Car Trouble

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The inevitability of car trouble.

“Why does it have to break down now?” Ron thought.
On his way home, Ron’s old Jeep gave a loud cough and shake, which caused Ron to steer his car to the side of the road.  The rain kept the roads soaked from the storm that does not want to leave and the air was almost so cold, the rain could turn in to snow.  He makes this drive twice a day and sees cars on the side of the road all the time, but he thought he would not be one of those. Ron got out of his red Jeep and gazed up to the dark, mean clouds; he thought the sky liked to play games on pure people.  
“Where the hell is that damn wrench?” Ron said while he dug through his trunk.  The light in the trunk was burnt out, so he had to find the wrench with his hands.  Ron dug deep in his trunk when he caught his hand on some thing sharp. “Ouch! That’s all I need; more scars,” he said.  Ron wiped his hand on his coat and saw that the wrench was right in front of him. He grabbed it and looked at the tire that had blown.  “Ooo, that’s a good gash in that tire,” Ron said.
Ron screwed off the bolts that were on the wheel and tug it off.  He grabbed the spare from the trunk and placed it in line with the holes that the bolts go through.  He screwed the last bolt in place when he saw that the rain had stopped and the sun poked out of the clouds.  “Just my luck,” Ron said as he stood up with the torn tire. He threw the torn tire and the wrench in the trunk and slammed it shut.  As Ron walked to his door, he was splashed by a passing car, soaking him front head to toe. He stood there with a pissed off look and climbed in his car while he yelled a mix of three or four swear words.  He got back on the road and saw a car pulled to the side of the road a few miles down. Ron saw the smoking car and its driver giving a try to fix it. Ron laughed and kept going.

Submitted: January 12, 2019

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