the last goodbye

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what are you doing ?

nothing, you

the same .

this is how it was their conversation,deep down they were passionly in love with each other

their eyes when they met were shining, their souls were speaking without saying anything

they were together even they don't see each other everyday, or talk or stay in the same place.

she was pretty , innocent lady with dirty imagination,weird,she has a sense of humor, smart-ass

even when you try to get to know her very well you can't, she was different.

And he, he was that poplur guy, cool,hot , with a long hair and dark eyes, he act like he own


but there was only one thing that makes them feel too close from each other it was silence ...

few people will understand what silence does mean and what's the secret behind that...

he didn't care about love, hapiness,or even enjoying the moment, his true love was a game

that he plays everyday without begin bored,and she was like him, she wasn't intrested in

anyone or anything, she just wanted to leave this town as soon as possible...

one day, it was raining and she was at the restaurant with some friends waiting for food

she was thinking about him,about his acts, his hair, his perfum,his talk ,about everything

in him . suddelly a group of guys enter the restaurant, it was him, her heart start beating

hardly, she says: what should i do ! . he look at her and then he sit at the table right

next to her , she smiled at him and then she tried to do not give him attention anymore

she tried to ignore him...

she go outside to calm down and think about what she should do , he followed her , he

hold her hand and whisperd in her ear : let's leave now , is that okay ?

she blushed and said to him: okay

he smile at her , take her hand and walked away ....

they arrived to a place where no one is there, they were alone, together, no one can

bother them, but they didn't even talk , he just kept holding her hand...

- we will stay here it's the best place to see the stars clearly. he said


she was in love with stars, how they shine, how unique they are .

they were understanding each other without talking,

then he look at her and say: -hey


and then they smile... i think it was their hapiness, their feeling...their moment

it's 2:00am , she fall asleep in his arms and he was looking at her , waiting to kiss

her, to hug her , to become his everything , but he was affraid from losing her, he was

keeping that distance between them because he knows that if she get so attached to him

he will leave her alone ....

when she wake up , she felt warm, happy...

he asked her : - are u in love wih me ?

- i'm not intrested in anyone so im not in love with you

she had that feeling so badly to tell him how much she adore him but she decided to keep

that feeling for herself...

but what's the meaning of life without taking risks , without adventures and fighting

for what you love ?

he look at her eyes and he knew that she was lying , he let her hand and tell her :

- we need to go home


again they weren't talking.... when they arrived in front of the restaurent, she knew it's

time to separate, to let him go without seeing him again...

she said :

-can i stay with you , i don't wanna go home

he seemed surprised from her question

- sure, as you want

they continue to walk , she tried  to tell him about her feeling but something kept stoping her

-what are you thinking ? 

-nothing , i just feel cold

he give her his jacket and hold her again ....

they spend all the day outside walking, looking at each other , wishing that one of them say

something about how he feel

she told him :

- i begin to feel tired can we go home im sorry

- no that's okay

when he take her home, before saying goodbye, he hug her strongly, and kissed her ....


-goodnight !

she was extremley happy, she thought she's the luckiest person on this world....

love...what does mean love ? is it just a word that we can use it to tell it to the precious

person to us or a feeling that you can't deny it...they said you only live once if you do it

right once is enough...

Next day,she wake up , and she stayed in bed thinking about the last night , she can't believe

that she was with him and how gently he was ...then she decided to tell him about her feeling..

i think we should not be a shame from what we love, we should not feel guilty to tell what we

want, what we adore ... it's okay to cry, to enjoy life,to be thankful, to connect with people

to laugh, to kiss, to feel the end we only live in a cruel world when people are

worse than zombies...when you realize that people are nasty, trying to crush your soul, their

goal was only to destroy happiness of the others...

victoria, that's was her name...this innocent lady she was like an angel ... she knew even if

she tell him her feeling, he will not care that much ,because he was that famous guy, who all

the girls wanted him, and then she notice that she was like the others girls.... asking

-what's the difference ? am i becoming like them , caring about my look, begin artificial, not

using my brain, forgetting about my education, and finding some guy will be my only problem..

what's the point of this..just to win a guy who will stay with you just for your good looking and

your sexy body and after just one week he will leave you and the worst in all this is that you

do the same thing, you don't feel you heart breaking you just act like nothing happened ...

this days...are we searching for true love, when your lover become the warmly place to stay ...

or are you looking for someone who 'll stay with us just one day,one week, one month , just for

pleasure, and a sex in the bed and never caring about our heart, our feeling... it's like

buying everything and then you realized that there is something messing, that you can't find it just feel lost...

