Terror in abandoned house

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This is a story about a girl who fell into trouble after going into an abandoned house on Halloween day.

© All copyrights reserved to Kenisha Liyanage.

Submitted: October 23, 2014

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Submitted: October 23, 2014



Halloween according to my English teacher is a day to mark and remember the people who are dead, saints, and martyrs. It is considered that it was originated from Celtic as a harvest festival which then got spread throughout the Western Christianity and non-Christians.

Mr. Hardy is always blabbering about festivals when they come close. The horrible part is when he asks us to write an essay on what so ever festival. For October the essay is on Halloween. A festival themed of using humour and ridicule to confront power of death.

The thing I don't understand is why using horror costumes all the time? I hate it when people carry or has something related to Jack-o'-lantern since it is one of the symbols of Halloween representing the souls of the dead. Why not just let the past be as it is and move forward?

That's the main reason my friend Casey started to through Halloween party on Halloween eve so that every one is dressed in cartoon characters or cute little things that are hilarious comparing to scary costumes. Not even a vampire or witch costume is allowed to be worn by living souls that celebrate the day of remembrance.

As a rule we forbid people to visit graveyards or haunted houses or any scary place, as our philosophy is let the dead see how happy we are and we don't mourn about their death. Why repent about lost souls when you know it's not reversible? That's why we think grownups are not at all grown like us.

I wake up from my dreams when my thoughts are interrupted by the song as long as you love me by Back Street Boys which is my cellular phone ringing tone. I adjourned my train of thoughts and answered the phone without checking the caller-id.

"Hey Livvy! You promised to come one hour before the rest of the people arrive. What happened to you?" asked the feminine voice in the other side of the phone which is immediately recognised as my confidant, Casey.

"Sorry, C. I lost track of time," I replied while my eyes darted to check the time.

"Ooh! So, what were you dreaming about? The new guy?" she teased me as usual.

"Nah. I was just working on Mr. Hardy's new assignment. You know how wide my imagination is," I replied smiling.

"Okay, Livvy. Come soon," she said and hung the phone.

I quickly went to the dresser and grabbed my outfit to get dressed soon.  How can I just ditch my bon amie when she needs my help in arranging all the food?

Food! It makes my mouth watery. Apple candies, gummies, which mostly gummy bears and worms, skittles, apple and almond tarts, peach blossoms, and lot more stuff including cupcakes are waiting for me. I put my costume and grabbed my mobile phone and rushed out to reach my destination point.

After thirty to forty minutes of walk I finally reached Casey's place where the door was already opened. I walked in and went straight to the kitchen as that's the routine on every Halloween day.

"Wow! Looks like someone has chosen to be superman. Wonder who she wants to impress," said Casey slightly banging on me while she tease me.

"I guess, your pet dog. Roger loves to watch superman, you know. He would have loved to see me," I reply beaming at her.

"Very funny!" she exclaimed while chuckling a bit loud than her usual.

While placing all the food items on the table, I noticed that there is a change in the list which Casey always produce as sweets.

"So, why did you add pumpkin tarts? It was not in the list," I said while placing the dish on the table beside apple tarts.

"Just thought of making pumpkin tarts to see how others will react," she replied which drive me suspicious.

"Come on! You can trust me. I'm your amigo," I said looking at her concerned on what her reply will be.

"Sis, do you know what day today is?" just then asked Chris cutting off our conversation.

"Seriously pal! Halloween is celebrated on 31st of October," I replied as I saw Casey rolling her eyes.

"Thanks a lot genius. I'm going to my friend's place. Bye, sis!" he said and went storming out of the room crashing like an aeroplane.

"Nice bro you have," I commented after the door slammed shut as I heard Casey sigh.

We continued to arrange the table without uttering a single word. Just after we finished preparing, people started to flood in and turn the empty house to a full house.

As usual I wondered around and grabbed a cup of tang and went to a corner to observe each individual.

"Hey you! What are you doing here alone?" asked a masculine voice which was so strong.

I turned around to see who has spoken to me and recognised immediately after seeing his face. Wow! I've never heard him speak and neither do I know his name. I didn't realise that I'm staring at him until he spoke up.

"River here," he said breaking down my stream of thoughts.

"River?" I said amused at the word he said. How can a river be here in the middle of the house? He's so out of his mind.

"My name is River, silly. What did you think? The water flowing river?" he asked chuckling sweetly.

"Okay, River then. So, why are you wearing RED contact lenses when it's supposed be funny sort of things you should wear?" I asked changing the subject as I knew that he had the upper hand.

"Oh! I forgot the dress code. Sorry about my attire. I'm just dressed as a gentleman with black suite," he replied without commenting about his iris colour.

"Whatever. Your so weird," I said without thinking and realised later what I said.

Moment ruined! What the hell were you thinking? He's new to school and being nice to you, and you are just being rude and act as a spoilt brat.

"You got that right. Wonderful!" he said making me bemused.

"Excuse me?" I said unable to figure out what he meant.

"Can I show you something? I always wanted to show this to someone, but never found someone who can cope up with it," he said ignoring my question.

"What is it?" I asked plainly showing no emotions.

"It's a place I love to visit. Please come with me. I'd love to show it to you," he said and dragged me out of the house while I was protesting.

"You know, you can't take people where ever you want without their consent?" I asked knowing what the answer is.

"Trust me. You will love this place," he said.

I stared at the window without replying examining the environment. It's always said that cancer sign are those who are very observant. I guess I'm turning out to be a person like Giorgio Armani.

"Just put a not like in Boolean algebra," River said breaking the silence between us. "Can you open the cubbyhole for me?"

I did as he said as he was driving. I found myself staring at a red velvet casing.

"Open it and see. It's for you," he said while driving without even turning to look at me.

"A gold key!" I exclaimed in surprise. I pulled it out from the casing and examined it.

"We are here," he said after killing the engine. 

I stared at the house without lights while River got down and opened my side door.

"Come on. Let's go," he said and guided me.

We walked down to the front door while he held my and tightly so that I can walk steadily as it was pitch dark.

"Use the key I gave you to open it," he said.

I listened to what he said and opened it. He went inside before me and switched in the light. I closed the door behind me and went inside a bit and gazed up at the chandelier. 

The ceiling had painting of all sorts of creatures who looked scary but not that extent. I gazed at river and saw his fangs popped up while he gulped as if he was hungry.

"Are you... you are..." I was unable to fill in the rest of the words as I was terrified.

"I'm a vampire, yes. And I want you," he said and started to approach me.

I ran to my right side as I saw a door leading to a room. I quickly opened the door and ran inside but couldn't find the strength to close it back.

I screamed with terror at the sight of my parents dangling on a rope. They were sliced with a knife and blood was tripping like a rain. River quickly covered my mouth to make sure no one can hear.

I felt something piercing into my skin which made me scream more. The pain was unable to cope. The lost was immense. I closed my eyes as I felt them my eye lids heavy.

"Stop, stop, Livvy. Stop screaming," I heard him say.

I opened my eyes once again and found myself staring into River's eyes. I looked around and found myself seated on a sofa, literally lying on it.

"It's okay. It's just a dream," he said and kissed my forehead.

© Copyright 2018 Kenisha Liyanage. All rights reserved.

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