Victorious Vainglorious

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This is a poem about war.

Submitted: September 13, 2013

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Submitted: September 13, 2013




They said we’d never find the stars tonight

That all was lost, forsaken by dark powers

We heard the war drums beating

And felt the hot sun streaming

And tasted the sweat of a victorious dawn

We stood on their flag and smashed their insignia

And stood proud and tall for we saved

The greatest country this world had ever seen

And it still wasn’t so good, evil hearts still could

Prevail, but for the most part, the seas of freedom

Slapped our shores

Our blood raced through the streets, flowing into theirs

As they fell in twos threes and twenties

They spit on liberty and met the glare of

Red rockets, were fucked with the butt

Of cold black steel

Their accents we didn’t hate or even fear

It was their damning presence in our homes

In our children’s schools

In our churches that they burned to the ground

When they held up sacrilegious tenets and shouted

That we were infidels and deserved nothing less

Than to have our heads severed from our bodies

But we took it back, cast the Manchurian resident out

Of the gleaming Home of our Forefathers that was desecrated

His peoples came and swallowed our towns in black robes

A purification rite they undertook to set us back 3000 years in an instant

They came, infested like vermin, insidious as poison gas

But they are gone and my country, your country can raise the body

Of its fallen brother Freedom


© Copyright 2019 Kerri Anne Byrnes. All rights reserved.

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