Poem Of Many

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A poem I wrote for an assignment. It doesn't have any true purpose, please enjoy it.

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011



Happy and joyful,

Laughing and carefree.

So many things catch your eye,

And always you bounce away,

Happy as can be.


A new toy will never hold you,

As you turn away,

Turn away,

From all the indoor things,

And make your way outside.


It such a simple task,

To keep you happy,


With a hug and smile,

And off you spin again.


Do you ever tire,

Of things to do?

Are you always thinking,

Of new tasks to try?

Little Child, off you run.


Always giggling,

Dodging my hand.

Laughing as you play your tricks,

Gone away again.

Eternal Child, off you run.


Joyful and happy,

Carefree and laughing.

Off you run,

Away, away,

My younger Child self.

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