A Fragminis Instituo of Everto Divinus Spite. Orbis Paris :1663

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A Recently found fragment.

Submitted: December 15, 2008

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Submitted: December 15, 2008




i. A darkness shrieks

statement completes

the wandering of this soul

ii. In featureless

assumed distress

creature toils fell road

iii. This Sisyphus

has hate and just

a legion once control

iv. To seek still light

banish all but fight

its matters yet behold

v. Costumes for fools

to bend this rule

Horns this dilemma rolled

In timeless pools

of seeping cruel

its power is to hold

Imagined rhyme

defeats combine

to usher in those bold

Enough to wonder

if enough still blunder

in cracked the reason told

I, Grimoire

Closet red, in pieces dead

with flies across the path.

Detailed instead a smile becomes

what we will least but ask.

This stick still kill, this piece of ill

Demands a fuller reason

avoid flat dead, glance cant instead

a carcase of malfeasance.

Feathers fly, spit in your eye

to beauty and the game

Man's weapon dry, concoct reply

as we are all the same

we kill our fill, we war our whore

we license now this substance

we live it late, deliberate

our foul substance give her

as time completes our weakest feats

we piss ourselves in wonder

complain you must, tell us what's just

a little more deliver

a fulsome pride rots all inside

and spews out many poisons

a tongue of green, a sight obscene

a spoon to shove it in deliver

fix now a riot, subject our diet

to buxom lovely lushness

decrepit win, embrace tis sin

with wormy maggots, try it

undo the cover, let loose the bother

in human vellum pages

fling self away, go come ,no stay

become a rock of ages.

The spells herein do now begin

a conjuring of symptoms

waving our sight we now delight

the wisdom of the sages.

Prospero's Dance


Give, take, hang by the neck, shake

quake, the spirit late, depart this objective create

fake, insolvent late of this parish, cherish,

in several pieces diminish, finish,

languish in sumptuous, religious dungeons.

Quince, convince a dogmatic dash and since

difference is not quite sack cloth and ash


An acoustic chord

becomes a sword

cutting its falls

anticipating rather a sliver of sound

coruscating around the music of balls

A witching spell

confounding well

the hat, head and wig

was willing to give to you

a horn with which to dig


We guess old Nick

His mind is sick

A lady's fan consume mated

with male and female bits

prepared and cooked as stated

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