The Day the Cow Mooed

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
Strawberry's days of peace and happiness in her fenced field on Farmer Bill's farm are interrupted by two-legged human creatures whom Farmer Bill calls 'grandchildren'. Strawberry isn't sure if she can handle this summer visit from these hooligans. If only there was a way she could get rid of them.

Submitted: August 31, 2019

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Submitted: August 31, 2019



The Day the Cow Mooed


Oh great. They're here. What an odd contraption of metal they're in. It rattles and clanks and doesn't smell very good. Nothing like the sweet-smelling, morning dew grass I’m used to smelling. I admire my dear field. The light green-yellow color of it is remarkable. It seems to dance in the sun and…. oh no! Oh no! Oh no! They're coming! If only this rope around my neck wasn't tied to that post, I could run.

"Oh she's so cute!”


How dare that dark haired, green eyed, two legged creature call me cute!


"I know Anna. You say that every time we come here.”


“Well it’s true, Darlene. That’s why I say it every time.”


“Da horsey so adowable.”


Horsey! I am completely offended you small, curly headed, creature!


“That’s not a horse, Mary Lou. That’s a cow.”


“Oh sowy, Gibson. What’s cow name?”




“Oh. Stwaberry.”


“I wonder why her name is Strawberry.”


“It’s obviously because of her brownish, reddish beautiful fur, Darlene.”


“You’re right, Anna. She is a brownish, reddish color.”


“Come on you guys. Let’s go exploring.”


“Otay, Gibson.”


That’s right. Everyone go away! Leave me alone in my peaceful solitude! Hmmm, they run so weirdly in their two legged way. They’re so short and stubby. Why don’t they use their other set of legs to run?

  • - -

Ugh! It feels like days have gone by. Oh wait, days have gone by. When will these strange creatures leave my farm? And why do they call Farmer Bill “Grandpa”?  Day after day it gets so exhausting watching these mindless creatures running around like hooligans. Why can’t they just sit still and graze grass once in a while? One minute they’re digging up “treasures” from the dirt. The next minute their climbing trees. I don’t understand them. Not one bit.


Ahhh! These flies are driving me crazy! Why did Farmer Bill have to put me next to the apricot tree when the fruit is beginning to fall?


Yes! Finally! Those two legged creatures are going inside that thing called a house. It must be time for their lunch. Or whatever they call it.


Wait! Why is one of them running over here?!


“Now hold still, Strawberry.”


How dare you climb my fence!


“Gibson Beef! Get in here and eat your lunch!”


“But, Mom I want to ride the cow!”


“No! That’s too dangerous! Come inside!”


“Ah, fine.”


Phew, that was close. A two legged creature almost entered into my territory. I never trust them, even Farmer Bill, when it comes to my sweet grass. They always trample it flat. It’s so much more delicious when it isn’t trampled.


Finally, I have a peaceful moment to call my own. I love it when these creatures have mealtime. Oh no! What is he doing out here again?!


“I just love hamburgers.”

“Gibson! Where are you?!”


“I’m out here eating my lunch, Mom!”

“Oh. Okay!”


Does that creature have a hamburger in his hands?! Oh no. This is bad. This is really, really bad. I cannot believe he is about to eat one of my own kind! You better not eat that hamburger you sick creature!

What am I going to do! The hamburger’s getting closer and closer to his mouth! Stop! Stop, you crazy creature! Stop! Mooooooooo!


Well that didn’t work. I am completely disgusted. I can’t believe he was able to bite into that hamburger. Oh, wait! Something’s happening. The hamburger’s flopping like a fish out of water! It’s flying out of his hand!

Yes! I did it! I must have magical powers or something. Maybe the hamburger began flopping when I mooed. I always thought that mooing had something spectacular to it.


Oh great. It looks like their lunch time is over. They’re all filing out of the house. When will they leave? Hmmm, I wonder if I could use my magical powers to get them to leave. Well it’s worth a try.


By the power vested in me, I command you to leave! Moooooooo! Well it doesn’t seem to work this time. Maybe I only have powers when it’s an emergency. Wait. What am I saying? This is an emergency! Well, maybe my magical powers only work when the emergency has to do with all cowkind.

- -

I am so exhausted. These two legged creatures always wake me up much too early.


“Alright everyone, get in the car!”


Wait! Are they leaving? Are they really finally leaving? They must be. They’re all getting into that strange metal contraption.


Oh! What a glorious morning! I finally get my farm back to myself! I feel like I am going to explode with joy!


“Bye! See you next month!”


Wait. Did Farmer Bill just tell them that he’ll see them next month? Oh great.







The Beef family arrived home safely and for dinner that night they had hamburgers. When Gibson Beef received his hamburger, he cautiously looked it over for bugs. He didn’t want to repeat what happened the day before. In the process of trying to get rid of a bug, he lost his whole hamburger. Poor Strawberry didn’t really have magical powers.

© Copyright 2020 Kendra Thatcher. All rights reserved.

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