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My encounter with Peyote.

Submitted: October 25, 2010

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Submitted: October 25, 2010



It was all but an unusual day. I woke up, ate a few termites, and took my prosac.

Everything was in place, the odd body was still laying on the couch, ET was still dancing in the tv, and the moldy bread was still being consumed by maggots.

 Like i had said, Nothing unusual...

 After consuming my breakfast i decided i would go out and play tetris...

While rearaging a large variety of blocks to get a 5x combo i realised i forgot to water the zombies that i had planted 2 decades ago so i crawled home to do so.

When i got home the most odd thing happened... I went to go get a gallon of gasoline in the garage to fuel the zombies and as i came out there was dozens of birds flying in somewhat of an odd shape. A geometric patern of some sort.

They were singing to me.

Quickly to ease the fear of the singing birds i popped a few xanex and swallowed them down with a large gulp of gasoline. But i was still panicking... If that wasn't bad enough some very eccentric looking dog-garilla came to me...

He had told me there was a message of importance. The creature had the strangest look on his face, almost like he was going to kill me and feed me to the catapilars...

 He had looked me dead in the eye and told me,

"Son, you must run! Run for your life because peyote is coming to take it away! He wants your rainbow and will do anything to get it, you must run!"

Immediatly i ran, i had never known i could run before, for i only had 4 legs but i did it! I ran and ran until a large airbike flew right into me, knocking me out cold.

 It was then that i woke up at my pet elephants mother's house to find out it was all just a bad dream.


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