The Princess and the Thief

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A Princess must overcome her selfish desires for the good of the Kingdom
actually written 5/8/12

Submitted: August 22, 2015

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Submitted: August 22, 2015



Once upon a time, in a land of old, a princess named Princess looked out of her window within the castle walls at the beautiful field outside the castle walls. “Oh, how I would love to visit that field and lay in its flowers.” she said.

 “Would you my pretty?” said a voice.

“AHHH!” she screamed “who’s there?”

“I’m just a person who would like to help one as precious as you,” said the voice “what would you give to visit the field?”

“Why I would give a thousand gold coins!” Princess said.

“Then give it to me and I will take you there.” said the voice

So the Princess set out a thousand of her gold coins on the window. “There are your thousand gold coins,” said Princess “now will you take me to the field!”

“Sure but you must first… look in the hallway, a dragon!” said the voice.

“OH NO!” she screamed and turned to the hallway “wait, there’s nothing there?”

Then Princess turned back toward the window and saw that coins were gone!

“What!” she yelled, “Hey, you said that you would take me to the fields if I paid you!”

“I will, but the money was stolen by a giant eagle. I didn’t take it.” said the voice

“Fine! I’ll go get more coins!” Said Princess

“No, never mind the coins; the eagle will just come back. If you give me a silk robe then I will take you” said the voice.

Princess left her room, ran downstairs and took one of the finest silk robes within the kingdom and brought it back to her room. She set the robe on the window pain. “There you have your robe now! Will you please take me to the field now.” she said

“Sure…” said the voice

“Princess? Princess! Where are you?” called the king from downstairs.

“Coming Papa,” Princess called “I’ll be right back”

Princess ran down the stairs to her father, who was waiting in the dining room. He gestured for her to sit. Princess took a seat in the chair across from him. “I was looking for my robes, you know, the silk ones and I found that I couldn’t find them. Do you happen to know what happened to them?”

“No Papa, I have not seen them, I’m sorry” she lied.

“Are you sure? Is there something that you want to tell me?” asked the king.

“No” she responded. With that she was dismissed and she scurried back up the stairs to her room. As she entered her room she noticed something was missing. She ran over to the window. Her father’s golden robe was missing! “O.K. that’s it you’ve taken the robes. Now take me to the fields!” said Princess.

“I’m sorry, but I did not take the robes. While you were gone a gust of wind came and swept them away. So I’m afraid I can’t take you to the fields quite yet.”

“WHAT! I’m not as stupid as I appear. I know you took all of the coins and the robe. Either give them back or take me to the fields!”

“I did not take them, they were all lost and I could do nothing about it! Now back to business, I’m fairly hungry, if you could get me a bowl of stew, I will definitely take you to the fields.” the voice said.

The Princess ran back down the stairs and into the dining room. “Father, Father, I lied, please forgive me” Princess cried to her father. The king replied in a gentle voice “I knew as soon as I saw you that something was wrong. So you have seen my robes, where are they?”

“I was up in my room and I was wishing that I could go to the fields. Then a voice said that it could take me there, and I listened. At first it asked for gold coins, so I gave it a thousand gold coins.”

“Honey, we have told you not to talk to strangers. Giving one a thousand gold coins, what were you thinking?” the king said.

“I don’t know, then I got distracted, and when I turned back to the window, the coins were gone!” Princess said.

“Gone! Thief! I should hope that we catch this deceiver and place him in his suitable dwelling, the dungeons!” said the king.

“That’s not all, after I pointed out that the coins were gone, he said that an eagle had swept them away! Then he asked for your silk robe, and of course I fetched them. I had just placed them at the window when you called me down. When I returned up they were gone!” she said

“Preposterous! He stole my silk robes! Who in the kingdom does this person think he is! If we catch him… please continue with your story” the king said

“Well now he has asked for stew, but I’m not sure I still want to go” Princess said

“Oh, he’ll get his stew, and we’ll get the stuff back” the king said

The Princess walked back into her room holding a large bowl of stew.

“About time, I was beginning to think that you had changed your mind and did not want to go to the field anymore. This better be good to make up for the poor service” the voice said.
“Oh, it’s good alright, I hope you like your stew to be sharp” said Princess.

Immediately she placed the bowl in the window. Then her father called her from the hallway. She sighed then ran out of the room. She hid behind the wall outside the doorway to her room where her father was waiting. Suddenly from within the room, there was a loud snap followed by a wail. The princess and the king rushed into the room. There in the corner of the room by the window was the thief. He was short, plump, had a big bushy beard and was rather unattractive. His hand was stuck in the bowl of stew by bear trap that the king placed in the bottom. “Aha, you thief!” shouted the king

“Thief, no no no no no, I was simply receiving payment for a good deed I was about to do.” said the stranger.

