones memory and everything should be fine right?

Grey: Those events have already come to pass and the younger Hirst should continue his destiny as planned.

Alex: Ok so why have you pulled us in then if everything is fine?

Grey: Certain irregularity’s need to be accounted for.

Alex: You mean the butterfly effect from the new 911?

The Grey displays an image on 1 of the walls.

Grey: This is the time period from which you come in this world line.

The image shows a Kamikaze attack on the solar system.

The Kamikaze ship slams into the sun causing it to explode.

Kryten: Why isn’t anybody stopping this?

Grey: Galactic Union forces have been overwhelmed by the Kamikaze at this point. There simply wasn’t the resources to prevent this attack.

John: What about the Holograms? Where are they?

Grey: The Holograms did not win your Holographic war. The 911 terror attacks of this world line did not cause as much damage. The biggest effect of this was a stronger economy in the future which meant that the human side became more technologically advanced.

Charlotte: So all the Holograms died?

Grey: The war ended with a ceasefire with the condition that all Holograms retreat to Earth’s moon and all research into holographic projection units be halted.

John: So Earth never made contact with the GU and the Kamikaze took over the galaxy.

Grey: Correct, and John and Charlotte do not survive the war.

Alex: So what do we do next?

Grey: Corrective action must be taken. You will be informed when a decision has been made.

The Grey is about to leave when I stop him.

John: Is there any way you can tell us what would have happened to us if we had kept to the events established in our world line?

Alex: John that’s imposable they can’t show us aborted world lines.

Grey: On this occasion we can show you.

Scene 23

The Grey displays another image on the wall.

The image shows one day earlier on our world line.

Charlotte and I arrive back at the house with Hirst.

Hirst is not moving.

I lay Hirst on the ground.

Alex: What’s happening is he ok?

John: He’s dead.

Charlotte: What? How?

John: He was telling me something about stopping the massacre and killing the monster and then he just went all floppy.

Kryten: Have you scanned his brain yet?

Charlotte: Even if we can bring him back should we?

John: He was just trying to stop himself from killing all those people. We can’t exactly be mad at him for that!

Kryten scans Hirst.

Kryten: There isn’t anything there.

John: What do you mean?

Kryten: His brains turned to mush. He’s really dead! No coming back!

Scene 24

The image changes to a few days later.

John: Listen guys… Me and Charlotte have been doing some thinking… We can’t go on like this. It isn’t right. There has to be another way to survive and avoid the events the Plieadians showed us.

Charlotte: We’ve come to a decision we are going to go off and fly as far away as we possibly can.

John: We want to go and see things while we can. This domestic life is way beyond us now we just want to go.

Charlotte: Would you like to come with us?

Alex: Its funny you should say that because me and Kryten have been doing some thinking too.

Kryten: We think that it’s time we settled down for real. No more NPU’s or aliens or future stuff. Just a normal 21st century family.

John: Are you sure? I know it’s taken you a while to acclimatise. It’s going to be a hell of a challenge.

Kryten: I know that but with Alex’s help I’ll be ok.

Alex: It’s right for us. We’ve lived too long already we just want to enjoy the simple things.

Charlotte: You do know that if you ever change your mind there’s no going back.

Alex: We know.

John: Ok so the only thing left is to decide what happens to Carla-Marie.

Scene 25

On the Grey’s ship.

Grey: We have been monitoring all possible outcomes since you arrived. We were curious as to how 5 people can travel so far into the past and not cause 1 single ripple. We determined this was because you already existed in your world line.

Alex: So you could see what happened in our world line right up to the point it changed. That’s way more advanced than the Plieadians.

Grey: The Pleiadians are not behind this Temporal Conspiracy despite what they may claim.

Carla-Marie: So what happened to me in that world line?

Grey: You remained on Earth, got married and have children. Everything a person in this time period does.

Charlotte: And us?

Grey: Unknown. You travel far beyond our reach. We do know that your main aim in life is to see the end of the universe.

John: Maybe we did that.

The Grey leaves the room.

Kryten continues to scan the room.

Carla-Marie: There’s something I don’t understand.

Charlotte: What’s that?

Carla-Marie: If we are such a threat to the Greys why do they need us alive in the future? Why don’t they kill both versions of us now?

Alex: Time is a very complicated thing we can only guess why they need us alive.

John: It’s ok Alex I think it’s time we told her he truth.

Carla-Marie: What truth?

John: You know how before the other Charlotte had her memory erased to become you, we spent 25 years in the Kamikazie galaxy?

Carla-Marie: Yes

John: When we were there Hirst found a way to wipe out the Kamikaze in 1 strike. We knew that it was wrong but once we saw for ourselves what the Kamikaze were capable of we decided that we had to do it.

Carla-Marie: But wasn’t that a good thing if the Kamikaze were going to wipe us out?

Charlotte: Yes it was a good thing! John I was wrong. I didn’t understand because I hadn’t seen it for myself but that was absolutely the right thing to do.

John: No Charlotte I was…

Kryten interrupts.

Kryten: I’ve found something!

Alex: What is it?

Kryten: A hole! Its only 1 Nano-meter in diameter but it’s enough for us to get out of here 1 NPU at a time.

Alex: I doubt there’s time for all of us to go. Greys are usually pretty quick.

John: Carla-Marie should go.

Carla-Marie: No… One of you should go. You have a long history and you want to live more than me.

Charlotte: No we’ve already lived too long. You should go.

John: Yeah you should go because you are the only one of us who has never killed.

Kryten: Um I’ve never killed anybody.

Alex: You’re staying here with me!

Kryten: Yes dear.

John: Carla-Marie you must promise me that you will never kill. What we did was wrong and I’ve only just realised why it was wrong. We killed the Kamikaze to protect ourselves. The Greys think that they can play god by altering history and doing away with anybody who stands in their way. They turned us into killers and almost ended up killing themselves and creating the problem that we are in now.

Alex: Carla-Marie you have to go now!

Carla-Marie: Bye everybody.

Carla-Marie says goodbye to everybody.

Carla-Marie’s body falls to the ground and a beam of light disappears though the hole.

Scene 26

Charlotte and I are escorted into another room.

In the room there are 2 beds with the younger versions of us laying on them.

Grey: You are to be merged with your younger selves

John: Ok that doesn’t sound too difficult.

Charlotte: What about me? Will a merging work?

Grey: You will not be using your technology

John: So how will that work?

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