The strange lover

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This is a story about a young girl and a boy...

Submitted: December 07, 2013

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Submitted: December 07, 2013



It’s a very lonely day as all my siblings have gone to their friends’ places while I’m stuck at home. I decided to walk to the park as I have nothing to do at home even though it is cold outside and as her parents had gone to France for a seminar conducted by a branch of the hospital they are working for.

The roads are all white in colour while some people rake and remove snow in their driveway. Lydia observed her surrounding and felt disappointed to see the status of the pond and she sat on a bench after wiping the snow on it.

No calls from birds and flights like in summer. All around the sky its gloomy during the night-time and not as beautiful as summer. All my favourite flowers has disappeared from the earth and no colour but white everywhere. Thought Lydia and sighed at the thought.

Lydia observed little kids playing gay with their family members. The snowmen little kids make looks so funny but still they at least enjoy the winter unlike her. It took a while for her to take off her eyes on the children who play with glee and notice a group of grownup guys entering the park. Just after they came everyone left the surrounding one by one as it was getting dark.

Why the hell is that man making a snowman on his own? He must be mad to think that he is a little kid. Thought Lydia to herself and observed the man.

Lydia felt a cold substance touching on her soft skin. Lydia jerked as it was involuntary reaction and she looked up to see the group of man. Even though Lydia wanted to scream out loud, she was so panicked that she felt her throat burning and could not even speak.

“What do you think you are doing? She is my property not yours. Get your filthy hands off her.” said a man all of a sudden startling Lydia. She turned around to see the man who was making the snowman standing only few centimetres away from her.

“I am no one’s property. How dare you claim me as your property when you have never met me before in your life?” questioned Lydia angrily facing the man who was about blast with rage.

“See, even the girl understands about it. Just leave her to us. We are the ones who need her. Not you filthy monster trying to claim this girl.” replied a man in the group.

“Don’t worry about that. I will not let you touch her.” replied the rude man who made the snowman again who tried to claim her.

“Hey sis, what the hell are you doing with a group of boys? I was surprised to find you not at home when I came back from Rick’s place.” said Lydia’s brother feeling a bit angry to find her sister all alone with a group of men.

“She won’t be coming with you. So you better get lost you freaking idiot.” yelled back another man from the group.

“How dare you speak to me like that? And my sister will go right now with me.” said Lydia’s brother and he grabbed Lydia’s hand and pulled her close to him. Just then he was snatched back by the group.

“This will pay you right.” replied a man in the group and bit Lydia’s brother and started to drink the blood while another man cut his throat and drank from the opened veins.

In the meantime the man who claimed her as his property lifted her and threw her on his shoulder and started to run fast.

“You won’t get away from us that easily you filthy idiot.” yelled another man in the group and started to follow them.

But fortunately Lydia and the man were able to find a safe place away from them as he was so fast which startled Lydia for the fact that she felt that he is faster than a cheetah.

“Who are you? What do you want from me? Why did you save my life?” questioned Lydia without waiting for his reply to her first question and she asked all the questions in one breath.

“I’m Max Tuner and I saved you because you are mine. I meant it there and I mean it when I tell you too.” replied Max, the man who claimed her as his property.

“I don’t belong to you, YOU MONSTER. How dare you try to claim me. What are you? Another filthy blood sucking vampire?” asked Lydia nearly screaming at him furiously.

“Yes, I am a vampire but I know how to control my blood thirst unlike them. And you do belong to me sweetheart. You are my soul mate.” replied Max and held out his hand offering her thinking she might take it as he was her soul mate according to his words.

“What meaningless words is that? Don’t you understand that soul mates are there only in fantasy world?” replied Lydia still furious.

“It exists in our world darling. Don’t you consider vampires in fantasy as well in your world?” questioned Max smiling from ear to ear.

“Ok, we do smart ass. But still I won’t believe you unless you have proof.” replied Lydia trying to convince herself that he is lying to her.

“Didn’t you feel connected to me or at least like you have known me for a long time of period?” questioned Max looking deep into Lydia’s eyes noticing her brown eyes were sparkling.

