Loveless Of The Hopeless Romantic By Kenneth James

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this poem i wrote on how i currently feel with love at this moment of my life i prayer it ain't forever but one cannot truly say
but more or less this poem is about me thinking about why can't i find love and also giving up on love
theres a lot more to say but really not wanting post it publicly but if one has interest i would be happy to tell you in message etc

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012



Loveless Of The Hopeless Romantic


I'm so lonely I could cry

I don't want to be alone when I die

Why can't I find that one

At least have someone

Someone to cuddle at night

Staring into her eyes with that feeling of her soul filled sight

To some love is all but a dream

To me its nothing but a dream

NO....its nothing but a nightmare

When no woman gives me a care

Wanting men who hit them with hands that are bare

Its not fair

I'm a gentle man

A man who has the heart and not the fists for a woman

I'm a gentleman

A man who has respect and manners and maturity to match that woman

But yet my heart weeps inside me

For that's all it will ever be

Weeps with its tears of sorrows blood

Pumping inside me living for tomorrows good

Others say never being in love is a blessing apparently

With all that freedom and stress free

Doubt it please, for its more torture being lonely

So much freedom its unhealthy

Why can't I get that love?

What am I doing so wrong?

I just can't wait forever long

Even if I did, she would be gone

For I am cursed for any woman I soon have feelings upon

Soon becomes attach to another man with lust at their core

And I'd be at the side feeling the heart sore

I might aswell give up on being the perfect womans lover

For love is something I will now never discover



Kenneth James

© Copyright 2019 Kenneth James. All rights reserved.

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