Haunted Horizon

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Ever since Billy turned her, Bailey Hudson has feelings for him like no other. She loves him, like LOVES him. He's her soul-mate, she knows that, but there's just one problem: She's ten, he's nineteen. How can it be? How can he love her back if he's in love with someone else. Bailey is confused. What can she do?

Haunted Horizon

a nevermore short story

Billy had received a phone call from his mom that Bailey was gone missing since last night. Everyone at the Dracula home was frantic and worried about her. Billy, at first, didn't know what to do, but then it hit him.

The cemetery.

Billy drove to the far east side of town, driving into a old yet humble cemetery. He looked around to see if he could spot anything unusual. Finally, he stopped his truck and got off. He stepped into the grass and looked all around again. Where was she? Billy knew why she would come here. She came here for the same exact reason he would come for on every year on the anniversary of the day he died. Billy knew she came here to see her parents. They were her role models, her actual family. Billy couldn't bear seeing her hurt.

Billy walked around until he spotted her little brown head. She was bent over, staring at two tombs in a shape of of coffins. Billy sighed and gathered his strength. He walked over and sat next to the somber Bailey. She didn't say a word as he sat down and crossed his long legs into Indian style. He smiled at her. Nothing.

He then looked at the tombs. Both were made out of garnet, with the names engraved in white, with sweet petals of different roses scattered around the tombs. Billy read the names;

Tyler P. Hudson


Beloved husband and father

May God be with You.

The other read:

Patience M. Hudson


Beloved wife and mother

May God be with you

Billy looked at Bailey.''You miss them?''

Bailey stood quiet then said.'' Yeah.''

Billy shrugged.''They're in a better place now. They'll be watching over you.''

Bailey gave him a hard cold stare.'' Don't EVER say that.''

Billy raised a eyebrow.''WHY not?''

Bailey growled at him.'' I never wanted them to leave me alone. I never wanted them to fend for myself. I HATE them for leaving me. I HATE them for letting me turn into this.''

''I turned you-''Billy snapped,'' So don't start complaining.''

''I hate YOU then.''

''Bailey, enough, you lived for a reason. You're parents are dead, get over it.''

Bailey stood up and faced him. Her little brown eyes were black as night, indulged in fury. She hissed at him. '' Stop it! Stop talking about them!''

Billy ranted on.'' They're dead as fucking doorknobs. You are and always will be a vampire.''

''No! Stop it!''

''It's true. You drink blood to live, you have fangs like the rest of us, You live and never age.''

''Shut up!''

''You look ten but feel twelve. Is it not? You'll never age.''

''I SAID SHUT UP!'' Bailey couldn't take it any longer. She swung her arm and gave him a hard scratch. Her nails penetrated his skin causing his flesh to break apart. Bailey watched as he stared at her, his skin regenerating back into normal texture. Billy stared at her for the longest of time and then sneered at her, a evil little grin that seemed to prove his point. '' Vampire fury. We all have it.''

Bailey glared at Billy, brown eyes to brown eyes. She began to admire his facial features. His strong jawline, tan-mocha skin, a toned body, beautiful seductive brown eyes that glimmered behind square-rimmed glasses. Bailey couldn't help but think how handsome he was- and that's why she was in love with him.

It did seem wrong. He was nineteen, she was eleven but she looked ten. There was a HUGE age difference. She knew they were only to remain friends-well, not after the kiss they had a while back ago. It seemed like yesterday that Bailey seemed to remember it. She remembered she was crying and causing a big tantrum about being a vampire child. She made a huge fuss as Edward and Spencer tried to calm her down, but it didn't work. She accidentally bit Edward on the arm, making him cry in pain. He was holding her, so when she bit him, he released her. Bailey went crying to her room, and once she was inside, she began to turn things around. She threw and punched, she kicked and screamed. She was just so angry. It wasn't until Billy came home, and heard what was going on. Right away he went up to her room and settled her down. Don't ask how, but he did it.

Bailey sat in her bed crying and huddling her legs. Billy stared at her as he sat in the opposite side.

