Bitter Bite

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Of course Billy and Kendall love each other, including their long nights of making love. Being a vampire's wife is'nt so bad, but being the wife of the Son of Dracula, well, now that's a different story.

Bitter Bite
a nevermore short story

The night started out peaceful.
Billy walked into the room to see Kendall hovering over Benny's crib. He stopped in his tracks to watch her stare at her son, rubbing his back and humming a sweet lullaby. Billy couldn't help but smirk. Billy was happy to see Kendall like this. He loved how she would spoil Benny every-day,with kisses to hugging him when he nearly cried for everything. Billy would tell her she needed to let him have his space but she would just reply''I'm his mother, I have a reason to do so.'' Billy sighed as he continued to watch Kendall then he walked over to her and placed a hand on her back. Kendall looked at him.
''We made one good-looking kid.'' Billy said.
''He has your laugh.'' Kendall replied.
''Well-he has your eyes, those adorable big brown eyes I fell in love with.''
''But,''Kendall turned around to face her husband,'' He looks like you.''
Billy chuckled then gave his wife a kiss on the lips. Kendall pulled back and went out to go downstairs. Billy stopped her before she could.
''Where do you think you're going?'' Billy asked.
''To go make Benny's milk. I have to get it ready before he wakes up.''
''Kendall-he's asleep, he needed some rest, now you should do the same.''
''Billy-I'm a mother now, I have to tend to my son hand and foot, he's my little angel.''
''True-but I'm your husband. What about me?''
''What do you mean?''
Billy smirked and raised an eyebrow in a seducing way. '' When was the last time we-you know...''
Kendall rolled her eyes.'' Billy- I don't have time to-you know.....child before pleasure,you know the rules.''
''Oh come on Kendall, honestly, I've been lately turned on by looking at your ass. I need to have sex. I'm a vampire, hence the word, vampire. We're known for our sexuality.''
''Well-sorry to disappoint you but I'm not in the mood.'' Kendall turned to walk out when Billy used his reversing ability to reverse the door from open to close, right in front of Kendall's face. He then walked over and placed both his hands on her hips. He lowered his mouth to her neck and began to leave little kisses on it, trailing down to her shoulder-blade.
''Well, I am.'' he purred into her ear.
Kendall turned to push him away.'' Billy, please. Benny needs his milk.''
''And Billy wants his sex.'' Billy cooed.
''Very funny.''
''Please...come on Kenni.''
''Why not?''
''You know why.''
''Oh-''Billy lowered his mouth to Kendall's and embraced her lips fully. They kissed for three to four minutes before Kendall pulled away. Billy groaned out of lust and annoyance.
''Billy-I can't do this. Benny's asleep.'' Kendall whispered.
''Then moan softly or better yet, let's make itinto a quiet game.''
''Kendall...''Billy wined.
''Look, I just feel we should wait until Benny gets older. Then maybe we can-you know-be intimate.''
Billy grunted.''I am NOT going to wait for Benny to get older. I want sex, right here, right now.''
''Well too bad.''
''Kendall, each second you deny me, I get more aroused. Never tease a vampire, or worse, never deny what he wants.'' Billy hissed.
Kendall smiled. She gave him a dark yet innocent look and began to trail her finger up his rock-hard chest. She gave him a quirky smile.'' Well, this is going to be fun.''
''What?'' Kendall cooed.
''Don't-let's just have sex and get it over with.''
''um mm?''
Billy's eyes turned into the gruesome black. Kendall knew he was getting aggravated.
''Please-I'm asking nicely.''
Kendall lowered her hand to trail up his thigh.'' Oh sweetie-''
''Kendall-''Billy groaned, enjoying her little tease. Kendall giggled. She loved to mess with him, she liked to see him squirm like a worm.'' you like that?'' She asked.
''I'll take that as a yes.''
Billy looked at her, his eyes a blood-shot red now. Kendall had to stop. Heck, when his eyes were red, he meant serious business.
''Billy- I, um, have to get the bottle ready for Benny....''
Billy suddenly grabbed her forcefully and threw her on the bed. Billy hovered his body over her tiny frame and began to grind on her like never before. He moaned once he felt satisfaction and kept grinding until he could feel his lust consume him.
Kendall let out breaths of pleasure but whispered his name over and over to get his attention.
''Billy.....Billy.....Think about Benny....Billy......''
Billy grunted like a Neanderthal and grinded harder. Kendall moaned when he did so.
''Billy...please..Benny's asleep your going to wake him...ooooohh...''