“Fine I did. Anyway thank you for saving my life dear. It’s getting let anyway so I have to get back home.” said Lydia trying to avoid the rest of the conversation as she was sure that she will have to admit that she loves him and she is heads over heel now.

“I will walk you down and drop you safe back home. Come, it’s getting late and it’s not safe for a lovely lady like you to walk in the dark cold night.” said Max and took her hand while she led the way.

“Hey, tomorrow we have a Christmas party at our place. It’s my sister’s one actually but I would love to see you. Please come and spend time with me.” asked Lydia and felt so happy that Max agreed to her even though she gave short notice to him.

The next day Max comes to the party wearing simple clothing but he looks so hot and handsome. Lydia couldn’t take her eyes off him when she saw him approaching to their house while she was standing on the balcony.

“Hi beautiful. Wow! You look so good in that red dress.” suddenly some called out near Lydia’s ear and when Lydia turned back she saw Max. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to tell anything as Max kissed Lydia’s lips just after she turned.

“How did you get in here? I just saw you in my driveway not even one minute ago.” said Lydia looking surprised.

“Did you forget that I am vampire and that I can climb trees honey?” said Max smirking at Lydia making her laugh out loud. “Come let’s go downstairs. People might feel suspicious if you stay here for a long time.”

Lydia guided the way downstairs while Max followed her examining the house. Lydia straightaway took Max to the table where beverages were kept and asked whether he wants to drink something.

“Nah, it’s okay. I don’t want to drink anything. But I don’t mind trying to taste the sprite you are holding.” replied Max and took the cup which Lydia offered.

“Come let’s go to somewhere quite. Or maybe let’s go to my room. My sister saw us together so she might understand why I’m not staying downstairs.” said Lydia and started to pull Max leading the way by holding his hand.

“Are you sure honey? But pre-warning dear, I’m a very bad boy.” said Max giving a wicked smile to Lydia.

“Oh really Mr.! You think I’m not a naughty girl when it comes to you? Come on, I want to know more about you.” said Lydia while she paved the way to her room.

After an hour’s time came some screams out loud distracting and disturbing Lydia and Max while they were having fun together talking and kissing each other.

“Lydia, you better pack some clothes quickly.” suddenly said Max startling Lydia.

“Why what’s wrong? What is happening?” questioned Lydia.

“There’s no time to explain all of it. Quick pack something. I have to take you somewhere safe.” replied Max shortly urging her.

“Mummy!” screamed out Lydia when Max got her down from her window as she saw her mother bleeding on the driveway while parts of her body was missing and looked as if someone has taken her as a snack.

“No time for that baby. We got to hurry.” said Max and lifted Lydia and ran to his truck and made her sit next to the driver’s seat and buckled the belt as she was crying.

What am I going to do now? Everything went bad since the day we met. How am I suppose to explain her about the zombies who attacked and gate crashed the party? Thought Max and decided to talk to Lydia.

“Are you okay baby? It was a zombie. Hope you have heard about it before?” said Max lifting her and placing her on his lap and he cuddled her.

“Why it’s always me? First the vampires attack my brother and then the zombies kill my mother and sister leaving only my father who is in France.” cried Lydia sobbing loud while Max felt a knife stabbing deep into his heart.

“I don’t know baby. But at least you have me now. Come let me give you something to eat. Your tummy’s scolding you saying that you didn’t give him food.” said Max making Lydia laugh a bit.

Lydia calmed down after a while and ate the food Max gave her to eat. She then looked into Max’s eyes still filled with tears.

“Why darling? Are you feeling okay now?” questioned Max looking into Lydia’s watery eyes.

“Will you be there for me for the rest of my life?” asked Lydia staring back into Max’s gold eyes.

“Of course sweetheart I will be there for you until I die. You mine and only mine baby girl!” said Max and gave a bear hug while kissing Lydia vigorously making her chuckle out loud.


Author's note:

  • Max is a vampire who has power to affect and change other people's feelings including vampires.
  • Lydia and Max feel connect to each other and Lydia knows that he is the one god madde for her from first sight.
  • Lydia is living in a area close to a forest where terrifying creatures rule including vampires, werewolves and zombies.

© Copyright 2018 Kenisha Liyanage. All rights reserved.

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