Blind Love - Kenisha Liyanage

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a story about how people can be blind due to falling in love or the thought of being in love with the perfect man.

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Submitted: January 13, 2015

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Submitted: January 13, 2015



People say love is blind,
But I believe love is finding new life,
You discover your soul mate,
A cause to live.

I always argued with my friends,
About what love means to us,
Well, there was only one against love,
And she kept on saying love makes you blind.

I don't believe in that,
I found the perfect man in life,
He makes me happy every second I spend with him,
The memories are so much that make me smile.

I met through facebook and we started as friends,
We got to know each other as soon as we clicked,
I felt a real connection and electricity in my body,
Every time I think about him, a smile is drawn.

It all happened so fast which is less than a year,
We grew so close to each other and I felt nothing I did before,
We started seeing each other everyday,
While going to work and after coming back.

He then asked me out to go to a fancy restaurant,
I got so scared and couldn't even decide what to wear,
After struggling I found the perfect outfit,
A colour he loves to go to the special occasion.

I was tensing all the time until it all happened,
I felt ecstatic when he asked me out,
We got engaged as I said yes,
The whole night filled with hugs and kisses.

As time passed by we got married,
Then he became a bit distant after the new job,
He had to work late as his position was raised,
But I stand a long with him during the rough days.

Then came our baby boy,
He brought joy to our family,
A new additional member,
But a light to our lives.

Things got rough afterwards like we expected,
We had to work extra hard just for our baby,
He stayed long hours and worked on the weekends,
Just to save every penny to raise our little baby.

Then one day my hubby's parents came,
His mother demanded to write my house under his name,
My mother was at home paying a visit as well,
She asked why we need to write under his name.

My mom said that we will only write it under our baby;s name,
It doesn't matter whether it goes under my hubby's name,
Think about the baby and work accordingly,
My mom refused to let me write it in his name.

Jack's mother stormed and started to curse out loud,
She finally said that she doesn't need a grand child,
She asked Jack to pack bags and leave us alone at home,
And he listened to his mother without uttering any word against it.

After few days of crying and weeping over Jack,
I suddenly came to realise that my love towards him turned me blind,
He did ask about my property before we started dating,
It now hits me that he never loved me but my property.

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