The WARBIRDS: the Origin

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This a story of the rise of the thought of freedom in some young minds who are tired of the state of times and want to strike back.

Submitted: April 13, 2013

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Submitted: April 13, 2013




THE W A R B I R D S: The Origin

The rise of a revolution

Part I


As soon as this line flashed across the television screen, an impulse ran through his mind - An impulse, which strikes when you see a thing which you have seen before. He leaned back in his chair, looked up at the ceiling, closed his eyes and shook his head in a defeated manner. He gave out a heavy sigh which resembled the one you give out when you remember a past defeat. Memories, which were not too old, were flying about in his mind, at the speed of light, in the darkness of his closed eyes. A few names stood up to him in the blinding darkness, and with them, stood up a few faces – faces, to which he had looked up to, in the midst of another such crisis, another such revolution. He was surfing through his memories of the Anti-Corruption Movement (2011-12). People, as he remembered, were then also, as they were now, filled with an astonishing rage to fight against corruption. It seemed more to be a freedom movement, such was the clamor. Processions were led, strikes were held, public meets were organized. The freedom from corruption, from the corrupt, seemed to be very close at hand. Everyone felt that all they needed to do was to reach out with their one last breath. But then nobody knew how or why, the great revolution faded away. Within ten months everything was forgotten. No one talked about it anymore; it seemed that it was a crazy fad that had got into the minds of the people of India. The corrupt prevailed, and once again, the people lost. And now, gazing at the television, Kenji Yansin, realized that what he was witnessing was the beginning of another such ‘fad’ which, he knew, in his annoyance, was going to fade away. In the earlier one, a white capped guy, led the people around the capital, while in the latter, women, who were definitely true to their aim, paraded along the streets of the capital. All of us know that these movements have infinite potential. But the question remains – Why do these fade away? It won’t be right to assert that they fail, but they don’t succeed all along – they fade away. Bearing this conflicting question in his mind, Ken switched off the television and walked off to his room, to get into his daily schedule.

Four months later, sitting in his living room, Ken was reading the daily newspaper while sipping a cup of coffee. His sight was fixed on a few words that were printed in bold letters at the bottom of the first page that read – “WOMEN UNSAFE IN THE CAPITAL. WHERE IS THE REVOLUTION NOW?” His thoughts went back to his speculations, and it was totally clear that he had been right. But it didn’t give him any pride because, in the reality, he was ashamed. He was ashamed of the fact that how certain it was, of the movement, to fade away. And yet, he knew that he couldn’t have had done anything to save it. But the question rose to him – Why?

He asked himself:

“Why do we fail?

Why do we fall?”

This question echoed in every corner of his mind. The more he tried to find the answer, the more conflicting, the question became. At first, the answer seemed to him very simple. But then he realized that ‘organized movement’ was not something that both of the earlier movements lacked. He realized that the problem laid somewhere else indeed. And he took it up as his moral duty to find it out. Several sleepless nights ensued. For weeks he couldn’t find the answer. But one day, something unexpected happened, and that brought out the truth to Ken.

One day in the hour of recess, Ken, as usual, was sitting on the terrace of the school, thinking about something that bothered him at the school. Suddenly, a thin, but seemingly, worried boy came running to him. This was unusual, as nobody, except Ken went to the terrace, as it was a restricted area, and Ken had a special hobby of breaking rules. So, as this guy staggered towards him, he realized that the ‘worried figure’ was his own friend Jack William. No sooner had Ken begun guessing the reason of his worry, than Jack caught him up by his arms, and said in an alarmed voice:

“Ken! I’m in a bit of crap – say something – say something you silly dummy!”

Gathering the knowledge from whatever fragments Jack served to him, he comprehended that Jack was in some kind of ‘real’ danger. Quickly recovering from the sudden shock he had received from the latter, Ken enquired in an uncertain air:

“What’s it? I think it would be helpful for me to solve your problem if you frankly provide me with the actual facts of your problem”

“But you won’t be able to solve my problem.”

“Then, why on earth did you ask for my help?” He said in an annoyed tone, “You have some problem? – Just tell it to me – come on. Ok, made some mistake? – Sorry about it? – Go, jump off the roof then. But please stop confusing me.”

“You know, I can’t really do that – I mean – Jumping off the roof.”

“And why is that?” Ken asked in an uninterested tone. But the reply that he received gave him a deep insight. In a second, the boy had found Ken the answer to the question, he had been pondering over for months. Jack said:

“No, no – you understand, I think – our parents, they care for us. That’s why it can’t be done. They might scold me for losing the money for my fees. But, I do think that my life is more valuable them than some petty amount of money.”

