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this is a true story, about the first time i ever tried huffing air-duster, it is thrilling and drastically life changeing.

Submitted: November 07, 2010

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Submitted: November 07, 2010



Dancing With the Devil

It was another smug November day. My older sister Sadie and I were sitting in our small yet messy bedroom. I knew any minute now there would come a faint tap at my window. Like always we stayed in our room as if we were trapped, not wanting to converse with the rest of the family, our conversations were slow and I felt sick and hung over from the night before. “Go see what they’re doing!” Sadie said quickly referring to my parents as we heard what we were waiting for. I got up from my small bed and gently opened my broken door. I walked into the hallway knowing I would go straight to the kitchen. I walked by the living room, barley glancing at my mother, I noticed she was very entranced in her television program. I grabbed a glass of water and went back to my room. “It’s chill.” I said coolie barley above a whisper. “Alright” Sadie replied also quietly.

I walked over to the window, before noticing who all came; I opened my large jewelry box and grabbed a cigarette and lighter. “What up Sandra!” Sadie’s boyfriend and my very close friend Dylan exclaimed. “What up!” I replied, taking a long drag of the smoke, than passing it to him. “Are you guys gonna let me in or what?” he asked, as I noticed his large winter coat. Sadie and I glanced at each other, “come on guys” he pleaded “I walked all the way here from my house, and it’s freezing,” he explained. “You should go get us some lean!”I said referring to Robitussin. “Alright, but if I do you gotta let me in” he tried negotiating, “Hell yeah you know we will.” I stated. He started to leave reluctantly after about ten minutes.

Thirty minutes passed before he returned. We again heard him at the window and repeated our dedicated drill, I returned this time with food. I crossed over to the window, “Did you get um?” I asked with a twinkle in my eye, I loved the fact of getting high and my heart beat faster thinking about it. “Nah dude, I only got one” he explained, I felt disappointment. “But you’re gonna take it, me and Sadie are good, huh babe?” he guessed. Sadie gave him a look of longing but agreed. I took the bottle and looked it over; “Delsym” is what it read on the label. “Chug that shit right now dude.” Sadie almost commanded. After letting Dylan in I quickly did, knowing the taste wasn’t the best.

. . .

“Has it kicked in yet” Sadie curiously asked, “oh yeah, I’m almost gone!” I said softly. I was to the point were I was hallucinating and was frightened of some of the stuff I had seen. “This shit is making me hallucinate man” I told them, “no way” Dylan said in disbelief. I reassured him as he got up from Sadie’s bed to see if either my parents were coming. I noticed him looking through the hole were the door knob should be, not realizing he had already went and sat back down he started to turn into different people. I couldn’t control myself, I tried to get Dylan and Sadie’s attention, “Guys, guys, guys, guys... I, I, I ... can’t, can’t ... stop, stop... repeat, repeat, repeating ... myself!” The rest of the night seemed to go on that way.

The morning neared, and my high had finally started to come down, my brain was fried and I felt completely dead. “I don’t think I can go to school guys.” I wined, “Ditch school with me man.” Dylan suggested. “Fuck, were would we go?” I wondered out loud, “I don’t know we’ll think of something.” He said lamely. I agreed, not worrying about getting ready I threw my hair up, put a sweater on and layered it with my coat then, my parents still in bed, we left out the front door.

We entered into the cold, it was kind of windy and after a while it started to nibble at my nose. We walked for a while without speaking, feeling as if the cold had us under a spell. “Let’s turn this way.” I said with a shiver “I gotta get a new flatiron, mine broke” I clarified. “Have you tried air duster man?” Dylan asked, quickly realizing we could steel some from the store. “No, but we should get some!” I said with a tint of excitement in my voice.

. . .

Wall-mart was filled few people, rushing to finish last minute errands before work. We look around for the cosmetics section of the store, to perches my straightiner. “Alright, where’s the huff at?” I asked not knowing were air-duster could possibly be. “Follow me”, Dylan replied walking away. I followed him to the other side of the large store, we passed the clothing isles and entered into the electronics section, we passed game system games and turned into the isle after it, I then saw huge bottles of what I did not imagine they would look like. The bottle was red and white, with some blue encircling it. “How are we gonna steel that? The bottles bigger then I expected.” I asked. “Chill out and watch” Dylan said as if there was no worry in the world. I watched as he opened a flap of his large winter coat and easily slide it in a perfect sized pocket; he closed and zipped the coat up. “Easier than I thought.” I complimented. We reseeded out of the store and headed to a near coffee shop.

