From Italy with Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Katie thought her life is what she wanted it to be. She had a boyfriend, a career, and is pretty happy with the way she looks. Tall with a voluptuous body, long raven hair and a sensual, pretyy face, she had it, alright. Pair it with a honest to goodness streak and a happy-go-lucky vibe, she has the fun to the F. But when one one of her best friends announced she was getting married, that's when her life became so complicated and out of focus, she felt she was on a swirl.

Submitted: February 14, 2010

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Submitted: February 14, 2010




I am riding inside the van of Edlin, one of my boyfriend's friend.  We are all huddled up inside, all six of us, since they are just giving me a ride to the airport on their way to the golf club.  All their jeering and bantering is grating on my nerves, especially the smoke from Edlin's cigarette. God, how I hate second-hand smoke!  I tried to fan it away from my face, but it's hard since my boyfriend, Allan and me are sitting directly behind him.

"Will you please tell him to stop smoking with me here?"  I tell my boyfriend for the third time. And gave him a face.

"Hey, dude, no smoking when Katie's around. I told you that!"  Allan said.

But Edlin just ignored him saying, "This is my car, I do what I fucking wanna do!"

"Just let him be, babe." He then told me.

I inhaled, although it was smoke-infested.  And tried to keep my calm.  The nerve of that guy!  I wanted to punch his teeth off of him.

My boyfiend, the sweet traitor that he is, cuddled me when I saw we were nearing our destination.

"I'll miss you, babe." He was whispering hotly in my ear.

Eww!  I totally hate the way he blows in my ear. Just freaks me out.

Don't get me wrong, I love my boyfriend, Allan.  He's tall, handsome, successful and a real sweetheart. But sometimes, there are just things he does that irks me.  I can't help it.  I'm a little perfectionist.  So my friends say.

At last we arrived at our destination.  We stood face to face outside the van. Thank God, some fresh air!

"Now," I said, "I totally approved of you partying, going out with other girls, while I'm gone, just as long as you don't develop any feelings or some kind of crazy idea while I'm gone."  And sealed that statement with a grin on my face.  He's so lucky to have me, I'm not like other girlfriends who are strict to their boyfriends.  In fact I give then the same liberties as when they were single. 

"Babe, you're so sweet."  Allan cooed and awarded me with a sweet, wet kiss full on the mouth.

Now, PDA's are totally OK for me, as long as you don't look like you'll be needing a room anytime soon.

"I'll miss you."  He said after that kiss.

"And I'll miss you."  W\\I said without any trace of sadness whatsoever. "Now be good while I'm gone. I'll be back before you know it."

"Can't wait." He said with a smile.

The fact is can't wait for me to get board on that plain, I guess.  I approached his friends, to say good bye.  They were just standing and leaning against the van, waiting for Allan to finish.

"Hey, guys, thanks for the lift.  I said. Take care of my boyfriend, you hear?"  I told them with a grin.

"You bet we will, especially with all the clubbing and whoring we've scheduled."  Leered Edlin.

So I approached him and just smacked him in the face, near his mouth. It hurts, but it was worth it when I saw blood trickled form his lip.  Served him right.

"Oh, shit, Katie!  What did you do that for?  After I drove you all the way.."  He was seething and acted like he wanted to punch me right back.

The rest of the group took a hold of him to keep him at bay.

"You're such a jerk, Edlin!" I said. "Be grateful you're Allan's friend, or you'll get worse that that from me."

I start to walk away and into the departure area.  Toting my mini luggage, I must present a very nice view for my boyfriend. I was wearing a vee-neck dress, fit to the contours of my body, fuschia pink, with sleeves up to my elbows and hem line just right at my knees.  I partnered it with my leopard print pumps with kitten hills.

I know he's enjoying the view of my butt swaying with my hips.  And when I turned around to check on him I saw he was staring at it with open admiration. Confirmed!  I pasted a smile to my face. That boy is so easy to please.

My plane is not leaving until the next hour so I sat at one of the chairs in the lounge area and took out my Cosmo magazine I brought with me to ward off conversatins from total strangers.  I just don't do small talk.

I tried to read an article on how to tell if you're best friend is lying to you but I just couldn't. The reason for tis flight is actually because of one of my best friends, Joan.  She's in  Italy and announced she was engaged to be married!  So soon!  She just left about five months ago to accept a beeter job offer as a personal secretary to her boss.

She called me about a week ago, saying in a non-too-happy voice that she just got engaged to thiss man named Marvie and that I must promise to come to her aid as soon as possible.  How weird is that? Me, being the caring friend that I am, booked a flight to Italy and now I am on my way.  I couldn't fathom what her problem is, but I am soon to find out.  My flight has been announced to be deparitng early than scheduled because apparently all the passengers have arrived.

Well, I thought as I put away the magazine and stood up.  Italy, here I come!

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