“Whoa, Jack! Now you talk like a man. Good. Well from where did you copy it? Been doing a lot of reading, recently, I guess.” As he conversed with Jack on the matter, Ken kept observing this worried figure; the expression of fear on his face, but still having some optimism in the heart. Then suddenly his observation came to a halt, his sight rested on a place, which seemed to be an irregular and terribly asymmetric projection on the right sleeve of the grey pullover that Jack wore over his shirt. Owing to his utter dislike for asymmetry, he tried to level that projection with his finger, but as he touched it, he realized that some kind of papery thing was stuck in there, inside the pullover. He quickly said to Jack regarding the sleeve, “Hey, there’s some paper in there – no, no – in your pullover’s sleeve – man, inside it. Check it out – quick.” And yes, it was the supposedly lost money. The discovery of the money brought back Jack to his spirits, but this boy, Ken had discovered something much more valuable than that in this simple incident. Most of his queries were answered at once. And he got the answer from someone he never thought he would. But, now came the main part of the play – the part to think it out from the very beginning. Now was the time to utilize and put to use, the answers that he had found.

The question – Why are we unable to give our 100% to a revolution?

The answer was – fear. No, not fear the fear of our death, as, the people who have the courage to take up a cause and stand for others and fight for them, are not those, afraid of their death, as the self-centered people are. “Then what are we afraid of?” Ken thought. At first thought, to him, it seemed to be the worry of the society’s scrutiny. But the new generation does not care what the society says or thinks about them. And then, the answer which he had acquired from Jack, dawned upon him.  The reason of our problem is fear and the fear is of the good of those near and dear to us; those for whom we care. It’s the thought of their goodwill that stops us from jumping into the fire, just for the sake of their lives. Because, all along we’ve known that the people, against whom we stand up, are the rulers and the oppressors of generations and that is why we are afraid of any harm brought by them to those we care for. Had it been a fiction story, Ken and his allies would have put up a cape and mask and set out to make times hard for the oppressors. But this was reality, where Ken was a simple high school guy, who did not have Bruce Wayne or the Batman in his pocket. He had to think of a realistic way of standing up against the corrupt and yet protect them, for whom he cared. Again, Ken let himself into a thinking period of dormancy. But this time it did not take much time. This time, the solution was ready, waiting for him to adopt it.

Ken was not a person whom you would call a Facebook addict, but even in spite of that he had many IDs with different names and identities. This was the basic concept. As you already know, we’re talking about reality, and here you can’t set out alone, like any superhero. “Why? Even the Batman does not set out alone.” He thought. The idea was very simple. It was that he needed ‘soldiers’ to work upon the concepts, which he had worked out. And he perfectly knew a place where he could find them. It was his school. School – a place he always thought of, as a storehouse of resources of talent. Need any particular type of person for some particular purpose, “Go, and look up at the school.” That’s what Ken would advise you to do. 

Such is a teenager’s mindset. At least I can say that of the today’s teenagers. Have any problem? The school holds the answer. This trust of them is not generally fixed upon their teachers; it’s upon their friends – the trustworthy friends. For a teenager, the person to call first at the time of crisis is his or her friend. Earlier this position was strongly possessed by elders; they might have been parents, teachers, guardians, etc., but now they have lost the faith of the young minds. May be it’s because; they have lost our faith because they are the creators of the time we’re in. And I can surely tell you that this is not a period or age which you would call a Golden Age. So the young minds involuntarily decide that they are ones who have to create a new world. This was the pattern which affected Ken’s mind at that particular moment. He knew that his parents were well aware of the deteriorating times and were totally against it, but he also knew that they couldn’t do anything even if they wanted to, as their time was gone.


Part II


Next day, a fine sunny, early summer Friday afternoon, Ken was sitting by a window of the classroom through which beautiful, glimmering, golden sunlight was pouring into the room. On his right sat, as always, his friend Jack. On the desk right in front of him sat, Sean Munich and Roy Miller, both people of slight build, but Sean, being exceptionally tall seemed a bit too thin. At the desk right behind Ken’s, sat, Andrew, a boy of heavy build. He seemed a boy of south-eastern upbringing because of his Pekinese eyes. But his size and build rarely did him any good for he never got into any fights with any one.

All of them were attentively faced towards Kenji, listening to whatever he was saying. He was talking about his concept. Roy, as always was having a mild smile on his face, while the rest of the pack had a very serious expression of soldiers listening to the battle plan of their next endeavor. Ken was the only one speaking, pausing at certain times when any of the to-be ‘soldiers’ developed a question in their minds regarding his plans. Ken continued his speech:

“. . . You know, as well as I do that tomorrow, in the coming days we are the country; we are the world. What we will represent, it will be our country. Who we might be then will define our nation.” He paused as he saw some unclear thought in Sean’s eyes, “Yes, Sean, speak it out. Yes, you have some thought there – Say it.”

In a low voice Sean replied:

“Don’t you think, Ken that your reference to our country will strengthen the differences between countries? – I mean, may be we should think of the whole world as one.” Looking around at all the faces that surrounded him, he said, “Don’t you think, friends its better. Let the world be in focus, than the country.” And all the faces, as he expected, gave an appreciative nod.

