Poem of Many 2

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A poem I wrote about. I tend to lay back in the dark until I relax enough to sleep. Please enjoy it.

Submitted: November 21, 2011

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Submitted: November 21, 2011



When all the blinds are closed,

All the lights switched off,

Everyone sleeping quietly,

I like to lay awake.


The moon shines silently,

Over my half-shut eyes,

Glinting at me as I think,

About anything at all.


It's the only light,

A single beacon,

Between the dark clouds,

And the hidden stars.


A light sigh escapes me,

From time to time,

Floating away,

Into the Night.


The doors are closed,

I didn't want any one near,

And so I lay there,

As quiet as I can.


The blankets are warm,

I don't want to leave,

Not while the sun,

Still sleeps behind the horizon.


Maybe it's just me,

With my inability,

To forget the beauty,

Of the lonely moon.


Maybe it's just strange,

I'll think,

To love this so much,

But it truly is,

A beautiful Darkness.

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