Sons of Rome

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A short speech that a Roman general gave before a forgotten attack on the city of Alexandria in Egypt.

Submitted: November 23, 2014

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Submitted: November 23, 2014



Preface: Twenty legions of Rome's greatest soldiers set out from Rome to invade Egypt. After much travel, they near the end of their journey when suddenly their entire fleet is struck by a giant storm. After the sea calmed and the storm had passed, only three of the twenty legions ever made it to the shores of Egypt. They decided that two of the legions would invade on land while the third takes the remaining warships up the Nile. The two legions now look to their general for the morale that they will need in order to overcome the Egyptians.

[Begin Speech]

Sons of Rome, take a good look at that sunrise. For few of you, it may be the last one you will ever see. I hope that they are gazing upon it as well; for it will be the last one any of them will ever see. Those men are the Egyptians. They think that they are worthy of being our enemy, our equal! They think that their giant monuments will intimidate us, but how many of them have laid their eyes upon the Coliseum and the carnage it holds within. They think that they can fight us for we are few in number. But I, I see twelve thousand men before me willing to show these Egyptians that though we may be few in number, that we, sons of Rome, are not meant to be fought. We stand here, outside the walls of Alexandria to conquer the Egyptians. Upon sight of us, fear will strike their hearts! They will turn to their petty gods. They will look to their sun god for assistance, but the sky shall be black with our arrows! They will turn to the god of the Nile for help, but he will be conquered by our warships! They will turn to the earth god, but even he will be trembling as we charge! We will shout, and they will scream! And at the end of the day, once the shields are bashed, once the swords are dulled, spears shattered and arrows fired, once the battle is done and the dead are counted, we, the sons of Rome, will stand within the walls of Alexandria, and we will be victorious!

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