Flowery friends

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There are many ways we can describe something as everyone is unique. And that's why it's perfect to talk about it.

Have you ever observed a flower?
Of course all of us has seen a flower.
But have observed it in detail?
I don't think we observe all details.

If you observe all petals they are bit different,
Some are smoothe and some are not.
But when looking at the flower as whole,
It hides all the all those details.

Friendship to me is like a flower,
Everyone covering their friends' mistakes.
Friends are combined together with a great bond,
Everyone made to patch each other.

Friends are more than what we think,
They valuable diamonds or anyother riches.
They watch their back and stick together,
They help each other and correct each other.

A bunch of friends all bonded together,
Is beautiful like a flower to me.
Filled with smile and laughter,
Hiding all the sad and sorrow.

Each can patch up everyone's differences,
Like the flower as a whole patch the differences.
An invisible bond stitched them together,
Sisters and brothers that were always meant to be.

Submitted: April 05, 2015

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