The never ending truth

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I wrote this basically to express the way I personally feel about existence on a daily basis. I wrote this a few months ago and honestly, its my favorite poem. I'm really exited to hear what you have to think about, so please leave me a comment:)

Submitted: September 13, 2014

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Submitted: September 13, 2014



Everyday is a stress,

a gentle mess,quite possibly a test.

A hurricane of pain,with little gain,

sometimes I just go insane.

As the story goes,

I watched the river of memories from the past fly by;

like a drive by I've been shot in the chest.

Before I knew it you're watching me undress.

I'm naked now,

completely bare.

Is it time to share?

Get a little more close?

Na it's a hoax.

It's a scheme, it's a lie.

Still I try ,same shit different day goes flying by...

sometimes I wonder why?

Or better yet who?

Is it you?

No its me;

and that's way I gently cry myself...

Too sleep. ..

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