Live Happily Enraptured

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Live Happily Enraptured
The Final Statement of a Philanderer.
Being a verse from a Courtier to a Lady.
In hope of a happy reply

Submitted: August 08, 2008

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Submitted: August 08, 2008




I cannot be in society

the one that rocks the boat

so just instead use my secret head

and words stick in my throat

yet of this I'm sure of all that's pure

the one you are, the centre

I cast in the past, always the last

and many a true adventure

to replicate my dreadful state

I feel I must say this

I cannot face, or feel your disgrace

however world insist

to keep you near, enthral my fear

the taste, my lust, your flesh

I see inside, my mind this wide

ensures my very best

and gone, past loves are done

as razor cut my binding

all wants I nursed, now only cursed

only to keep my finding

after all these years, these many fears

with content not my lot

it is in this world, my love uncurled

and other dreams now are stopped.

For you to be and righteously

my one and only thought

my love is you, give all its due

some thing's cannot be sought

They must be found, not run to ground

nor yet in ways foul captured

with ones that fare, you find you care

live happily enraptured

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