A Pearled Trilogy

Poem by: Ken Simm


Victorian Romance


Submitted: September 29, 2008

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Submitted: September 29, 2008




I. A Pearled quest.

Here me now see me how? I am as cold as the wind clouds inside this clear glass skin.

The weavers of dreams complete of this night time and ask

that you to move on and ride on

into a heathland of light and silver masque

dancing in melody that sigh around a starlight bough

Stepping in moonlight shoaled in hope and fast

calming the conquered eye

from your wishes that at a glance lie surpassed

on your secret silvered mount

embarking a pearled quest quietly grasped

in cantered music this rhythm of secret wrong

up and down to the old one's song

in beds that last lost in the ages of sweetly smelling and secret heart song

Their cries as night birds silvered and frosted

the faces as moon in wax and concern

for you and your lover captured, silent, return

II. And I soar....

And I soar

everything is now beneath

everything is laden and sheathed

everything is earthbound common and supplicant

everything is small pale and insignificant

everything is worthwhile is caught

everything around you is bought

and stuffed with pollution

positing a richer constitution

everything lacks

everything shoves you back

everything black winged beats death to its door

everything I leave, miss and target.... but I soar

And I fly

everything completes me, now before I die

everything now I can see

such I never saw before

everything is now complete

all I taste, see, hear, smell is sweet.

I always hit the light

there is an end touched sight

I am no longer who

I am he who only loves you

and I soar

III. Richard Dadd's Engine.

If there is a world of wonder

If there is a change of heart

If all our feelings rent asunder

Do we need to sleep in the dark?

If there is a certain place

If there we may eventually go

If we see all life as a race

Do we need to think so slow?

If in this world place then completes us

If all is safe with none to fright

If we seem as all our love does

Do we need to make it right?

If we feel our life's despair

If we spend in fruitless wander

If the engine fails our repair

Do we feast or sadly hunger

If we seek this place of wonder

If we can then play our part

If we can then sate our hunger

Do we know when to start?

© Copyright 2017 Ken Simm. All rights reserved.

A Pearled Trilogy

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Victorian Romance
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