Billy couldn't take it any longer. He got up and began to undress his wife. He started by grabbing her legs and reached over to unbutton her jeans. Once he did so, he pulled her jeans off and threw them on the floor. Then, he reached over to take off her shirt, exposing her lacy bra underneath. Kendall tried to persuade him to stop but he ignored her. He pushed her back down and straddled her, his legs on her chest.
''Billy-think about Benny...''
''Think about me...'' Billy replied.
''I am but...''
Billy didn't want to hear her talk. He bent down and kissed her. Kendall moaned as Billy began bit her bottom lip. His fangs took a hold of her lip flesh, Billy chewing her lip like if it was candy. Kendall allowed him to do this for quite awhile then pushed him back. She huffed and puffed as Billy suddenly got off of her and began to undress himself. She watched as he unbuttoned his jeans, and took off his shirt, exposing his muscular chest, the scar in the middle of his pecks, his tattoo reading ''Kendall''over his right nipple. Billy then got on top of Kendall again, but this time Kendall could feel the intensive heat between his cold-temperature frame and her toned heated one. Finally, her lust took over inside her. She wanted to feel his body inside of hers, she wanted to feel that agonizing pain that felt so bad yet felt so good at the same time. She wanted all of that. Billy was one hell of a good lover. He was amazing in bed, she loved that. She loved how at first he would take it slow then start to go a quick pace. His vampirism would lead him to bite her, which also felt good. Billy was just so good.
Billy hovered over Kendall again, this time his hips aligned with hers. Kendall gave him eyes full of want then moaned,''Take me.''
Billy smirked, his fangs clamping. He began to grind on her like before, Kendall letting out a long groan once he did so. She let him grind on her until she could feel he was really turned on.
She moaned and moaned when Billy stopped and pulled off her boy-shorts. He then reached over to undo her lacy bra, Kendall feeling exposed and bare. Billy did the same. He pulled off his Batman boxers , then hovered his bare body over Kendall's. Then as usual, he grinded and thrusted his body, Kendall feeling as he entered her body. She moaned and let out breaths of pleasure, Billy grunted and grunted and grunted....
Kendall would usually push up to add more intimacy but it was really Billy who was the dominant one. He thrusted with urgency, Kendall holding him by the sides to push his body more into hers. The bed was shaking with motion, cracks began to develop in the wall behind the bed. Billy thrusted and thrusted until Kendall let out a shrill and pushed him off. Billy released himself and fell to the side. Kendall let out breaths to regain her lost breathing.''''
Billy let out a grunt.''Holy-shit.''
''That was...''
''I know.''
Kendall sat up and covered herself with the messed up blankets.'' I think I need a breather.''
''A what?''
''I need time to breathe. That wasn't thrusting Billy, that was ramming.''
''You liked it.''
Kendall gave him a glare then wrapped her body in the sheets. She got up and went to go look in the mirror. She could see all the little bruises on her neck,her long layered hair curving around her jawline. She stared at the bruises....wait, those weren't bruises.
Billy somehow was still full of lust. He put his head back on the pillow and moaned,''Kenni, get back in the bed.''
''You're crazy. You got your sex.'' Kendall replied. Billy scuffed as sarcasm. ''Yeah, for only 15 minutes. I wanted to do it for an hour or more.''
''No way.'' Kendall then walked over and peeked into Benny's crib. She was surprised to see he was still sleeping, his little chest raising and falling,his yellow plush duck Buffy and Shane had given him when he was just a new-born, which rattled when you shake it,laid next to him. Kendall patted his back.
''I'm shocked he slept through all that.'' Kendall said.
Billy shrugged. ''Cause he knew his mom and dad were getting laid.''
''Billy-''Kendall scolded. Billy grunted in annoyance.''Just get back in the bed and fuck me.''
''What? It's true.''
Kendall rolled her eyes and turned on the baby mobile for her sleeping angel. She watched as Benny twitched in his sleep then stayed at peace. She then looked back at her lover. Billy had a sly grin on his face . She raised an eyebrow in curiosity. ''What?''
''You done yet?''
''He's your son. I didn't go through an hour and a half in labor giving birth to him for no reason. It's your fault you knocked me up.''
''Then let me knock you up again.'' Billy purred.
''Go to hell.''
''Just get back in the bed.''
''No. you got what you wanted.''
''Come fuck me.''
''Ew. ''
''Like you don't want too.''
Kendall sighed.''You're good in bed, don't get me wrong but...BENNY NEEDS HIS MILK!''
Billy sneered wider. ''Yell again...that turns me on .''
''Vampires are weird, you know that?''
''Kendall..come fuck me.''
''Go to hell, Billy Delgado.''
''Come fuck me, Kendall Delgado.''
''Uh huh.''

