Resident Devils

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One day there was a ripple in the video game space time, and in 1998 Raccoon City the cast would see a grim day, a portal releases in the sky as they are casted into a whole new world filled with
demons and devil hunters. Chris Redfield and Leon S Kennedy find Dante a devil hunter at his shop called Devil May Cry and they find a bond that is unbreakable, defeat Vergil once and for all and
close the portal to save both games. Nero joins the party as he meets Claire Redfield, Chris's sister, they soon find out that they have met for a grimmer reason than what they hoped for. Soon,
Dante finds out the real reason why he met Leon. As two game worlds collide and they team up, one will fall.

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Submitted: September 07, 2018

Dante was sitting in his chair watching some movie, he stroked his devil sword with a rag, as he seen the scene where he likes. "Yeah tha... Read Chapter