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A soul is able to switch from "the fake" physical world to "the real" spiritual world.

Submitted: July 09, 2012

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Submitted: July 09, 2012




My eyes move from side to side as my vessel is in "stand by" being medicated from the past exploration.

I am now in "the real".

I coast multicolored motionless waves, as hypnotized known faces sail past.

Although they will soon return to "the fake" as all inevitibly wake.

For they are mere visitors, visiting themselves.

They return to "the fake" in unawares of themselves.

Even I will return soon.

My time is almost up.

I am transported to "the fake".

But wait!

I am also in "the real"?

I have knowledge.

I must tell everyone.

I take the stairs to the main level of "the fake".

Wandering sleepers croud the alienized world.

Thats what it is, I am awake in a world of sleepers.

I am love in a world of hatred.

I am enlightened in a world of unenlightened.

I am GOD in a world of followers.

But they wouldn't listen, for I now understand that they are not ready to understand.

I take the stairs back up to the hights of heaven.

I take the window elevator for a sudden luanch into "the real".

Am I stuck?


My life has just begun...

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