Christmas gift

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This is a story about a Christmas gift their family received on Christmas day.

Submitted: January 03, 2015

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Submitted: January 03, 2015



Mum, I love you more than ever,
What ever happens between you and dad,
You try to hide it and bring joy to our lives,
I value your effort and treasure your love.

Mum, why is our dad always drunk?
I always ask as a teenager,
But my little sister never see this side,
Too little to see, too little to comprehend.

Mum, can we celebrate christmas this year?
I asked because all my collegues celebrate,
She said yes and we went christmas shopping,
We bought a tree and decorated together.

We sang and talked happily together,
The three of us makes always a happy family,
After finishing we started making cookies,
My little sister watching mum and me.

My dad comes stomping and drunk,
I rush to my little sister and hide ourselves,
A secret room where we can see everything,
But only three of us know how to access.

Dad feels furious after seeing the christmas tree,
He yells at mum loudly that everyone can hear,
He smash his liquor bottle on to the tree,
The tree becomes unstable and hit the window.

Mum keeps protesting about the tree,
She was crying begging him to act as a father,
He stomps around yelling filled with furious,
And everything else happened in a slipt second.

He light a match and throw it towards the tree,
The tree catch fire along with the curtains,
Mum tried to out water but the fire is too much to bear,
Mum screams for us to get out from our place.

Mum grabs my hand and we run out from the house,
Our house has caugt fire the entire ground level,
We watch our house get burnt along with our dather inside,
This is the christmas gift our dad gave for all of us.

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