Billy just sighed.'' What's wrong with having an intimate night with you? I'm your's not like I'm forcing you like Kennedy tried too.''

Kendall's face reddened in sudden embarrassment and anger.''Kennedy did NOT tried to force me. We broke up before we had the chance to have sex. He wanted to move into an apartment together, he wanted us to get married.''

''Well-you know what...HE is dead.''

''Don't you dare bring that up.''

Billy got up from the bed and wrapped a sheet around his male model waist like a towel, and walked over to Kendall. He glared into her eyes.

''Face the music, Kendall, he's gone.''

''You said he was still here. You said he was haunting YOU!''


Kendall watched as his beautiful brown eyes went straight to the angry blood-red. She lowered her head and whimpered,'' I'm sorry.''

Billy let out all the steam that he had building up inside of him. He cleared his throat and said,'' Look, I'll give a choice; either you go inside and cry all you want about wishing Kennedy was there with you and be sorry for your-self or-''

He turned half-ways and pointed to the bed.'' You can come and fuck me until you obviously can't take it no more. What's it going to be?''

Kendall stood quiet for awhile, thinking in her head. Billy watched her, waiting for her answer. Kendall looked at Benny's crib then back at Billy. She stared at him then wrapped her arms around his waist.

''I wanna fuck you.'' Kendall whispered seductively. Billy sneered at her sudden reply. He lowered his mouth to hers, then, an inch before he kissed her, he cooed,'' You said a bad word.''

''Got a problem with that?''

''No, I find it a turn on actually.''

Kendall grabbed him by the sheets around his hips, then pulled him down on the bed as she laid down. She directed his body to be aligned with hers then she whispered,'' Just shut up and kiss me.''

Billy did as he was told. He kissed Kendall fully, his tongue sliding into the entrance of her mouth. Kendall let out a long groan then pulled the sheets off his waist, Billy doing the same with the sheets around Kendall's body. They kissed as Billy began to thrust again, Kendall arching her back to feel her vampire lover. Billy grunted as Kendall traced his outer-thigh from the bottom to the top.

''Oh-god- don't stop.'' Kendall moaned.

''Who said I was...'' Billy moaned back.


Billy chuckled as he kissed her from her lips down to her stomach. He grinded and thrusted, making sure his wife felt satisfied. Kendall was satisfied alright, she arched her back as high as she could to feel Billy enter her body over and over again. She groaned like never before. Kendall held him by his back, Billy sliding his hips in a forward motion. Billy grunted, which made Kendall find it sexy. She kissed his jaw and smiled.

''You're so good...'' She whispered.


''How do you do it?''


''Billy, answer me.''

''Oh god-oh fucking god.....''

Kendall giggled. ''Now you said a bad word.''

'' I always say bad words.''

''Yeah-because you're a very bad boy.''

''Oh-fuck yes....''



Kendall pulled her body up and snuggled more into the bed. She ran her hand down his back.''Faster.''

''Oh-god-Oh mighty god....''

Kendall let out a moan when Billy picked up his rhythm. She bit her bottom lip and let out a whimper. Billy looked at her. ''Am I hurting you?''