''Bails, tell me what's wrong with you.''

''You heard. They all told you why.''

''True, but I want to hear it from your perspective.''

Bailey remained quiet then said,'' I can't age. I can't grow up to become what I've always wanted to be, I won't be able to learn how to drive or go to high school to meet new people, or better yet,'' she gazed at her wanted lover,'' to learn how to love.''

Billy cocked his head to the side.'' What do you mean?''

''I wanted to have my first kiss but now I can't. Now I'm stuck like this forever. Ten forever. It's not fair.''

''I turned you.'' Billy whispered sadly.

Bailey smiled at him. '' Billy, can I tell you something?''


Bailey adjusted herself to hug him, her little arms around his thick waistline.''You are like a father to me,but you are also my brother. Never leave me please.''

Billy chuckled.'' I promise.''

Bailey moved away and looked up at him. Billy sighed, Bailey noticing he was thinking to himself, then Billy said to her,'' I'll make you a deal; If I give you a kiss, you promise not to go off acting crazy again?''

Bailey's eyes went wide but she nodded in response. '' Yes sir.''

Billy raised an eyebrow like Vlad would,'' You sure?''

''Pinkie swear.''

Billy shook his head then before Bailey knew it, his lips were planted on hers. Bailey was surprised. She thought he meant a kiss on the cheek but never did she think it was on the lips. His mouth was cold and bitter, just like hers. Bailey let Billy cup her face in his palms and deepen the kiss some more. Bailey's eyes stayed open in shock for awhile but then fluttered close. They kissed for a minute and a half, then Billy pulled away. Bailey watched as he tasseled her hair and walked out. She never got to say'' I love you, not like a brother, or a father, but as a lover.''

Yet, now here she was striking him across the face. She hurt him. How could she hurt the man she loves? Bailey stared at Billy, then her anger got the best of her again. She turned and began to pound on the tombs, crying and frantic. She pounded and pounded until the garnet started to crack. Billy watched her but got up to pull her away. Bailey kicked and screamed but Billy was too strong. He was stronger than Edward, of course he was, He was the Son of Dracula.

Bailey kicked, trying to get out of Billy's grip, until Billy plopped her down and set her to face him. His eyes were blazing red, anger blushing through his cheeks. Bailey seemed to be afraid of him now.

'' What did I tell you about going crazy?! Huh? What did I tell you?!'' He barked. Bailey was crying.

'' God-fucking damn it Bailey, get over them. It's for the best. Move on or stay put. Vampires are never weak, we never cry, we never hover in the past.''

'' Then explain why every 13th of March you come here and stare at your grave?'' Bailey said all of a sudden. Billy's red eyes died to the brown. His angry face turned solemn. Bailey noticed. Damn, she struck a nerve. Bailey couldn't stand seeing him like this, he meant the whole wide world to her. She had to do something- and she did.

Bailey suddenly pressed her lips onto Billy's. Billy was taken by surprise, but Bailey didn't care. She kissed him until her fangs were able to feel his, Bailey humming at the sudden kiss. Billy was too shock to move. A mere ten/eleven year old had just kissed him, correction, is kissing him. Bailey kissed him with great passion, her lips intertwining with his. She kissed him until he stopped her and pulled away. His face was struck by surprise.

''W-wha-what was that for?''

'' I-I wanted to calm you down. You said not to go acting crazy.''

''Yeah- YOU-not me. Why did you kiss me?''

'' Because you kissed me. We're in love, are we?''

''Bailey, What? In love? No, no-Bails, you got it all wrong. That kiss was nothing. I only did it to make you feel happy.''

'' But you make me happy. I love you.''

''No-no, no you don't''

'' YES I DO.'' Bailey hissed.

Billy sighed and shook his head over and over again. Then he looked at her with guilty eyes and said,'' Bailey, I had sex with Kendall. I love her.''

Bailey stared at him.'' But-but,''

'' I love Kendall, she's my everything. Kendall, she-she loves me too.'' Billy said. Bailey felt her whole world shatter. How can this be?

