Rolling in the dough

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My opinion on a painting by Michael Godard, "rolling in the dough"

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013




Rolling in the Dough


Michael Godard is a world renowned artist; whose paintings are displayed to many by means of hotels, cruise lines, and televisions.  The officials at the Pentagon conveniently found a spot in the officer’s lounge for his paintings, which symbolizes the mass appeal of his art.  Surprisingly, he is currently the best-selling artist in the United States, known as the “Rock Star of the Art World”.  Aside from his countless accolades; Godard uses his artwork to expose his own bad habits, which no human can deny having.  The painting “Rolling in the Dough”, exemplifies Godard’s unique ability to beautifully create subjective metaphors with rich colors and humor.  


Godard’s extensive use of olives personified as humans is a constant theme throughout his paintings, which add life and humor to them.  Since his visual metaphors are subjective, one may assume that an “olive” visually represents the words “I Love”, while another may see “All of” do to the fact that they have similar soundings when spoken.  When looking at this painting, one may argue that the painter is saying “I love rolling in dough”, simply because there is an olive rolling in the dough.  With arms folded and motion lines trailing behind, the olive appears to be having a great time tumbling over the chocolate chip cookie dough.  Godard chose to depict a piece of fruit having displeasure with a sign, showing the steps to rolling in dough.  One of the rules says “make a martini”, which excluded the other fruit from rolling in dough since martinis are served with olives.


Dough is a well-known slang term for money.  On the sign in this picture, the word “Step” is spelled with a “$” instead of an “S”.  Rolling in dough indicates enough money is present that one could roll around in it, which is often used when describing someone with a lot of money.  In this picture, some of the dough was used to make a cookie, which metaphorically is the same as saying some money was used.  The curve on the dough from the olive rolling in it shows the dough is not flattened yet.  The ingredients used to make dough are flour and water, which are illustrated in the background of this painting.  Placement of a bag of flour and a measuring cup with water in the background could be Godard saying, “I can always make dough”. 


Not only is money portrayed as dough, a one hundred dollar bill is shown in this picture by Michael Godard.  The entire theme of “Rolling in the Dough” is about money, which is why money is rightfully displayed in the center of the painting.  The placement of the one hundred dollar in the center of this piece may indicate the value of money to some.  However, on the other end of the spectrum, the placement of the one hundred dollar bill in the center could indicate “money is the root of evil”.  The one hundred dollar bill was also personified by showing gestures and holding a microphone.  The right hand of the one hundred dollar bill is extended with the palm upward, almost displaying a sense of comfort.  The left hand of the one hundred dollar bill is holding a microphone.  A common cliché is “money talks”.  With a one hundred dollar bill holding a microphone in his right hand as if he were speaking, Godard visually captured the cliché “money talks”.  The casual-slouching position of the one hundred dollar bill could make one believe money is “cool” or relaxing.  The base of the martini glass has dollar signs on it, also indicating money.


Like most artwork, the meaning is subjective to the person experiencing the art.  Michael Godard is excellent in giving his paintings many ways to be interpreted.  The olives bring life to his colorful artwork, while offering an option for deeper consideration.  The dough used in this painting gives this piece purpose and meaning by representing the title and symbolizing the terminology associated with it.  A one hundred dollar bill placed in the center of this piece indicates to some the view of money in society, or the location money compared to evil.  Michael Godard used “Rolling in the Dough” to demonstrate his talent of visual metaphors.

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