Winter Queen

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A story about Santa's Christmas gift to a girl...

© All copyrights reserved to Kenisha Liyanage

Submitted: December 15, 2013

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Submitted: December 15, 2013



“Samantha Cross I let you stay here anymore. You are such a terrible child” yelled her mother at Samantha.

“I’m so sorry mom but it’s so cold out here. And I’m starving.” replied Samantha in a tone that suggested that she was begging for an apology.

“What do you expect Samantha? It’s winter for god’s sake. Please don’t eat food without giving your brothers and sisters. If you ever get caught again I will whip your butt.” threatened her mother and stormed to the kitchen angrily.

Samantha sat next to the fire and threw open the curtain window and looked at their neighbour’s house. Why couldn’t I be born in a very big mansion like house? What’s the sin I did to live like this? Know diners every day like them. No close relations to come and visit for Christmas or a yummy rich food spread in more than one table. Samantha sighed and wiped her tears that were going down her cheek. She finally drew the curtain closed and went to her bedroom.

“Sam, are you okay? You look dreadful.” asked her little sister while she was going out of her bedroom.

“Yes, I’m okay. Just a bad headache.” replied Samantha and coughed a bit and entered her bedroom giving an assured smile to her little sister.

Samantha cuddled herself in her bed and pulled the blanket and cried making a little noise so that no one would realise that she is not actually sleeping but crying. She felt the whole world falling and crushing her head. She fell into sleep crying thinking how unlucky she is compared to the boy living next door and when she woke up it was a new day.

“Mom, I’m going out to get some fresh air. Is there anything I need to buy?” cried out Samantha before she opened the front door.

“Are you mad my dear? It’s cold outside. You might get your cold worse.” replied her mother which Samantha ignored.

Snowflakes landed over Samantha nose which she brushed away while she went sniffing. It was her habit to go near the next door house and wonder how the mansion has been built as she lived in a cottage.

“Hello my dear. Aren’t you feeling cold outside?” suddenly cried out a strange voice startling Samantha.

Samantha felt shocked and could not speak nor think for a while until the owner of the voice approached to her opening the front door.

“Hello. You must be our next door girl. I have spotted you looking at our house.” said a boy smiling at her.

Samantha did not know what to say. She felt her cheeks going red due to embarrassment and she felt that her throat was set on fire. “Ah hmm” was the only thing that Samantha could say so she looked at the ground.

“Oh, my dear! Aren’t you feeling cold.” said the boy’s father looking at Samantha and noticing that she is not wearing winter clothes nor wearing and footwear. “You better get inside. Let’s have a friendly chat since we never get to know each other even though you are neighbours. We know all about our other neighbours.”

The boy gestured Samantha to sit at a round table and he lit up the fire before drawing himself a seat.

“What did you say your name was again?” asked the boy from Samantha giving a questioning and a bit of a puzzled look.

“I didn’t say my name. But my name is Samantha. Most of the people call me Sam. What’s yours?” asked Samantha from him.

“My name is Justin.” replied Justin shortly.

A moment silence went between each other making Justin feel like it is an awkward silence. Therefore he started to make conversation with her again.

“So which school do you go to? I have never seen you in my school.” asked Justin from Samantha.

“Oh! I was I mean I am home schooled. So is my sisters and brothers.” replied Samantha looking down at the table.

Justin turned around hearing footsteps and saw his father approaching the table holding a big tray. The tray was full of delicious food items and a warm cup of coffee which you can see the hot steam going into the air from the cup. Justin’s father placed the cup of coffee next to Samantha and served her Christmas cake.

“Oh thank you.” replied Samantha and slowly started to eat the cake.

After taking few bites from the Christmas cake Samantha started to cough. Unfortunately when she tried to drink coffee she found it very hot so she had no way to stop her cough.

“Do you want to use the toilet?” asked Justin’s father.

Samantha nodded as she was unable to speak as she was covering her mouth using her hand.

“Justin, why don’t you show our guest the way? Don’t abandon her and come like you did last Christmas.” said Justin’s father reminding him a past event.

“This way.” said Justin pointing to the way.

Samantha went in and spit out what was inside her mouth and coughed a bit. After a few minutes she started to cough out loud and spit her saliva out. 

Justin felt a bit suspicious as to what it takes so long for Sam so he decided to poke his nose into the toilet as Sam only closed the door halfway.

“Oh my god! Daddy! Come quickly! Hurry!” screamed Justin.

“What is it?” replied Justin’s father and paced quickly to where Justin was standing.

“Come here dear.” said Justin’s father and lifted her and carried to a room while Justin followed his father.

“What am I supposed to do?” asked Justin from his father not knowing what to do.

“You go and call her mother while I take care of her.” replied his father.

After a few minutes her mother came to take her home. Justin showed her way to the room where Sam was and helped her mother to take her home.

“Here, ask her to take this medicine after food. The instructions are mentioned on the envelope. And the details are mentioned in the letter.” said Justin’s father handing over the things to Sam’s father.

“Thank you so much Doctor Jackson. I’m so sorry that she troubled you so much. She is naughty.” said Samantha’s mother and left their mansion.

Samantha fell asleep after taking her medicines and only woke up the next day which is 25th of December.

“Mom, what is wrong with me? My chest hurts so badly.” said Samantha coughing out loud.

“You have got that dreadful disease darling. Just ignore. Here, I made some pancakes with white flour.” replied her mother and gave her the food.

“White flour! How did you find white flour?” asked Samantha but her mother ignored and continued to sort out the medicine when she saw Doctor and Justin coming in.

“Hi! Sam how do you feel now?” asked Justin giving her a little gift.

“I feel awful. MY whole chest heart and...” trailed off Samantha seeing her mother’s looks.

“That’s natural for Tuberculosis dear. Just calm down and eat well and have a good sleep.” replied Justin calmly smiling at her trying to assure her that everything will go all right.

“What did you say? I got what?” asked Samantha sounding more like she was demanding.

“I call it TB dear. Didn’t your mother tell you?” asked Justin curiously.

“No.” said Samantha and started to cough again.

Samantha’s mother quickly brought a bucket and handed it to Samantha while she spat blood into it.

“Are you okay?” asked Justin feeling so bad.

“Hmm.” replied Samantha and rested her head on the pillow and took a deep breath. “I guess this is the present Santa wanted to give me this Christmas.” said Samantha looking at Justin and closed her eyes.

“Come on Justin. Let her rest.” said Justin’s father and pulled him from his collar.

“But dad!” argued Justin and looked at Samantha. “She looks pale now. Is she okay?” asked Justin from his father.

“Let me see.” said his father and checked her temperature. “She is cold now. Let me check her pulse. Oh god!” cried out his father.

“Why what’s wrong dad?” asked Justin. “Is she all right?”

“No dear. She’s gone.” replied his father in soft sad tone and closed her whole body from the bed sheet she was covering herself.

© Copyright 2019 Kenisha Liyanage. All rights reserved.

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