King of the Earth 2059

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
This script is about space exploration, war with aliens when humans will win in the end..

Submitted: November 03, 2013

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Submitted: November 03, 2013






    Tim Angelov sci-fi writer


    MOVIE : The King of the world - 2059 - scripment september 22 ,2012 saturday 3pm.

    scene1.SPACE! - the final frontier! Dark Space with stars sparkling .We see spaceship cruising slowly.The Year 2039 .There is the Earth with its glory,then further the sun shining,then Mars ,Jupiter and Saturn. Smaller spacecraft dettaches from the Spaceship ETERNITY.In it the pilot Max Weber is going to Earth on his duty-off.Slowly he is aproaching earth's orbit and entering the atmosfere.Max always wanted to be space pilot.His father was a pilot too,dying in space.It was a freak accident,some space chambers in their astro fighter exploded,eventualy leaving a small crew of 3 pilots to die from lack of oxygen...that was 11 years ago,many things are build better now.

    Max's father George Weber was one of the pioneers in Space...He was a maverick pilot and very influential person.In 2016 his close friend was elected president of USA.The president was young and very famous ,educated in science and economy.He realised the potencial of Space exploration and the great benefits that economy will gain from all the new tech spin-offs.And he appointed George Weber to be NASA administrator.But George wanted to fly in space and he wasn't ready to sit in chair all day.Instead of him the famous astronomer Neil deGrysse Tyson was named NASA director. Neil and George soon made bold plans to build spaceships and go to Mars,made plans for Moon bases and much more.There were plans to populate Jupiter's and Saturn's moons one day.

    Nasa's budget was now bigger than Pentagon's budget,it was more than 2 trillion dollars.Why build slow aircraft carriers on the sea,and gas guzling fighter jets and bombers when you can build fast spaceships and astro fighters that can use laser weapons and reach any target on Earth and Space in seconds.The Lasers reach the target instantly as the laser beam travels with speed of light!.. The biggest spaceship Eternity was build in two years time and it was ready by 2020.It was modeled and planed for 2 years and build in 1 and a half year.I must say it looks simillar to Star Trek's Enterprise because it was modeled as the Enterprise from Star Trek second generation.That's was it!..Young people ,young politicians gained the power in 2016 and for them nothing was imposible. They could do anything that they can plan and imagine.

    Money is not and issue anymore,because as you know we can always print more,and if we borrow and own too much money we can always erase the government debts and start a new.This is economically viable and there is no inflation as long as we build a lot of things and we finish the grand projects very fast.In this case the economy actualy grows much larger than to wait to pay our dues,and taxing the poor middle class with 40% or 50% of their hard earned money..Taxes are small now only 9% for everybody.

    "I am aproaching Earth ,and i am ready to land soon" - Max called the Miami tower.Soon he was landing in spaceport Miami,Florida.

    scene 2.The pilot Max visiting his girlfriend.She is a kung-fu teacher.He enters the big yoga classroom.She is happily surprised to see him."Maaax" - she screames ,and she hugs him..She raps-up the class quickly and together they leave.

    scene 3.They embark into Max's spacecraft -the Space Eagle and they fly around Earth looking at all heavenly beauties.They fly over green lanscapes,over big rivers,mountains,lakes ,then over the ocean and carribean islands.Then through the clouds they see Earth and Max says-"Its beautiful,soo peaceful"... Many new cities started emerging in USA after 2017..Small new cities,but very technologicaly developed and modern.NASA had something to do with this too.Not only in Space ,Nasa was building new cities on earth,and fast but light trains connecting the population..The importance was put on travel and leisure ,because this was increasing the economy by tenfold.100 small future cities were build with population of 10000 each..

    The imigrants from all over the world were coming to America in millions to visit,travel,work and live in the new cities.The cities were compact and small ,and no cars on gas were driving there,because there was no asfalt roads. The trafic was mostly done with electric trains that connected city to city and inside the cities everybody had 1 person electric cars.Flying cars were created too by entusiast and they were used outside of cities.The flying cars were made with helicopter technology but you couldn't see the flying rotor parts.They were very cool looking cars with small wings that were retracting when the flying car landed.

    scene 4."All this flying makes me hungry"-said Max..They went home in their house and are having quiet evening,diner.Then they take shower together and go to bed.It is steamy night!