''In a good way....Oh god...damn...''

''God damn it....Oh-'' Billy let out a gasp. Kendall let another whimper escape her mouth. Billy was on a roll, he felt so good, so dominant. He could hear Kendall's heart pump fast and to a certain beat every time she used force to thrust. He could hear it drum away until his vampirism took control. Her blood. Her blood smelled amazing. It smelled rich and pure, certain adrenaline running through it, adding more zest. Billy was tempted to lower his head to her neck and take one bite. He groaned and French kissed her instead.

''No-no, Delgado, don't do it. Just plain sex, that's all I want, Plain, bed-rocking sex.....god damn she's good.''Billy thought to himself. For awhile, Kendall's thrusting distracted him, but the smell of her blood was still lingering in his nose. Billy's eyes turned black as night. Kendall noticed. She was waiting for that. She wanted to feel the rush as he bit and thrusted at the same time. It was a wild hay ride when he did that. Kendall ran her hand down his thigh again then squeezed it hard. Billy reacted by thrusting to the maximum. Kendall bit her lip again and then let out a gasp.

''Billy....oh god....yes...That's what I wanted...Oh honey....''

Billy grunted.''Fuck yes....''

Kendall stared into his eyes. '' I know you want to bite me, Just get it done and over with.''

''But Kenni...I don't want to hurt you.'' Billy groaned.

''Billy......just do it....''

Billy thrusted harder just to get more adrenaline into her blood-stream. Billy thrusted and thrusted until her blood was zested in adrenaline. Billy suddenly took one chance and pierced his fangs to clasp on Kendall's throat. Billy swallowed as much as he could, Kendall feeling the rush of Billy's grinding and his love mark enter her body. She let out a long, wanting gasp of air and dug her fingernails into the back of his back.

''Billy.....Yes...yes....oh god damn Billy...Guillermo.....''

Billy bit harder then let out a release. He pulled back and laid his tan muscular body next to Kendall's. Kendall looked at him. She loved admiring his facial features. His hair cut to a military buzz-cut, his brown eyes that glowed like two diamonds that sparkled in the sun-light, behind square-rimmed glasses, tan mocha skin with a male model's body, toned and full of muscle. He was just so handsome. Vlad and Lady Mandy made one heck of a good looking son. Kendall tried to regain all her lost breath. She watched as Billy turned over on his stomach and rested his arms underneath a pillow. Kendall sighed.

''What happened?''

''I think I got what I wanted.''

Kendall pouted and got on top of Billy , the sheets stained in parts of Kendall's blood covered their mingled bodies. Kendall began to massage his broad back and figured shoulders. Billy would smile when Kendall gave him little kisses on the back of his neck.

''You were good.''Kendall cooed.

''Thank you. I obviously get it from my dad.''

Kendall kissed him behind his ear where his pierced earring was.'' What does that mean?''

''My dad is Dracula, Kendall, what do you think he's known for? If my dad is as good in the bed as my mom says he is, then I certainly got that gene.''

''Hell yeah you did.'' Kendall replied. Billy sneered.'' God, that was good. I think Benny should expect a brother or sister.''

''Not to soon though. I want to maintain my figure for awhile if I may, please.''

Billy turned over as Kendall had to readjust herself to straddle Billy by his chest. She massaged his chest. Billy smiled then said.'' I love you.''

Kendall smirked.''Obviously.'' Billy laughed his usual Woody-the-Wood-Pecker laugh. Kendall sighed then got off her husband. She grabbed some of the sheets and wrapped it around her body again, hugging it and adjusting it to look like a dress. ''I'm going to go freshen up.''

Billy smiled again and watched as Kendall went into the bathroom to wash the dry blood off her neck. Billy arched his neck back and rubbed it. He did so for awhile when a figure began to form in front of him. Billy groaned. Shit.

Billy watched as the figure formed into a shape of a strong man, pale skin and hair black as night. His eyes were ghastly brown hinting a certain longing. Kennedy.

Billy groaned.'' What do you want?'' He hissed underneath his breath.

Kennedy stiffened. '' You done fucking my ex-girlfriend?''