After thinking,she decided not to tell him anything and it was her final decision.....


 ian,that was his name he was thinking about her day and night looking at the moon and

remember her beautifulface..

he was thinking it will be just a period of time but deep inside he knew that when he see her

again he 'll forget about everything and just fall in love with her...and suddenly the game isn't

interesting anymore because he found something that keeps him busy everyday.....


I think it's like when Johnny cash was asked about the description of paradise when he say

'' this morning, with her, having coffee''....he was waiting for that he decided to

ask her to go out with him on a date but he know she'll refuse his invitation...he send to her

a message '' there is a party today at the same restaurant when we first met and all you friends

'll be there, I hope you came''

when she read his msg she thought that it will be a good idea to

change the routine....

it's 21:00pm

...she is waiting in front of the restaurent he was behind her

he hold her hand get closer to her and say : hi

- hi, where are the others ?

-....i'm sure they ill be here soon

- okay

after a while, no one show up, he asked him : - why they didn't came

- well i don't know...

she start to doubt him

-i'm going back home, i'll not stay here any longer

- i wish that you stay with me

....she look at him and she see throught his eyes how sad he is...

-are we going to stay here all night

he smiles at her and they go ....

the next day she wake up and find herself in bed with him she end up heaving sex with him

she started to cry...he hug her... look at her eyes and say

- you're just perfect for me and i'm in love with you ....

- she push him away... she was upset, crying...she get too emotioned

-i don't wanna be with you again and she left....

she was confused about what happening to her ... just when you don't know what or how you feel

it's like nothing dosen't matter anymore how you live ...

everyday , she try to keep him away from her ignoring him was like torturing someone from what he

want so badly...then one day he came to her , he didn't smile , he didn't say hi he just say

- im leaving this town today , hope you'll be okay and im sorry for everything ....

teardrops on her shirt,and she was yelling why are you leaving...why...

i think in this world,we all need love , hope , and light in the darkness to makes us feel

better...everyone deserve someone who give him love..stand by him..fight for him...

never give up on him  ...and then you realize that everyday you wake up alone ...craving more

each feel the same ...and when someday , someone , somehow fall in love with you and

wants you , you'll reject him and keep pushing him until he dosen't want you anymore..and you

descover that you've been hurting him in a different way ...

they say " he'll break your heart..he'll not be that charming prince who never let you down,there

is nothing called true love....but i believe when you love someone  you'll give 100% of your time

your energy, your loyalty, your love to him that's how your relationship will work out together

you'll not stand alone on the top anymore ...but with someone who makes you feel special...who has

the money has the power but who has love has the happiness...and why we will need money while we

are sad......everyone in this world searching for what can make him really happy and i think he

was her source of happiness, she couldn't accept the idea of his leaving...

he couldn't see her crying so he left ..... ,

she was thinking if it's going to be the end between them...she was falling in pieces..he becomes

just a memorie in her new life ....

well, we can't expect what will happen next, that's why we have another life called 'dreams', in

this life everything happens like we planed , we control everything, however in the reality we

can't choose our destiny,we can't have all what we day you'll be fucked up and you'll

ask yourself ' why i didn't enjoy that moment ? where is my friends ? my family ? and then you'll

be living a'll know that you've been a loser that field in everything by giving

up in what he loves and let him'll admit that you screwed up...

she couldn't keep herself away from him, he was her soulmate....she called him many times but he

didn't answer...she went to his house...she found him staying on the floor , looking so lonley

in front of his house....

she was crying, she hug him and say : i don't wanna let you down partner , im just in love with

you but i fear losing you ...ian say something please

he looked at her and smile: -i've missed you ...

is this the happy ending that everyone hope to have it ...for me not all the happy ending leads to

happiness , maybe we should be more real, and stop living in the fantasy world...

ian her first love , on the other side victoria was just another love for him...

