Black Dagger Dannie

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About a pirate that has a unique way of dealing with her victims!

Submitted: November 02, 2011

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Submitted: November 02, 2011



Black Dagger Dannie


Violence is what a pirate lives for, some more torturous then others. Cruel ways they treated their victims. One pirate had an odd way of doings things, but she was feared for these and that was her goal of course. She was known as Black Dagger Dannie captain of the Bloody Heart ship. She was 5’7’’ and weighed roughly 110 lbs. but this didn’t stop her from being strong and tough, don’t forget feared. Her charcoal black hair, matted and her soulless gray eyes gave her the appearance of any other pirate. She dressed in all brown and never carried a gun; her weapon of choice was a black handled dagger.

“There is a ship along the horizon captain!” shouted first-mate Cassie Steal Heart.

“Man your stations my crew!” yelled Black Dagger Dannie.

Everyone did as they were told for they feared their captain. Dagger Dannie was cruel and violent. Once they approached the oncoming ship the crew of Dannie boarded and took control, and each choose their own opponent. This was a gory battle that took place. Many of Dannie’s crew lost their lives but not nearly as many and the opposing crew did. Then Dagger Dannie went after the ship’s captain as she usually does. She pulls her dagger out and begins to fight with the opposing captain. This was a tough battle for her but she keeps control. She never backs down and fights till death even if it meant her own.

 After a while she pins him down and he begins begging for mercy for he has no crew left. Black Dagger Dannie gives no mercy, she strikes him once in the chest and he is done. She has her crew grab the body and they get back onto their own ship after robbing the ship of anything useful found. They throw the body on the ground and she slices his heart out. The remains of the body are now chopped apart into many pieces then thrown overboard piece by piece. All that is left on board is his bleeding heart. She takes his heart to a fire pit and begins to slowly cook the heart as it drips blood. Once thoroughly cooked she eats every last bit of the heart. This happens to every ship seen.

Black Dagger Dannie was a deadly pirate for many years. Her last battle is one no one could ever forget. It was a chilly, windy fall day on the Atlantic when she spotted and gigantic ship that Dannie thought she could win over.

“That ship! Up ahead!” Dannie told her crew.

“Are you sure?” ask the crew hesitantly.

“Do as I say!” scorned Dagger Dannie.

They approached the ship with their swords drawn. The crew noticed they would be the ones begging for mercy this time. Not Black Dagger Dannie she was always optimistic. They made their way onto the boat. The crew didn’t choose their opponents they were chosen for them. This made the crew worry more for their lives. Soon the crew of Dagger Dannie was slaughtered.

Not knowing what had happened to her crew she approached the captain.  She drew her dagger from her belt and was positioned to fight. With a blink of her eyes she was surrounded. It was one against what seemed to be twenty-three. She held them off for a good thirty seconds before she was stabbed twice in the back, three times in the stomach and a single stab wound in the heart.

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