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Hanging on every word you say, like a noose coiled tightly against my throat, as the bottom of our jeans glide roughly along the pavement to relieve the thought of always being broke. Sickly starving the senses slowly as she's staring so discretly as to say the sentance never stays the same. But to counteract the latter would only flatter the next two faster so just let the fever stare into the blame. It's better to be selfish than to lose the selflessness that ties us all together like the noose that has brought upon my doom. But to fall in love alone is to fall apart so soon cause iv'e been feeling like a social joke in front of you. Added to the fact that it seems I can't look past the longlasting fact that you've lost your way in bloom. It only helps to think it's clearer as the thought of that gets nearer to the reason that was brought upon so soon.

Submitted: March 22, 2011

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