We entered automatically ordering two medium hot chocolates, to warm our selves from the freezer out side. “Alright, are you ready for this dude?” Dylan said opening his coat and putting one of his thick gloves over the nozzle. He then, when we were comfortably seated in big fancy like chairs, put the glove against his mouth and sprayed the air-duster. After he had taken an uncontrollable amount, he looked off into space and started laughing hysterically. I looked behind us making sure none of the shop workers were suspicious, than came back to reality. “Dylan” I whispered “Dylan!” Repeating it a bit louder made him snap back into this world. I slowly got up still feeling unhealthy and lazy from the night before. “Alright” I said “let me try some of that”. I leaned down to where the spray was still positioned in its “meant-to-be” pocket; I positioned it on my mouth and let Dylan spray it for me. “Keep going dude!” I heard him say as my vision started to blur, I could still tell what things were around me but noticed a loud helicopter like noise in my ears. It made me afraid of getting caught but fell instantly in love with the two minute high. “Let’s get out of here” I suggested, we left and headed to an unknown destination.

We kept huffing the air duster as we walked taking bigger hits, one after another, making the high more and more extreme. As we walked we found a normal public bathroom and decided no one would dare use it as early and cold as it was in the morning. We entered the Girls side of the bathroom and went into the bigger stall of the two. We sat down, knowing we would be there for a while. “Do you have your PSP?” I asked wanting to experience the glorious high with music. “Yeah dude”, he answered searching his many large pockets for it. He turned it on as I started taking another hit, then another, and another. “Dylan!” I exclaimed “I just took six hits in a row” I continued challenging him to do more. We kept taking more and more until we would pass out, always being competitive with each other and drugs. In the distance of the laughing I could here a familiar song playing, that I heard for the first time the night before. It was called “Dancing with the Devil” by the rap group Immortal Technique. The song faded, everything went black.

I was caught in a black world; all I could hear was evil laughing and feel nothing. “Sandra!” I heard my name very distant, “Sandra!” I heard again coming clearer this time. “Don’t die on me like this, come on!” I heard as I started coming back to reality and coughing my lungs out. “Sandra, you just died dude!” Dylan exclaimed as I realized I was lying on my back on the dirty floor. “Why am I on the floor?” I asked noticing a dry nasty taste in my mouth. “You died dude, you stopped breathing I had to revive you!” he said “what!” I said quietly realizing what had happen. “I had to give you CPR” he explained as if trying to get it through my head. “Shit dude, well give me another hit!” I said calmly “what! Sandra your crazy” Dylan admired. “Let’s just promise to revive each other if we die okay.” I said with thought. We kept huffing; reviving each other every so often, until the whole can was gone.

After we had nothing left we decided to walk to the high school clear across town, as we finally arrived we realized we were in that bathroom for hours, We met up with some other friends and decided to smoke a couple bowls of weed to chill us out. “Dude, Me and Sandra died today” Dylan said starting to partially tell our close friend Theo about our adventures day, “What!” Theo exclaimed, “You guys are too crazy” he laughed out loud. “I gotta go home, lets walk to my school so I can ride the bus home” I suggested. “, and my bus stops at your school on the way” I said trying to convince them to walk with me.

. . .

We arrived at my school about ten minutes before school was out, we walked into the school thinking there would be no trouble ahead of us, there was about two minutes before school was out when Dylan and Theo looking surprised said “teacher”, I looked around noticing only the floating head of my English teacher in blackness. “Where were you today Sandra?” She asked curiously. I quickly came up with an idiotic lie in my head, about missing my bus and having to walk. “Well lets have you and your friends go to the office, we can get you visitor passes, than you can’t get charged with trespassing, okay?” she said in trickery. We agreed.

I found myself in my principals’ office, not quite remembering the walk through the familiar hallways. I could here the voices of the principal and my two friends exchanging, questions were being frequently asked. “Sandra” I heard the familiar voice of my probation officer, trouble was on its way. “Come in here” she motioned me into the other room, I got up trying to think of what the story I told my teacher was, I lost it. As soon as I entered the room she slammed down a U.A cup and an admittance form. “You can admit you used today or take a U.A, you choice” She said angrily. I chose to admit, knowing I had many other substances in my system, I only admitted to the huff and weed. My mom arrived Shorty after.

. . .

Dylan and I were taken to the probation office were we met his mother, we weren’t aloud to speak to each other, but stole worried glances every now and again. “That’s it Sandra, I have given you to many chance, did you not believe me when I told you I will send you to rehab?” she asked, already knowing the answer “not really” I sassed back “well, I was one-hundred percent serious” she said matter of factley. Dylan and his mother left after they were not able to get a hold of his probation officer, my mom and I were stuck there for hours. We waited as my probation officer tried to get me a bed in the juvenile detention center. “They won’t have a bed till tomorrow.” She told us “can I trust you not to run?” she asked, “I won’t” I said promising

The next day I arrived at school with many questions being asked, I said good bye to my friends knowing I would be gone for a while. That same day I went to Detention, I sat there for month waiting for a spot to open up in the rehabilitation center I was supposed to be headed to. I was able to spend Christmas with my family for four days, the day after Christmas I was sent to rehab for three long months, finding out Dylan also went to a different rehab center, and my sister was also on her way made me cringe, I knew my life would never be the same and it changed drastically, I became a different person, relapses accrue, but that’s normal right?

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