    Scene 5.Spaceship Eternity is experiencing strong vibrations.Then on dark side of one of Saturn moons some big invisible structure becomes visible.It shoots tiny droids , which spread through our solar system.Some land on our space fleet,on Spaceship Eternity and the droids become invisible. The droids land on earth in many continents and they start working creating dangerous things.

    scene 6. Wake up alert! Max is called back on emergency duty aboard the ship Eternity.

    scene 7.Electrical problems and big electric sparks are destroying Eternity.The engineers don't know what's the problem.

    scene 8.On the ships bridge the Captain and the crew are startled because of the vibrations and electrical sparks.Many screens and instruments are destroyed.

    scene 9.On earth's jungles strange big bugs emerge created by the workings of alien droids.It looks like aliens are using nature's genetic variations by mutating regular bugs , creating big bad angry bugs!These geneticaly engineered bugs and creatures start attacking people in brazilian jungles,african and asian jungles.Giant tooty shrimps atack fishermen on Louisiana bayou.

    scene 10.Biologists are examining the new big bugs that were killed by fishermen on the river Amazon and they are astonished with this new kinds they have never seen .

    scene 11. Chaos emerges on New York streets.All trafic is stoped.The trafic lights are all green or all red in same time.The streets are full with people trying to get to their destination.Many accidents occur.It looks like there is a hack in the system and some kind of software virus problem. The crew of the trafic control center is scrambling to fix it , but with no help,the chaos is everywhere!

    Scene 12. ATM machines are giving too much money to everybody.People are so happy pocketing so much money but after couple of days very high inflation increases and chaos continues.People start fighting for products.Supermarkets and stores are looted.

    scene 13. In a quiet small street in a New York suburb a family watches that smoke and noice rises on the end of the street and is aproaching toward them.Civil War errupts.The family hides in the basement and they lock the house. After few hours somebody enters in their house and they start looting.Then the father and the son try to fight them.They stare at the looters who actualy are known to them.They are their poor neighbours from down the street who have big family and need food and necessary stuff. After the family is overpowered,they calm down and they share the food together.Many people end up sleeping in the house and some take a watch outside for the other looters on the streets who have guns.

    scene 14.The President makes anouncement on TV and the radio and he says they don't know why the world is suddenly in chaos.He advises everybody to stay calm,stop the looting and that police and the military will fix the peace and order.

    scene 15.The information from Eternity and around the world tells us that the cause for all the problems is the Aliens.They found hidden droids.

    scene 16. Then they found hidden droids around the world in all continents. The Army Generals from differnet countries gather to exchange informations.

    scene 17. The Generals and the President attend presentation by some engineers who have the droids on a table. The droids are invisible when they work.This droids on the table were almost destroyed by the military and now are visible.The engineer explains that It works by creating electrical disturbances,and also other droids create mutations with certain bugs and creatures.

    scene 18.After all the chaos that the Aliens created on Earth and the Space now is the Time for their final attack! From the big invisible structure on the dark side of one of the Saturn's moons many spacecrafts emerge and at this moment the Invisible Materializer becomes visible.But only for few seconds.Humans can see that with the Hubble Telescope and alert is sounded. We are attacked by alien spaceships! Our fleet lead by spaceship Eternity deploys many spacecrafts to intercept the Aliens.War is on with the aliens! Our pilot Max fights with them,but there are many alien spacecrafts and they are stronger and faster than ours.They have advanced gama-laser weapons.Our lasers and rockets are too weak and slow for them.We find out that the Invisible Materializer receives strong signals from our closest galaxy, the Andromeda.

    scene 19. We fight them in Space and on Earth but we are overpowered.The World is in rubble.All major cities are destroyed.All big buildings are down,major airports,bridges and highways destroyed.People are lying dead on streets covered with dust.Looks like ground Zero everywhere.In Space our spacefleet is destroyed but Eternity and many spaceships escape far in our solar system.

    scene 20. Max Weber is captured by aliens and he is transfered with his crew on a bigger alien ship. Aliens won the fights and now they make biological tests on the captured crew.But Max sees no aliens there.There are just robots and machines that control the alien ship and they make tests on him.

