Jane Green

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Jane is a computer nerd and is less socialized. She consider herself to be the most ugliest girl on her school and doesn't like to show her talents until...

Submitted: October 30, 2013

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Submitted: October 30, 2013



Jane Green is a sixteen year old girl who is always glued to her computer if she is at home. It is like her whole world revolves around her computer playing computer games and designing various desktop wallpapers.

Jane is a pale white girl with long hair black in colour. Her eyes are brown colour which matches her skin. Her thin long face with all her features make her look like one of the most beautiful girls in their school. Unfortunately Jane always looks at herself as one of the ugliest girl in her school which she always tells to her friends as well.

Even though Jane is a straight As for almost all the subjects even after spending so many time in front of the computer playing computer games, she always think she is very dumb as she gets low grades for Math as she finds it difficult to remember the equations and theorems.

It’s Jane’s final year in school. And she only has few friends with her comparing to other girls in their school. Jane thinks that getting too much socialized will ultimately gives her problems and that she might have to party a lot.

In Jane’s school they are allowed to do six subjects maximum and four subjects as the minimum amount. So Jane selected French, English literature, Mathematics ‘A’, Botany and Greek and Roman civilization as her subjects. She was not allowed to so computer literacy as a subject until this year by her parents.

French is not their mother language or second language. Therefore as it is a foreign language, the Z score is very high when computed as it is hard to score good grades even though Jane always get as ‘A’ grade result in every single term test. In this class there are only twelve students and they are always glued to their cliques and doesn’t associate people much unless if they want to ask a question regarding the subject matter. When it comes to assignments it is always individual work so again there is no way for people to get mixed and associate each other.

English Literature is always boring as Mr. Smart always say old school, dry jokes and never makes the class be active and talk or express their opinions towards different literary works. But Jane always enjoys this period even though it is boring as she loves literature and loves to read books which are most of the times e-books that she reads. For English Literature there are only two students who are capable to score ‘A’ grade in every single term test and Jane is one of them.

Mathematics ‘A’ is really hard comparing to ‘B’ and ‘C’. These grades are given according to the subject matter and Mathematics C is the easiest subjects who sometimes people find it difficult. For Jane Mathematics A is like walking over a garden of thorns even though she selected it as a subject.

Botany is a bit difficult than biology but it is interesting due to the miracles performed by plants. Especially the process of absorbing carbon dioxide during the day and converting it to oxygen and doing the opposite during the night inspired Jane to take up this subject and learn more about plants.

Greek and Roman civilization is also an easy subject to get an ‘A’ like peanut and butter on bread just like Botany. Jane likes to learn about the Greek gods and goddesses in the myths.

The first two weeks was really hard for Jane in Computer Literacy as she missed a lot of things. But Jane took extra classes and she found it easy to catch up with the stuff she missed quiet easily. Computer Literacy is Jane’s new favourite subject and she is absorbed to it so much that the first term test she sat she was able to get an ‘A’.

In Computer Literacy, Jane and another five students were asked to do a group assignment by developing simple software. For this purpose the teacher divided them into two groups which comprise three students only. So Jane was teamed up with Aaron and Camille.

Aaron is a six footer who plays basketball to the school team and always gets ‘A’s to all the subjects. Aaron is very famous among both girls and boys and parties a lot comparing to others.

To design the software it was set to be in this Saturday n Aaron’s place at ten o’clock in the morning. Friday, they finalized the plan by adding all the ideas they came up with at home. Jane decided to take her laptop to Aaron’s place so that she can use her generally using softwares to write and design the software.

The sun peeped through the windows and its bright rays lightened up the dark room. Even though the sun did not want to wake Jane up as she is sleeping peacefully as it is a weekend, the music hummed by the canaries woke her up immediately due to their soprano voices. Jane got surprised after she checked the time and got shocked to see that it is eight o’clock. Jane hurried up and washed and changed into clean clothes and packed her bag and then only she went downstairs to have breakfast.

When Jane reached Aaron’s place it was five minutes prior than the due time. It was Aaron’s brother who greeted and showed the way to Aaron’s room. Jane opened the door after she knocked and there stood Aaron.

The first glance at his topless figure sent electric shocks throughout Jane’s body. It also sent a tingling sensation from head to toe. Jane did her level best to act normal and forget about is by pushing her thoughts aside. Especially as she caught Aaron kissing Camille.

Aaron got surprised to see Jane standing near the door. He quickly put on a t-shirt that he thought that might make her, his one and only love happy. Jane quickly set upped her laptop while Aaron put on his t-shirt and started to work.

Aaron started to write the codes of the software with the help of Camille while Jane was asked to design the templates and all the other graphics required as she wanted to. They took small breaks in between and showed each pother their progress and how much they have done.

Without their knowledge it arrived at lunch time and they did not know until Aaron’s mother told them that lunch is ready. Jane felt bad for not completing the design fully even though it is almost done.

When Aaron, Camille and Jane went downstairs, Camille’s mother was waiting for her so Camille went without having lunch. Jane could feel the smell of food before entering the dining room. Aaron smiled when he saw the facial expressions in Jane’s face.

The food is so mouth watery and Jane had a hard time to select what to eat. At the end it was Aaron who served the food into Jane’s plate as she kept on starring at the food.

“Earth to little Jane!” said Aaron wearing a wide smile on his face after seeing Jane starring at the food. And his smile widened at the sight of Jane’s red face.

“Here dear. Fried fish with white sauce, bacon and eggs, ham slices, smashed potatoes and potatoes with lime leaves, fried chicken and a little bit of biriyani rice. Hope you would enjoy eating just like me.” said Aaron and handed her the plate.

“Thank you!” murmured Jane in embarrassment for letting him serve on behalf of her.

While they were eating, they spoke about their hobbies and sports and ended up speaking about computer games. In the meantime they had homemade cheese, ice cream, pineapple pudding, a slice of black forest cake, caramel pudding and chocolate mousse. Afterwards they went back to work.

“Can I see your design?” asked Aaron curiously as he has never seen Jane’s work before.

“I couldn’t bring it up to the standard I want it to be and it needs a bit if touch as well.” said Jane not willing to show her design thinking that Aaron would laugh at her after seeing it.

“Come on… You can go through the codes. I couldn’t complete it but I want you to help me with it.” said Aaron asking for help to complete it. And just after saying that he quickly grabbed hold of the wireless mouse of Jane’s laptop to check her work leaving her with no choice but to check the codes.

Jane accidently closed the codes page while she was going through it. Fortunately Jane knew that the codes were all saved in the desktop. Jane kept on starring at the desktop wallpaper for a long time until Aaron spot her starring and distracted her.

Aaron cleared his throat and distracted Jane. Jane still looked puzzled and surprised after looking at the wallpaper. “I’m sorry.” said Aaron feeling a bit guilty.

“Are you… Do you…” trailed of Jane unable to speak. From her facial expressions Aaron understood what she was trying to ask him.

“Yes darling. I do.” said Aaron and kissed her passionately making her feel dizzy and feel like that she is the happiest girl on earth and finally said “I love you”.

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