The Terrible Times of Two

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If you want to read a happy story then this is not a good book to read. This book contains terrible times for two young children. After their parents die they soon go to live with a stranger named Veronica. But realize she is evil and is trying to steal their fortune. The two children wish they had never stepped foot on the boat that killed their parent . This is a soon to be series.

Submitted: March 03, 2017

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Submitted: March 03, 2017



The Terrible Times of Two.

By: Kennedy


Inspired by The Series of Unfortunate Events


Chapter 1

If you are looking for a happy end it would be a great time to put this book down and read a different story, this book does not say ‘’and they lived happily ever after’’, if you want a book like that please put this book down and read a fairytale. But it is my job to tell this story about the Janz’s.  

This is a series of unfortunate times for two young children. They had imagined this moment many times, but never expected it to happen. The two Janz children, Hudson and Roxanne were both incredibly smart kids. Hudson the oldest, with the age of 14, was ‘’the inventor of the family’’. He was very good with mechanical things, and loved creating new inventections! Roxanne the youngest, was 12. Unlike most kids her age, Roxanne has read many books and knew a lot of very long words. The Janz family lived in a very large mansion, they all have large rooms custom to their likings. But this story starts the morning the Janz family were going on vacation. They were going to a far away island on a cruise boat.

“Are we there yet?” Roxanne asked.

“Nope”, Hudson answered, “we still have plenty of time to work on our invention”. Hudson grabbed his long wood boards and some other materials. Roxanne sat down beside him.

As the two children worked on their invention, The Janz parents headed down the stairs into the basement of the ship. They had to protect the children and the ones they loved. The father took out his spyglass and studied the objects carefully. While the mother looked around the room for anything strange, until they found it the thing they have been looking for.


Chapter 2

The boat started to tip, it had tipped a lot before but this time the edge went into the water. Water rushed into the boat covering the floor, people started screaming and running around the boat. Hudson grabbed the hammer and some nails and hammered the boards together. The boat start sinking faster, more and more water rushed in.

“Go get mom and dad”, Hudson yelled to Roxanne.

“No, i’m not leaving you, come with me”.

Roxanne and Hudson ran around the boat looking for their parents. Hudson carrying the wooden plank. As they were looking for their mom and dad, Roxanne heard a ‘CLANG’. She turned around and saw a small object rolling off the boat. Roxanne ran and grabbed it, she had seen it before, it looked like some kind of spyglass. Out of the corner of her eye she saw her parents at the top of the basement stairs. They nodded and waved good-bye. Then the two parents were gone.


Chapter 3

“Roxanne”, yelled Hudson.

“I'm right here”, Roxanne yelled back.

The two children spotted each other.

“ Put the boards on the water, and jump on.” Roxanne told her brother. “What about mom and dad?” Hudson asked.

“ just do it, I read a book about the day we left.”

Hudson laid the boards carefully, so they wouldn't float away, and jumped on. Roxanne jumped on after him. The boards started floating away. The two young children looked back and saw the last tip of the boat cover up by water.

“Where will we go?” Roxanne asked.

“We will go home” answered Hudson. “where we can take care of each other.” he added.

 Chapter 4


Roxanne and Hudson Janz woke up with a fright. They had reached shore, two days after the boat sank. The children recognized the beach immediately. They had went here many times as a family.

“Where are mom and dad?” asked Hudson.

“They’re gone and will never come back.” replied Roxanne. The Janz’s huddled together crying, not paying any attention to their surroundings, until they saw a figure in the mist. The children got up and looked at the figure. The strange figure kept on walking towards them.

“Who is that?” Roxanne asked.

“I don’t know.” Hudson replied. “Not anyone we know.”

The figure was so close to them now, they could see the small smirk on the face on a tall woman. The woman’s hair was neatly combed and tied into a small bun on the top of her hair.

“Hello children, I have heard about your parents and the boat, you two are the only ones to survive, you know.”

She smiled at the children.

“How would you like to stay at my house until one of your relatives comes and picks you up?”

“why can’t we go home and live there? Hudson asked.

“ because you are too young to go and live by yourselves.” the woman said.

The two children looked at each other, then at the strange woman. Then at each other once again, and did a very small nod.

“Ok we will come with you, but may we go look at our house and get some stuff one more time?” Hudson asked.

“Oh of course, we should probably get going though.” the stranger replied.

The young woman took the children home to get their stuff.


Chapter 5

“Wow, I can’t believe we’re leaving our home to go live with a stranger” Roxanne said to her brother.

“ I know right, but if we really are too young, then where else would we go?” Hudson replied

“ I don’t know. Maybe to a relative.” Roxanne sighed.

The children packed their stuff and walked out to the car, but before getting in, the children stopped and looked at each other.

“Got everything?” the woman asked.

“I think so.” the Janz’s replied.

“Great let’s go.”

“Wait before we go, we need to know what to call you.” Hudson said.