''She's MY wife, I have a reason to do so.''

''I was going to sleep with her first-Then she met you.''


Kennedy dispersed and reappeared next to the bath-room door. He listened as Kendall sang '' Baby One More Time'' by Britney Spears. He smiled. '' Oh Kenni...''

Billy got up and wrapped some sheets around his waist again. He walked over to Kennedy.''What are you doing?''

''Peeking at Kendall.''

''You're one sick ghost, you know that?''

Kennedy gave Billy a long glare.'' She was supposed to be MY wife,'' He then pointed towards Benny's crib,'' He was supposed to be MY son.''

Billy snapped his teeth at Kennedy.'' Get OVER IT. You're dead, gone, a restless spirit just wondering the earth. Kendall moved you should do the same.''

''How can I? Don't you get it? She's my unfinished business. My love I still have for her won't let me go into the Light unless I know she feels my lost love.''

'' Well-she loves me now. Don't you see? Kendall married me.''

''I can't believe she married a vampire.''

Billy opened his mouth to answer when Kendall's voice called out to him-''Bill-Bill? Who are you talking too?''

Billy bit his lip. Think, Delgado,think.'' I was-um-talking to my-self about what a amazing time I had in bed right now with you.'' he replied.

Kendall opened the bathroom door and sneered at him.''You perv-where you peeking at me?''

''Yes.'' Kennedy said, even though Kendall couldn't see, or hear him. Billy twitched his upper lip in annoyance from Kennedy's answer then smiled at his humble wife.'' Maybe.''

Kendall raised an eyebrow then grabbed him by the arm, pulling him into the bathroom. Billy was clueless but he became suddenly aware when Kendall pushed him to sit on the toilet. Her sudden force slammed him into it, Kendall getting on top of his lap once he was seated. Billy blushed hysterically, since Kennedy was still in the door-way looking at them have their fun.

''Kendall-baby, what are you doing?'' Billy asked when Kendall began to grind against him. Billy moaned but tried to restrict himself in front of Kennedy's presence.

Kendall smiled and grinded harder.'' I'm just thanking my husband for the great sex he gave me.''


Kendall began to nip at his neck but Billy tried to stop her when he saw Kennedy's sorrow look. Billy pulled her away.'' Babe-it's nice you want to thank me but um-I think we had enough for the day.''

Kendall looked at him with sad eyes, then said with a voice of crushed feelings,''Oh-I see.''

She got up and went into the bedroom. She dressed herself then walked out, a sad yet disappointed look on her face. Billy groaned. Shit, shit,shit...

Kennedy noticed Billy watch her leave.'' You didn't have to do that.''

''What do you mean?''

''You stopped her from making a move on you just because I was there. Don't. Let her, I can see she still had lust in her eyes.'' Kennedy said.

Billy just sighed.'' She left already, what's the point?''

''Well go follow her and have sex in the kitchen.''

''In the kitchen? Are you kidding me?''

''No-hey we made out in my mom's kitchen once. It's not so bad.'' Kennedy replied, crossing his arms.

''You fucking asshole-''

''what? About the kitchen idea? It's not that bad, I'm telling you-''

''No-about you making out with my wife in your mom's kitchen. I DO NOT want to hear what you and Kendall did when you were together.'' Billy snapped.

Kennedy rolled his eyes.'' you want to go make love to your woman or not?''

Billy sighed then scratched his head nervously. Maybe the kitchen idea was starting to look good.

Kennedy smirked.'' Dude- I know you want to.''

Billy smiled his evil little grin.''You mind watching Benny for me?''

Kennedy gave him a long look of boredom.'' Who am I? Casper the baby-sitter?''

''Yes. Now be a good little ghost and watch Benny while I um, you know, get it on...''


Billy smiled then ran off after Kendall. He wandered downstairs and into the kitchen to see Kendall making Benny's milk. He watched as she mixed in a cup full of milk into the baby bottle then add a half a bag of cold blood from a package that was hidden deep in the fridge, perched next to others. She mixed them throughly until the liquid looked light pink. Billy snickered. Kendall noticed his devious grin.


