Sexual Identity

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This a poem I had written for my human sexuality class about sexual identity. Surprisingly it turned out pretty well and didn't read like an assignment, so I figured I would post it to share with yall.

Submitted: February 05, 2015

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Submitted: February 05, 2015



Blooming open catching fire.
Suddenly filled with desire.
Feelings emerged where before were only whispers.
Turned into clumsy fumbling lispers.
One another’s eyes do twinkle,
But sometimes for those who are forbidden.
Forbidden to lust for the same,
Need to play everyone else’s game.
Some dream of love so perfect deep.
Dreams escape and grow feet,
And run around even when not asleep.
Others know only lust,
And seek the penetrating thrust.
Releasing energies is a must.
Some are glued together.
While others hang on a tether.
Fly like a bird from tree to tree.
Still others nest and push away what could be.
And as we age we learn more like a sage.
Channeling our boiling hazy crave.
Some like feet or balloons.
Deviance emerges from their cocoons.
While others lose or take all control.
Feel like nothing beneath their sole.
And violence permeates the pleasure.
Silky skin holds it all together.
Hands plunged into the muck.
Some flaunt while others duck.
What once burns changes no matter your luck.
To each his own when it comes to how you fuck.
Can take a lifetime to understand,
A trip that scorches like wandering across vast sands.




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