Bailey sat alone in her room that night. She felt sad and disappointed. She loved him, how could he do this to her? She wanted to be with him, to hold his hand, to ''sleep'' on his chest,his hard rock chest. And she wanted to kiss those beautiful lips of his. She was furious. He chose a mere human over her. What was so special about Kendall? Sure, she was his age and had a developed body with big boobs and a round butt, but Bailey had-oh crap, she had nothing. No curvy body, no big boobs, no round ass. Damn.

Bailey stayed in her room not wanting to come out when a knock on her door broke her train of thought.

She sighed and said,'' Come in.''

The opened and Billy walked in. He smiled at her and closed the door shut. '' Hey, Bails.''

Bailey hissed at him. '' What do you want?''

'' Can I confess something to you?''

'' what?''

Billy sighed and suddenly knelt down beside her. He touched her cheek and said,'' I was wrong. I don't why I acted like that. You're right, we are in love. I can't believe I almost threw that away.''

Bailey's eyes were wide as can be.'' You mean it?''

Billy nodded his head. '' Yeah.''

Bailey smiled at him.'' You really love me?''

Billy leaned over and kissed her on the lips.'' Yes.''

Bailey hugged him and squealed.'' I love you too.''

Billy pulled her back and sat next to her. He stroked her hair and said,'' Our love has to remain a secret, Okay?''

Bailey nodded, then she said,'' Maybe we can-run away and get married like in the movies.''

Billy laughed.'' Well, we can't. Our age won't let us.''


''But we can worry about that later.''

Bailey smiled, and kissed him on the lips again. They kissed until Billy laid down next to her and stroked her brown hair.'' If you're going to be my wife, then you will have make love to me.''

'' Make love?''

''Yes.. it's a bond a husband and wife have.''


Billy suddenly wrapped her in his big arms that she loved.'' Here,'' he said,'' I'll show you........''

It was utterly amazing. He was amazing. Billy was showing her something any woman would want. Bailey felt him pace himself, kissing her everywhere, thrusting like god damn hell. He was just so good. Bailey screeched and held Billy tightly. His massive body was dominating over hers, it felt so wrong yet so good at the same time.

Soon he stopped and stared up, his fangs clamped. Her fangs were clamped too. More, she thought, more.

Billy was suddenly at her neck, sucking away on her blood. Bailey felt intoxicated. God more...more...more...

Too bad it was only a dream.

Bailey open her eyes to see she was at home, in the couch while Spencer and Fredward, Edward's little brother, playing video-games. She looked up and said,'' Where's Billy?''

Spencer looked at her.'' Hello, Sleeping Beauty! Prince Vampire lives with Kendall remember?''

'' What?''

''Yeah-He's probably fucking her right now-I mean, having a really nice talk with her about politics and the economy.''

''Dude, you're bad at lying.'' Fredward said.

Bailey didn't understand. It seemed so real. She actually thought Billy confessed his love to her. Suddenly the door swung open and Billy emerged...with Kendall at his side.

Submitted: June 29, 2011

© Copyright 2020 Kendall171. All rights reserved.

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awwwww thats sad :( plz write more and soon!!! kmu anbd p.s im 1st commenter!!!yay!!

Thu, June 30th, 2011 9:38am


Thanks! I know, poor Bailey but hey, can't stop young love, I'll post up more soon. :)

Thu, June 30th, 2011 7:16am


Wow...that was unexpected. I actually thought it WASN'T a dream...but....WOW...

Thu, June 30th, 2011 8:13pm


ha ha ha...tricked ya

Fri, July 1st, 2011 6:22am

Micka Holloway

What!! u just keep surprising me!!!! wow i really didn't expect that to happen!!!! and you said you were nervous about your writing....psh yeah right!!! your writing is the total opposite!! anyway that was very well done. I applaude you a second time *claps*

~Micka ^^

Mon, July 4th, 2011 5:52pm


Thanks, You really seem to enjoy the short stories. More to come. :)

Mon, July 4th, 2011 1:51pm

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