Love's Geology

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Submitted: August 10, 2008

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Submitted: August 10, 2008




You see those mountains

If I could strain to see my words

in similar tone, and not complain

those rare peaks, managed my delight despite,

to be more honest and be right.

I would control light destiny

pro act not react pompously

form my thoughts with rare air care

and limit those to what was spare

I'd pass through geography secretly

If word be simple then so scape

of land or less stress these risks I'd take

to meditate when high would make

a better meaning than mere meditate

If love were simple as this rock

and geology was thought on top

of layered experience followed through

my only joy would be of you

So come live with me and be my love

we can the languid mountain prove

that destiny will be as of deed not word

and height because this landscape did but cared

climbing when we loved and shared

loving when to rest we dared.

© Copyright 2017 Ken Simm. All rights reserved.

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