Baby I Just Came Home

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Since becoming a soldier I have lost many friends, I can't express the pain and suffering that is put onto their families lives when they get that knock on their door from a soldier reporting that their son or daughter will not be coming home. When I was in Basic Combat Training they made me write a letter home telling my daughter what I would say in the event of my death. I just said not to worry, It's okay,and that I just came home...where my heart was. This is Dedicated to all the soldiers out there who fight for our freedom and didn't get to come home. *Salute*

Submitted: October 14, 2009

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Submitted: October 14, 2009




I wanted you to know, My little lady
That you will never be alone
That you will always be my baby
If I dont come back, It's ok


Baby I just came home...


Freedom isn't free but its united
I promise I wont let you down
Promise me you wont be frightened
Promise me babe, you wont frown


I'm a lover and far from a fighter
But I'll fight to protect what I love
Your darkest days will be brighter
Under the stars and the stripes up above


People dont plan to fail
Some people just fail to plan
In the river of dreams I've set sail
For you I've become a better man


Half my hearts been deployed
The other remains at home
Even if my half's destroyed
Yours will be free to roam


All I ask from you my sweet baby
Is to not be so afraid
You will always be my little lady
You will always be my pretty babe


Just know my little lady
That you'll never be alone
You'll always be my pretty baby
If I dont come back sweetheart, it's ok


Baby I just came home...

Since becoming a soldier I have lost so many friends..I can't put it into words the pain that is put on their families and their friends. Pictures don't do it justice, words cannot compare. There is no medal or award given that brings them back to us. No honor or respect binds them to us and no matter how hard we try to suck it up, some things are impossible to just "suck up"
Nobody but a soldier can understand what its like to lose a comrade, Nobody but a soldier can understand what its like to feel war, Nobody but a soldier is capable of enduring this pain and have the weight of a nation on your shoulders, And nobody but a soldier pays the ultimate price and fights for the freedom we have that we take for granted...No..words can't compare...and don't do them justice.....But I'd like to use the freedom that I've been given to try.

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