Billy walked over to kiss her behind her neck. He nipped at it then bit it hard, Kendall groaning in pleasure and in pain. Billy whispered into her ear,'' You like that? Moan if you do.''

Kendall looked at him over the shoulder and let out a small seductive moan. Billy ran his hand down her thigh and grinded against her. He kept grinding against her until he was able to turn her around and kiss her fully. Kendall brought his body closer to hers and let him grind on her. She moaned as he did so.

'' Take off your clothes.'' Billy moaned. Kendall sneered.'' Naughty, naughty.''

Billy bit her lip.'' Just do it.''

Kendall pushed him onto a chair all of a sudden and began to undress herself in front of him. Billy watched with a greedy eye as his wife undressed herself to the bare. He licked his lips and sneered.

''God-look at you.'' Billy groaned, '' Ain't I lucky?''

Kendall hovered over Billy, letting him eye her more. '' Ain't- isn't a word. Correct your grammar.''

Billy got up then let the sheets around his waist fall to the floor. He pushed Kendall against the counter and let his body collide with hers. Kendall made a whimper out as his body entered hers once again.

''Correct me then.'' Billy teased. Kendall kissed up his neck and whispered in his ear,'' You say Aren't I lucky.''

Billy began to thrust. Kendall arched her body to let him. Billy thrusted over and over until he could feel Kendall tense up and pull away. He watched as she got on top of the counter and motioned him to come towards her.

Billy smiled at her seductively and walked over to her. As he did so, he grabbed a knife and spun it around in between his fingers like a baseball bat. Kendall watched him, eying him closely. Then as he approached her, Billy brought the knife to her throat and grabbed her by the hair forcefully. Kendall sneered at him.

''Let's play a little game...'' Billy purred. Kendall raised an eyebrow in suspicion. Billy lowered his lips and kissed her with a slight tease.'' If you don't do as I say or give me what I want, I'll get closer to cutting your throat.''

''So what you're saying is-I'm your little hostage.'' Kendall asked innocently.

''Exactly.'' Billy chuckled.

Kendall purred in her throat for awhile then ran her hand down his thigh.'' Please don't hurt me.'' Kendall cooed in a mocking scared voice. Billy bit his lip and pulled her neck up to kiss it darkly. He left hard rough pecks on it then bit it with certain force. Kendall moaned and let out gasps.

''Oh Bill-Bill....god....oh lord have mercy....''

''I don't give mercy..'' Billy hissed,'' now kiss me, you fleshling.''

Kendall cupped his face in her hands and planted her lips in his mouth. Billy moaned and let his tongue explore her mouth, Kendall humming and stroking the shrubs of hair he had in his buzz-cut.

Billy kissed her with great amounts of passion, his fangs clamping instantly. Bad sign.

''No-Control yourself,no more biting.'' Billy thought.

Kendall suddenly lowered her mouth to his chest and began to kiss his pecks, then bit his shoulder-blade to show she wanted aggression. Billy's brown eyes turned red with lust and eager hunger. His fangs clamped some more.

''Oh...son of a bitch...oh god...''Billy moaned. Kendall looked up at him.'' Am I pleasing you?''

''More-''Billy replied.

Kendall brought her mouth to his and kissed him to where he couldn't take it any-longer. Billy grabbed Kendall by her sides and carried her to the table. He plopped her on top and hovered his built-frame over her body, then with aggression, he began to thrust as hard as he could. Kendall let out shortened gasps but let Billy have his fun.

''Billy....harder...harder....god damn it...oh yes...Billy....faster...oh...''

Billy grinded harder.

''Billy...oh yes...oh god...Benny is so lucky to have a hot father...oh god...''

Billy grunted and snickered. His fangs clamped.

Kendall moaned so loud, Billy literally had to kiss her in order for no one to hear her scream bloody-murder. Kendall kissed him as Billy licked down her neck to her stomach. Kendall shivered once she felt Billy's cold tongue in her navel. Billy kissed her body all over. God it felt good.

Billy thrusted as Kendall arched her back then he reached over to grab her by the hair. She yelped in pain as Billy brought her mouth to his, the knife in his other hand.