For her , he was that protective guy, the strongest , the bravest, also the jealous type ....

they made a promise to stay together for better and worse....they laugh..they kiss..they play...

they just lived this life like they want...they didn't regret anything...because in the end this

little things will be remembered and it will be worth it....days like this never dies...

One day, on a dark smoggy night chills were running through the house in and out of her room like

quiet ghost silently coming and silently she lay awake in her bed graping a book to

read before she falls asleep and suddully ian enter her room telling her : do you wanna go out !

- okey

they were hanging out together , they didn't left each other in bad or good moments, they even

planed how it's going to be their life in the futur ...he wanted to marry start a new

frech begin with her ....he was ready to die for her.... and she was ready to do the same ....

imagining the perfect life that they will have...


- do you promise me that you'll stay with me even if i show my dark side ?

-  yes ,i promise.


you see, people are all the same when they fall in love, they all act and think the same way...

sometimes when we find our self with friends , family, feeling all that love we don't care anymore

about what happening to us but what if they wanted to left us behind them and continue life without


victoria, she was that kind of girl that cared for everyone,she was alawys smiling even if she's

hurted all her relationships were good, she was having a great life, she was like any girl but she

was different.. when she fight with her boyfriend she find her friends to comfort her , and he

didn't let her down however he was madly in love with her so he didn't let her go away from him

he was always reaching a way to please her, to take care of her , it was that pure love...

At some point, they were seperated from each other many times , but at the end they get back

together because they realize how much they need each other....

even if she loves him , she was her who left him , and he coudn't refuse her desire..

after breaking up with her... ian was lost..he coudn't stand the idea that she left him, after what

she says, after the kisses, after the candle at midnight, after everything she let him down...

he beg her to stay with him many times but she refuse ...

she knew inside her that he's her one and only , and she still in love with him , inspite of that

she prefered to stay alone , to run away , she felt like she wasn't ready for this...

she become more nervous, careless, weak, she lost her ability to communicate with others normaly

she didn't give any attention to anyone after all she love it they way she become ...

she lost her friends one by one , and felt empty , she felt nothing ...

ian was looking for her , trying to get her back , he failed ... all he wanted was her...

After idk maybe one month ian came to her in her house

-i still in love with you , i can't stop thinking about you besides that i really need you because

i find out that im sick and maybe i can die ...all i ask is that you be with me so what are you


victoria was that moment all what she wanted is to hug him, kiss him like before..

like nothing happen but she know nothing stay forever...everything changed and now ian is ill and

he need her ...

-im really sorry , idk what to say...i promise to stay with you ...i just want you to live and then

she hug him saying im still in love with you

he smiled and kissed her then they spend the night together in bed enjoying every second...

in the morning , when he wake up , he didn't find her , just a note on the desk '' i love you

but i can't do this like before hope you get better and please don't reach for me and don't call

me just stay away ..wish all the best for you .."

when he finish reading he was suprised , her words was killing him..wondering why this happening

to him ... balming himself for no reason ....just trying to find out why she hurts him and left ..

saying : i don't deserve to be treaten like thisfrom her ... just why

she was the only one to support him...but she gave up on him...

Sometimes when you trust people that you never imagine that one day they could betrayed you, let

you down, crush your feelings and you keep denying that until one day you say i deserve better

then that , why should i stay with people who never cares about , i can make my own life

and be happier then before's cool to say that to try over and over to make an honest

relationship with people that have the same attitude that you have...

finding someone who can understand what's going on with you without telling him it's something

rare ...

he carry on , trying to forget her ..on the other side victoria was sad, depresed, she isolate

herself from anyone, she was trying to find who she is , her reality , what kind of person she is

she lost contact with her friends , she hated everything around her , she wanted to travel to somewhere alone

... she wasn't looking for something , she was just tired that's all ...

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