    scene 21. Max and the crew plan to escape.During the days on the alien ship Max and the crew's engineer learn about the alien's advanced technology . They find some alien blueprints and they transfer the data on some alien memory stick.They create some explosions and finally escape. It helps that their spacecraft the Space Eagle is still attached to the alien ship.

    scene 22. The humans create secret base on Antarctica.Alien survey drones can't fly over the Antarctic because they can't function in extreme cold.The scientists create new Spaceships and advanced gama-laser weapons using the stolen alien tech.

    scene 23. The people fight back with the new guns and spacecrafts and after long battle the aliens are destroyed.But they find out that there are no alien bodies.It was all controled from Andromeda using remote robots and machines .Almost year 2049 and all is peacefull.

    scene 24. The Alien spacefleet is destroyed ,but we find out the actual Aliens are aproaching our Solar system to concore us again! Because Andromeda is many million miles away it will take them at least 10 years to reach Earth.We have time until the year 2059.

    scene 25.Max Weber is very famous on destroyed Earth because he stole the alien technology and helped to defeate the aliens. The population now is 700 million. Billions of people were killed by the alien bombardment.Max is the new leader.The world is united now,there are no more countries,no borders.He becomes the King of the united World and under his leadership the Earth is rebuild like never before.

    Stylyzed advanced cities are created on Earth resembling the main features of the ex modern cities .There is a big and large structures of big buildings all connected to each other without any street between them.All the trafic and movement of people is within the big buildings that resemble the major New York towers and the statue of Liberty all fused together in one futuristic megacity. Then in Europe there are created stylized Paris ,Berlin,London and many other cities.On all the continents all cities are connnected with World train system.There are big cities made on the sea,and many landscapes now contain large tall Discs structures rising like mushrooms from the land. People live in the new cities and Discs high in the sky.The nature is valued now being almost destroyed by aliens and landscape is free of people and civilization with the living space on land now left for nature and its animals to flurish.

    scene 26. Aliens aproaching from Andromeda.It's 2059.Now they come in person .The aliens look like giant weird bugs.Their civilization developed on some Andromedan planets and is the one where the insects achieved high inteligence.Their organization is advanced swarm behaviour .They are sure of their victory and all alien leaders are coming too in a big mother-ship.New war starts! We don't let them come close to Earth now so that they can destroy it again.We fight them in our Solar system on our many colonized moons and planets and many outposts that we build there.It's a big space war!

    scene 27.Max ,our President suggests that we attack the Mothership and steal their tech again.The only way to destroy this millions and billions of alien insects is to change their genetics code.The same way like they changed the genes of many animals,insects,shrimps,birds on our planet.The alien mothership is attacked in a secret operation.The planetary command sends captured alien spacecraft operated by robots made by our scientists.Robots are programed to find and copy as much information about alien gene technology possible.Their advanced gene tech is succesfuly copied. We succeed and Alien leaders are destroyed.The rest of aliens are running away back to Andromeda in chaos!

    scene 28. Our Solar system is prospering in peace again.We build colonies on 85 moons and on Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Pluto.Our civilization spreads through the Universe.

    scene 29. We achieve inter- galactic space flight faster than the light speed using our new technology and the power of the enormous black hole in our Milky Way galaxy.

    scene 30. Our spacefleet concored Andromeda galaxy and destroys the remaining aliens.We have to destroy them because they will rise again and destroy us.

    scene 31. We can travel on Inter-galactic flights using energy flights,and only like that. Biological beings and bodies cannot fly faster than light,they will disintegrate. Max becomes immortal trancending from flesh to pure inteligent energy .(he is like the Silver surfer and Galacto together! ) He is our leader ,operating the Space inteligent network.It is something like giant Google ,that is inteligently awaken and have in its controls big space fleet ,many robots and machines.Max is now operating big and powerfull network and war machines capable of creating or materializing its own robots and spacecrafts if needed.

    scene 32. The human kind achieved immortality now.The enormous endless space of the Universe is ours and we spread everywhere on many galaxies.In the next milion years our civilization controls all the Cosmos and the next new Big -Bang is stoped from occuring and destroying us.The power of black holes is utilized and thanks God we are the creators now! We are immortals and Eternity of time is ours.
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