Giving In

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I wrote this one a long time ago now. It's about peer pressure, doing something or acting a certain way that goes against your ideals, or degrades you in some way for others. I suppose everyone can probably relate to that at some point, especially in those high school years.

Submitted: February 05, 2015

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Submitted: February 05, 2015



Now it's bleeding through your wall.

You've made a mistake, and your moral agendas crumble.

Watch them fall.

You look on, with your blood shot little eyes.

Wondering how you could have been so easily compromised.

I had integrity you think, but here you are.

Your flesh ripped open wiating to scar.

They beat you down.

Painted up your face like a clown and had you dance around.

Spit on all you considered sacred and had you join in.

Licking your lips habitually, nervous with sin.

Was it all just to fit in?

Feeling so dirty now, a shameful face among the crowd.

Gripping to your sides.

It flies away like a balloon your pride.

Memories like ghosts laughing in a hounted house.

Your conscience shrinking like a mouse.

Try to forget it all and fix it now.

Must be smarter raise your brow.

So next time all in all.

You don't let it bleed through your wall.

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