The Silk Tree World

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It's a short story about how miss use of new technology leads to the distruction of the world.

© All copyrights recerved to the author Kenisha Liyanage

Earth is a planet where lots of humans and animals live. Everyone looks the same apart from physical appearances in every country, region and continent. There is a world hidden from the naked eyes of humans which they don’t have any sort of communication to others. This Island is filled with enchanted human beings living on it. This world was divided into two because of a tyrant ruler who is really short comparing to others.

Brownland is filled with creatures that look like human beings but they have only three toes in their webbed feet.  Their skin colour is green while their eyes are pink. There is a part of this world ruled by a tyrant ruler called Mr Brown, who is also known as the Short guy as he is only tall as a six year old kid in their world.

Silk tree forest is situated in the other part of this world and few kilometres away from a village filled with people who love entertainment and work hard for their living. Mr Maker who is twenty years old, lives in this village.

Mr Maker is an average size man who is considered as a major looser and he gives up all the time if he smells failure in the thin air. He loves to dance and sing all the time if he is not trying to invent something new. He hated the fact that his older brother gets praised by his parents all the time while he gets scolded. He was always considered as a failure by his family until he decided to leave and go with all the things he thought he will need on his journey piled up in his cart including a tent, food and some snacks.

Mr Maker decided to stay near the Silk Tree Forest and close to the chocolate river. The thought of clean, fresh chocolate river water made him so thirsty. And also the valentine chocolate trees near the river make his mouth watery. After he went to his destination, he unloaded the tent and released his full bred donkey. Afterwards he refreshed himself before pitching the tent. He arranged all the items in his tent after pitching it.

Mr Maker decided to retire for the day as he felt so tired after the long journey, pitching the tent and arranging all his things after unloading them one by one. So he settled down and ate some sandwiches prepared by his mother for him. Afterwards he settled down in his ragged clothes filled sleeping mattress and fell asleep.

Mr Maker woke up early in the morning and boiled some chocolate water to have as his morning cup of tea. He had some more sandwiches made by his mother and he went out for a walk.

On his way he saw many trees which he has not seen or heard before. He was surprised to see these trees. He saw a vegetable salad tree, a tomato tree, a metal fruit tree, a needle tree, a cotton tree, a tree with plastic leaves, a meat tree, a cookie tree etc. So he decided to pluck some cookies from the tree to have for lunch and afterwards plucked a metal fruit from the metal fruit tree to take it to his tent to have a look at it.

He observed the metal and through experiments he found out that he can create instruments using them. He found out that a slight increase of average temperature can melt it while in high temperature it will evaporate like water vapour. He was excited to know that he could create instruments and machines easily using metal fruits, so he went and filled his cart with some metal fruits, meat leaves and cookie fruits.

Mr Maker decided to take a different route on his way back home. On his way, he found a fruit tree that tasted like buns. So he decided to take some back home to eat with meat fruit.

After having lunch, Me Maker started to manufacture a large scale sewing machine so that he can use the leaves of the silk tree to make clothes. It took him days to finish his sewing machine. But he was able to make a good, efficiently working machine at the end.

After making the first sewing machine of the entire world, he celebrated his success by making grand food and consuming it all by himself. He made a drink with high concentrate of chocolate which was like drinking liquor to him and he felt his head buzzing and felt dizzy.

The next day he went and plucked some silk leaves, a needle leaf and some cotton leaves. He used cotton leaves as threads and inserted the needle leaf to use it as the needle of his sewing machine. He made a small hole on the needle, so that he an insert the cotton thread through the needle and he started to produce his first piece of cloth.

After making it, he went back to his village to see whether his people will like it. He moved from one place to another singing and dancing to promote his sweater. But he felt that people was not going to but as they didn’t pay any interest or attention but asked him to get lost.

Mr Maker felt sad because no one paid attention to him. He decided to go to the last spot as he planner previously to go. But he doubted the idea of someone liking his sweater. Now he has lost all his hope.

Near the play ground he started to sing, promoting his sweater by describing all aspects of it. He danced around to attract the new generation. As his sweater was made out of pink silk leaves, a little girl stepped forward from the crowd after the first glance she gave on it.

Mr Maker was overjoyed to see little girls gathering around him admiring his sweater and to see the girls fighting for the sweater while the boys wished that the sweater was blue in colour so that they can wear it too. He went happily back to his new home and decided to make more sweaters and sell them to the little ones. So he spent the rest of the day planning his business.

It took him two months to complete hundred sweaters both pink and blue for kids. He was able to make a good profit after selling it within two days. And the best part was that even young adults started to demand for the sweater.

Mr Maker decided to upgrade his sewing machine by making it work by the power generated from the tides of Chocolate River so that he won’t feel tired. He also made some more sewing machines to make the work done within a less number of time spent on each sweater. He tested it for one month to check whether it is successful. As the results were positive, he started to expand his business by making a cutting machine to cut down trees so that he can extract more silk at a less period of time comparing to him going and pilling silk one by one. He had to mix both metal and plastic to make this machine. BY spending three days with hard work, he was able to achieve his goal with a silk leaves sucker to remove silk leaves from each cut down tree.

By the next month he had a profit ten times larger than the usual amount and the quantity demanded for this good started to increase faster because every individual in every age started to demand for his good.

It only took him few months to cut down the entire forest. He didn’t feel sad when he cut down the last silk tree in the forest using the machine he produced using new technology in their area. But it only took one day to feel the rise of temperature and the river water started to evaporate and the metal leaves and the plastic leaves started to melt. When both of them started to melt, it got mixed and created a poisonous gas.

Within the next three days the temperature was unbearable to not only him but also the animals. And also everyone was sick due inhaling the harmful gas. Animals started to go in search of land to stay but they died on their way and then it reduced up to one living being and the only creature in the Silk World died without leaving trace of any existing creatures and announced the extinct of all living beings in the Silk Tree World due to plague and rise of temperature.

Submitted: September 19, 2013

© Copyright 2023 Kenisha Liyanage. All rights reserved.

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N. C. Ferrao

This story was really good. It started off in a nice way and towards the end, left me feeling sad. He should have known better than chopping off all the trees. your story did leave us a good moral and I feel it should be read by everyone. Loved this one ;)

Mon, September 23rd, 2013 5:51pm


Thank you Niki for reading it. Glad to know that you liked it.

Tue, September 24th, 2013 6:36am


This story is really beautifully written :) It's wonderful how you described the way he made all those sweaters for the little kids and sold them was really nice of him. The description of the chocolate river and everything...just AMAZING dear. His whole journey was very interesting to read from starting till the end. A like from me definitely. Sweet story~

Tue, September 24th, 2013 8:54pm


Thank you for your sweet comment. Glad to see that you liked that story. It sounds a bit weird though to have metal trees, chocolate rivers etc. Thank you for reading it...

Wed, September 25th, 2013 8:07am

Charlotte Miller

A really nice fairytale type story with a strong environmental message. Great job!

Fri, September 27th, 2013 10:02am


Thank you Charlotte for reading it. Good to see that you liked it.

Fri, September 27th, 2013 9:01am


Great work! Thank you for entering and results will be up October 2nd or 3rd! :)

Sat, September 28th, 2013 6:37pm


Thank you for reading...

Sat, September 28th, 2013 6:16pm

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