'' As my human servant, you're vowed to do as I say,'' Billy taunted,'' I want more pleasure.''

Kendall watched as Billy then used the knife to cut his left peck, blood squirting out. Kendall knew what to do right then and there. She lowered her mouth to his open wound and began to swallow the blood. Billy groaned as her hot tongue licked off the blood, Billy letting out gasps of wanted satisfaction. Kendall would grind on him at the same time as she would lick the blood off. Billy felt his vampirism control him again. His fangs were clamped as can be, his eyes the blood-red, but not in anger but just downright lust. Billy let out a long moan.'' Kendall.....''

Kendall began to kiss him up his neck then planted her mouth into his again. Billy kissed her when suddenly a shrill from the up-stairs bedroom interrupted their love-making. Kendall looked up and listened for awhile, she heard what seemed to be a baby crying.


Kendall sprinted up from the table and put her clothes back on as fast as she could. Billy wrapped the fallen sheets on the floor around his body, then took off to go see what was wrong with his son. They both sprinted to the bedroom to see Benny standing up and crying, his face red and stained in tears. Kendall walked over to her son and picked him up, swaying him in a constant pattern.

'' It's okay, Mommy's here, it's okay, shh...shh'' Kendall hummed as Benny decreased his crying. Billy stared at them. Kendall looked at her worried husband. '' What?''

'' Nothing. Take him downstairs and give him his milk. Make sure he drinks it.'' Billy said. Kendall nodded then walked out with Benny in her arms. Billy waited until they were gone then he finally made his move. He turned over to the far corner and saw Kennedy giving him eyes full of guilt. Billy hissed his fangs at him.

'' You ass, I told you to watch him.''

'' I was. I don't know what happened. One minute I'm hovering over him to see how he's doing, then next thing I know, he's waking up and staring at me. Usually when he sees me, he laughs and plays with me, but this time-''

''This time what?''

'' T-this time he put his force field up and began to cry. It was like he was afraid of me.''

Billy let his anger grab him by the horns.'' WHAT did you do to him?''

'' Nothing! I was just staring at him that's all, I swear!'' Kennedy replied.

Billy snarled. '' I fucking serious, if you did anything to my son, I will call a exorcist on your ass.''

Then Billy was gone into the bathroom. Kennedy stared at the bathroom door for awhile then let out a sigh. Somehow he felt a tear form underneath his eye. He wanted to be alive so badly. He wanted to have the life Billy had. After all, Billy did steal his future wife.

Submitted: June 23, 2011

© Copyright 2020 Kendall171. All rights reserved.

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scarletrosecrimson was...something.

Thu, June 23rd, 2011 6:01pm


Hehheee...aunty're gonna get another nephew. heee...>:)

Fri, June 24th, 2011 8:22am


O.o well i never thought this would be coming from you. that was....i don't even know what to say about it. it left me speechless.

Thu, June 23rd, 2011 11:10pm


He he hee..sorry..hey just so you know, Kendall gets pregnant again. just so you know. There's more where that came from.

Fri, June 24th, 2011 8:20am


loved it.

Fri, June 24th, 2011 4:25am


Thanks, there's more coming up. Hope you liked it!

Fri, June 24th, 2011 8:19am

Micka Holloway

oh my goodness!!! that was freaking amazing and you know it!! This better not be the only one right?!! I completely feel in love with it!! Im speechless! I aplaude you *claps*

please tell me when the next part is out.
you have just gotten another fan!


Mon, June 27th, 2011 2:01am


Thanks! I barely started out here so I'm kinda nervous about my writing. Thanks for your support.More will be on the way. :)

Tue, June 28th, 2011 7:42am


I loved this kmu

Mon, June 27th, 2011 2:38am


Thank you. More to come. Hope you liked it!

Tue, June 28th, 2011 7:39am



Wed, June 29th, 2011 5:40pm


Aunty Buffy ):)

Wed, June 29th, 2011 11:46am


plz plz plz kmu i just luv it i wouder whts gonna happy nxt an poor ghost plz give him a new life

Wed, July 27th, 2011 11:15pm


k, will do. Glad you like it.

Thu, July 28th, 2011 1:49pm

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