Ken said in an appreciative tone:

“Well, my brothers these thoughts of yours are indeed very noble. But if we embark upon this journey, we’ll have to start by cleaning our own backyard – we’ll have to start by our own country. And to influence our countrymen we have to bring nationalism in.”

“But why would anyone listen to us – because we know, out there, we have bad people all around. We’re not going to survive.” Jack said in skeptical tone.

Ken seemed to be ready for this question. He retorted:

“There, my friend you miss a point. First of all our goal is to influence the teenagers – and as for our survival – My friend, if out there, we have bad people, we do have good people also. Far out there, live people who are concerned about the country, the world, just like you – even more than you. Our motive is to reach out to those people and unite them with us. So now if you agree with me I can tell you my further plans. So, I would just like to ask - are you with me?”

He received just what he expected to be the reply – “Yes”

Ken began:

“So we’re gonna reach out to the people by using the best medium that is available to us, that is, the net.”

“You mean through Facebook?” asked Jack, a regular Facebook junkie.

“Yeah, buddy, absolutely. We’re gonna use the Facebook as a platform for spreading our message. On Facebook, we’re gonna directly interact with the people who can join the campaign.”

“By using our existing IDs?” asked Roy, still skeptical about the whole business.

“No, no. We’re gonna make some new IDs through which we’re gonna talk with real people under unreal names.”

“But, what name, we’ll use?” asked Andrew.

Ken stopped for a second, bent over his bag and pulled out a sheet of paper. He said with a pride of one’s own creation:

“Well, my friends, you can give me some credit for my foresight, for I have already found us a name, which, in my perspective, perfectly suits us.”

Curious to know their new identity they almost jumped into the paper. And after few seconds a word came in the unison of all their voices:

“Warbirds?” was the word.

And again Ken said in a tone of soaring self esteem:

“Yes my friend, that’s who we are.”

And again Roy was the first one to strike a depreciating note. He said:

“But there’s already a band by that name, I think”

“And it didn’t go unnoticed by me. Well, Their Facebook page has the label of ‘Musical Band’ while our one would carry the label of ‘Cause’. That will be the difference. That’s why people, if they have enough brains, won’t get confused between these two pages. It seems we don’t have much time now – the bell has rung – time to go, gotta catch the bus.  Now on Monday, come to school and tell me your ‘Warbird’ first name. Your second name will be Warbird. Well, that will show our unity. So see u people again on Monday and surely don’t forget to think out your names.”

With a shining hope and a rising fire of mutiny in their hearts, the new Warbirds ended their day.


On Monday, the ‘soldiers’ brought in their Warbird names which they had chosen for themselves. And this was what Ken got:

Sean Munich – Sherlock Warbird

Roy Miller – Rockford Warbird

Andrew Wagner – Craig Warbird

Jack Williams – Stephen Warbird

Ken had chosen the name ‘Xavier Warbird’ for himself. But still then some more recruits were to join the group. And it was only after their recruitment that the organization started functioning. May be not at all it was just a random spark in someone’s mind that ignited the fire in the others. I feel somewhere deep inside that it was their destiny that brought them in – and I say that about the last two recruits also. The last two recruits were ‘Evelyn Warbird’ and ‘Angela Warbird’. Evelyn was got into the organization by Sean while, Kenji, himself was the one who got Angela in. - Their story? We’ll have it some other day. But still now also it is not known who else is destined to become a part of the revolution.

Warbirds, in reality was not just created in a day. It was a repressed thought which existed in all those young minds, born a pretty long time ago after witnessing the state of times. The mere effort that was applied to release it, also gave a name and form to the thought of freedom that came from those minds – and that very name was – Warbirds.

Today the Warbirds are trying to work on the low – Trying to change the world from the very first bit – themselves. As they learn to change themselves, they will do whatever they can to make their world better. One day I hope that they will succeed in making not only their world, but the whole earth a better place to live in. And I know that, that ‘one day’ will surely come no matter what happens – I know - because I am the one who sparked the fire – I am Kenji Yansin – I am Xavier Warbird and I, say it with utmost pride that my brothers, my comrades can accomplish our dream – the common dream that we had – of a better earth. In the air that we breathe and fly, we will make our empire of sanctity and serenity. Up to that time I must sow the seeds and wait, and these seeds will not give rise to hate and hostility, these are seeds of love, peace and truth. One day we or our descendants will rise from this abyss into the Utopia we would have built.


That day these words of the long gone, but immortal Charles Dickens, will echo in each and every corner of the world, for I won’t be there to read them aloud with my own voice. Someone probably will read them, just in order to signify our sacrifice, effort and contribution in the making of the new world:

“I see a beautiful city and a brilliant people rising from this abyss. I see the lives for which I lay down my life, peaceful, useful, prosperous and happy. I see that I hold a sanctuary in their hearts and in the hearts of their descendants’ generations hence. It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done. It is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.”

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