“oh, right. You can call me Veronica.” the woman replied.


Chapter 6

“Nerveux and effrayé. Are the french words for nervous and scared. These two words describe the feelings the children were having right now. They are nervous about moving to a new home, with a new person, without their parents… they are nervous about the strange woman taking them away. They were scared about leaving their real home, their parents, and everything they had. They were scared that Veronica was this really evil person that would take all their money and run. She would never go to jail and the two children would be homeless. I’m sorry to tell you, but the children's guess was very close.


Chapter 7

“Welcome to my wonderful home!”  Veronica said smiling.
The children looked around the room, then at each other, then at the room once more, and smiled.

“Let me show you around” Veronica said.

“The large kitchen, the dining room, the bathroom, the living room, the library, my bedroom, that you will NEVER enter, and last but not least, your room. Veronica smiled.

“You notice here how I used YOUR room. Not your ROOMS. This stats the children would have to share a room. Which is clearly not a problem. The children do not mid sharing rooms, they do not mind at all. But the state of the room is completely different.”

The two children walked into the room, put down their bags and took a quick stare. This room was unlike the rest of the house. This room was muddy and dusty with one small bed in the middle.

“Wow thanks!” Hudson said. Half not meaning it.

“No problem.” Veronica said happily.

“By the way we are going to the bank tomorrow.”

Veronica smirked on her way out, leaving the children in the muddy old room by themselves.



Chapter 8

“Well that was unexpected.” Roxanne said looking at her brother.

“Tell me about it.” Hudson sighed

“Well at least we have a roof over our heads.” Roxanne added.

“But don’t you think it’s a little strange we are going to the bank tomorrow?” Hudson asked.

“No, why is that strange?” Roxanne asked looking puzzled.

“Maybe Veronica wants to steal our money before we realise she’s evil.” said Hudson.

“Well that could be true, but what money?” Roxanne asked still puzzled.

“Mom and dad left behind a large fortune when they died.” Hudson answered.

“Oh that make sense, maybe i’ll go checkout the library to see if it’s legal.” Roxanne replied.

“Ok i’m going to bed. If you need me.”

Hudson got ready for bed while his sister walked to the library. Roxanne found lot’s that night, almost as much that would be taken away from her the next day.


 Chapter 9


The next day…


“Morning children, are you ready to go to the bank”? Veronica asked.

“You don’t want to keep me waiting.”

“We should probably go” Roxanne said.

“Ya, but did you find anything useful last night in the library’?” asKed Hudson.

“Yup, I’ll tell you on the way”.

The Janz’s ran downstairs into the car.


*** ***


“Now children, if you don't do exactly what I say, you are going to wish you were never born.” Veronica told them.

“ok.” Roxanne sighed.

The two children walked into the bank beside Veronica. The Janz’s were very nerveux. Nerveux again being the french word for nervous. Nervous that Veronica, the stranger they had only met the other day was going to take all their money.


Chapter 10

“How may I help you?” The kind lady at the desk asked.

See here how I used the word “kind” as saying the lady at the desk looked nice and polite. But think again because not everyone that looks nice is a kind, good person. Like Veronica for example, a stranger on the street might think Veronica was a very nice kind hearted person but the two Janz’s children both knew Veronica was an evil person that liked money and wanted to steal their fortune.

“Hello, these are my children, and they have some money in their account, that is needed to be put into mine”, Veronica said smiling. Of course not making eye contact with the children.

“Alright, how much”? The lady asked

“All of it, every single dollar.” Veronica said.

“And what are they names?”

“The tall boy is Hudson and the pretty one is Roxanne.”

“Hudson and Roxanne, those are the names in the daily newspaper.”

the man next in line said.

The man looked at the children. They even look the same.”

“That's because we are the children in the daily news and she (pointing at Veronica) is not our mother!” Hudson cried.


Chapter 11

“Don’t be silly, the children have had a very tough week and are a bit grumpy.” Veronica said.

“Oh, of course.” the lady at the desk said.

“Let's just get this done shall we.” Veronica said.

“We shall.” the lady said

“Not so fast.” the man next in line said. “I’m calling the police.”

“Oh, that won’t be necessary.” Veronica said. “I’ll take my money and go.”

“No you won’t.” The man said.

“I would be grumpy too, if my parents died, I got kidnapped by a stranger and someone almost stole all my money.” said the man.

The man pulled out a badge and said, “I’m undercover, I stay at the bank at day looking for crimes. You, Veronica Ovcharenko are going to jail, and these two children will find a nice new home.”

Suddenly the lights turned off, everyone was quiet.

“Who turned off the lights?’’ the man asked.

No one answered……….

Roxanne felt a hand touch on her shoulder and heard Veronica's voice whisper in her ear, “I will get your fortune no matter what happens, you will never escape me.”

The lights turned back on and Veronica and the lady at the desk were gone.  

© Copyright 2019 Kennedy. All rights reserved.

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