“About to do? You were never going to take me to the fields and you know it!” said Princess.

“Tell me your name and why you tried to rob my daughter!” said the king.

“My name is Blokadrian. I was simply doing her a favor!” Blokadrian said.

Then Blokadrian pulled a pouch out of the pocket of his baggy pants. Within this pouch was some golden dust. “You see this dust? This is dust gathered from some of the most magical places on the earth. I can use it to teleport places, and in this case, teleport you to the field” said Blokadrian

“Liar, I’m calling your bluff” shouted the king.

“You’re right I’m lying” said Blokadrian. Suddenly Blokadrian grew to be seven feet tall. He was dressed in the most magnificent clothes, and was holding a golden scepter with a scorpion on top. “The real reason I came was to ask if I could marry your daughter. I tested her and she passed” said Blokadrian.

“Never! I know who you are, you’re supreme sorcerer Blokadrian, I should have seen this before.” shouted the king.

“You know too much for your own good old man” said Blokadrian. Then he lifted his scepter and a blue laser shot out of the top. The king jumped out of the way just in time. The wall, which was hit by the beam, was blackened and burned from the laser.

“You fool! Do you know who you are dealing with? I am not just the king, but I am the awesome knight of future awesomeness. You do not stand a chance against my light sword” said the king. Then his robes suddenly turned into white laser-proof armor. Then his crown turned into a helmet with an aqua-blue visor.

“Oh No!” exclaimed Blokadrian “you’re lucky I came prepared with my light sword! Mwahahahahahahahahaha!”

Blokadrian pounced at the king, but the king side-stepped and hit him in the back with his elbow. Blokadrian quickly recovered and struck once more. This time the two light swords locked together because of the energy. Blokadrian slid his sword down the king’s sword and it cut the kings hand. The king yelled in pain and fell back.

“Now I will finish you, awesome knight of future awesomeness.” laughed Blokadrian.

“Not today” said Princess. Then she pulled a red lever. Suddenly the entire castle shook and a loud sound was emitted from under the castle. The castle began to rise into the air and the window and openings in the castle were covered with thick steel walls. Then the castle entered space, and there was no more gravity.

“I see, a space castle. This is very interesting” said Blokadrian. Then the king jumped up and swung at him with his light sword. Blokadrian blocked the strike and struck back. The two attacked back and forth with strikes, blocks and side-steps. Then, Blokadrian found a chink in the king’s armor. The king fell in pain.

“No, father,” cried Princess. Just before Blokadrian could slash at the king, Princess picked up the light sword. “You may have hurt my father, but now you are dealing with the most splendiferous light sword fencer in the world”

“In case you didn’t notice, we’re in space” sneered Blokadrian.

Then he attacked Princess. The princess slashed at his sword, and it went spinning out of his hand. Blokadrian then used his magic spells, for he was the most excellent sorcerer in the world. He shot lightning at her from his hands, but she deflected it with her blade. He shot a fireball at her, but she stepped out of the way. Then he shot ropes at her feet, but she jumped into the air. Then the princess ran at him. She pounced on top of him, tackling him to the ground, but he used a spell to blow her off of him. When she was blown off of Blokadrian, she hit her head on the wall, and floated slightly dazed from the blow.

“Ha, I have won. Now I am not only Blokadrian the supreme sorcerer, but now I am king, the awesome knight of future awesomeness and the most splendiferous light sword fencer in the world. Ha, I win” Said Blokadrian.

“Not yet you haven’t” said Princess. Then she picked the light sword off of the ground next to her and flung it at Blokadrian. Blokadrian had not realized what had happened and the blade struck him right in the side. He fell to the ground sobbing.

“No! You cannot beat me. I am the supreme sorcerer. I never lose. No!” He yelled.

Then the supreme sorcerer’s evil reign ended. The princess took a moment to comprehend what had just happened. She had just defeated one of the most powerful men on the earth. She had not only saved herself, but also her father, who had now passed out. Her father! She rushed over to inspect his wound. It was a large gash, but he would survive. He was passed out and very pale. The princess got up and pulled the lever again. The castle began descending back down to the earth.

The king was immediately carried off in a stretcher, and the princess had to ice the top her head for a while. The kingdom was now rid of evil and there would be no more trouble.  The princess climbed up to the window, where this mayhem all started. She was so happy it was over. Then she noticed the field. She dreamed of running through the beautiful summer flowers in the field. She then said to herself “Oh, how I would love to visit that field and lay in its flowers.” she said.

 “Would you my pretty?” said a voice.

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