Future Tales: Episode 3: Temporal Conspiracy (Plot Outline)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
The biggest criticism I get from my friends about my story’s as that they are way too long to read and digest in one go. So I’ve decided to publish plot outlines to give people an idea of what the story is about before reading the full story.


"Something very suspicious is happening in the Galactic Union. A crime has been committed but by who? The only way to find out is in the future or maybe the past. Has there been a Temporal Conspiracy?"

Submitted: June 05, 2012

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Submitted: June 05, 2012



Future Tales: Episode 3: Temporal Conspiracy (Plot Outline)

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Main Characters

John: The story is told from John’s point of view.

Charlotte: John’s wife.

Carla-Marie: John and Charlotte’s daughter created from Charlotte's Virtual brain and a combination of both their physical appearances.

Alex: Charlotte’s half niece and Earths ambassador to the Galactic Union.

Kryten: Alex's husband, Earths ambassador to the Galactic Union and former salvage Admin

Kyle Hirst: A former cyber terrorist and the oldest person alive.

Main Events

A few months after the events of Intergalactic war John visits Kyle Hirst in prison and recounts the events of the past few months.

Hirsts virus has been successfully neutralized.

Both alternate versions of John have been combined into one person.

One of the alternate versions of Charlotte has had her memory wiped and has now become Carla-Marie.

The remaining version of Charlotte does not like what John has become due to the events in the Kamikaze galaxy so John and Charlotte have been separated for the past few months.

After John has recounted these events he tells Hirst that he must accompany him on another mission.

The Reptilians are threatening war unless their stolen ship is returned so John, Charlotte, Carla-Marie, Alex and Kryten must travel to a meeting of the Galactic Union on the Pleiadian home world. The Greys specifically requested that Kyle Hirst attend.

Charlotte and John meet on the ship that is to take them to the Pleiadian home world.

It is revealed that before John and Charlotte left Earth during the events of Hologram Revolution they both had some unpleasant parts of their memory’s erased. These memories have now been restored.

John vows to change his ways and the pair reconcile.

The peace talks commence and do not go well.

After the first day a Pleiadian gathers everyone together for a secret meeting.

It is revealed that the Pleiadians and the Greys both possess time travel and viewing technology and the events of Hologram Revolution and Intergalactic War have been carefully planned and manipulated to produce the desired outcome i.e. the death of the Kamikaze.

It is revealed by the Pleiadian’s that the Greys want to kill everyone and that in a future time there will be another Intergalactic War and the leaders will be John and Charlotte.

The Pleiadians claim that they want to protect everyone from the Greys but after some investigation it is determined that they want to use Hologram technology as a weapon.

It is revealed that Alex is actualy half Pleiadian.

Everyone escapes through a time portal to the year 2000.

Everyone agrees that they must maintain a low profile to avoid capture.

After they set themselves up with the necessary documentation and accommodation they begin to explore the 21st century often with hilarious consequences.

Kryten accidentally makes contact with one of his ancestors whilst living in New York City which means they have to relocate to Western Australia.

Hirst is arrested for trying to kill his past self.

Hirst reveals that he remembers the event which raises questions about the linearity of time.

Everyone watches the 911 terrorist attacks on the news but something is different when compared to footage from the future.

The Greys find and capture everyone.

The Greys reveal that events in the future have changed too much and must be corrected.

Carla-Marie manages to escape.

John and Charlotte are forced to combine with their past selves using Grey technology. When the process is complete they can’t remember any of their future lives together or each other.


© Copyright 2020 Ken Evnas. All rights reserved.

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