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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

There are places where you are protected from whatever haunts you. They can chase away your demons where ever they live. Each one centers around someone who can hear you even when you don't speak. Even when you think you have nothing to say. Here's the story of one of these places, how it accidentally began and who you'll find there.

Table of Contents

Aperture Glissades

********************* 1. Aperture Glissades *********************   There are places where you are protected from wh... Read Chapter

Native Fire

A couple meets in Australia. She comes from a long line of Aborigine Shaman but doesn't know it. She was removed from her tribe and raised in a mission. He descends from Hulk ship convicts whose crimes were all mysterious in nature. They have a child named Sebastian and the combination of their buried traits come to a head.

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Cave Man

Sebastian is eventually abandoned due to circumstances beyond everyone's control. He finds a hole in the wall and learns that it leads to other homes all over the world. He grows up in this labyrinth. One day he falls into a home in Russia and meets a girl there. Read Chapter

A Liberal in Disguise

Over the years Sebastian acquired far reaching friendships. One of which was an overindulged English boy who is able to lots of favors for him. One such favor is to provide safe transportation through the tunnels. Read Chapter

The Purple Rocking Chair

Returning the subject of Sebastian's parents; His father ended up burning down there house and all that remained was a purple rocking chair. He went to prison and his mother ended up homeless and insane. She carried the chair around with her and where ever she placed it down became her home. Read Chapter


Sebastian's mother is removed from the street and committed to an institution. He knows where she is and wants to reunite with her. He wants to introduce her to the Russian girl. Two of his old friends from different continents accompany him and the girl to the institution. Read Chapter

Sunrise Haven House

Sebastian's mother gives him the deed to a house. A place she never knew existed. A restitution package was created for the lost generation of Aborigine children, of which she was one of. She gave it to him as her own restitution for the abandonment. Read Chapter

An Actual Address

From four different continents, Sebastian and his friends arrange to visit this condemned, enormous house. He has never known a home of his own. It is a disaster area. He wants to stay and slowly repair it. There is money from the restitution package. The Russian girl stays with him. Read Chapter


As the house becomes livable, there are mystical things that happen in a variety of ways. They can hear each other’s voices in their minds and language translates by itself. Kind visitors appear from their aperture from the world over. They seek shelter and the place becomes a sanctuary. Read Chapter

No Obligation

Foundation money has run out and the safe house population continues to grow. Sebastian refuses to turn anyone out, especially considering his own childhood filled with loneliness and rejection. They devise a donation system which works. His mother is discharged from the institution and comes to live with them. Read Chapter

Charms and Children

The Russian young woman and Sebastian have two children. A boy who is a lot like her (normal) and a girl who is a lot like him (not so normal) The daughter is able to sense things about the people who come to visit. Both children are raised in this house and are home schooled by the visitors from all different countries. Read Chapter

One That Got Away

Many people stay in the tunnels by choice. There is no regulation or law. Their main objective is to cultivate power and use it on the outside. This system has garnered a cult following. They target the naive, lonely and discontented. They have found that most people are easy to reform. If there is resistance, they drop them someplace oceans away. They plan to try again after the individual is weakened from trying to find there way back. One man from Canada found the safe house instead. Read Chapter

The Center Hall Portrait

The Canadian man became very much a part of the family at this house. Then one day, while he was helping Sebastian give aid to people in Mozambique, he disappeared. They refuse to give up on him. They have a portrait of him painted so that anyone who visits their home might recognize him. They hang the enormous picture of him up with a plate underneath that says “Still Waiting”. Read Chapter


In California, a woman stumbles into an aperture as the result of the aftershock of a tremor. Blind without her glasses, she’s shrouded in darkness. She lands on her back looking up at a thatched roof in 110 degrees. Her boyfriend dives in the aperture to search for her and he ends up at Sebastian's. Read Chapter

Heat and Blur

The Californian woman has to barter almost everything she owns in order to hitch a ride out of the Congo! She goes along the trade route on a cow drawn cart with two young tribal boys. Finally she ends up at an airstrip with a telephone! She comes to Sebastian's as well and tells Sebastian's fascinated children all about her trip. Read Chapter

Token from the Mud

A girl from Scandinavia turned up at Sebastian's house all covered in mud. Embedded in this mud was a piece of the lost Canadian man's property.
Sebastian's daughter is able to make this connection by touching the property. Chaperoned by her mother, she comes to the guests room to thank her.
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Steffin's Grace

Everything in the house has more or less revolved around Sebastian and his daughter. The son is now 18 and has always felt unimportant. He was an average person in a place full of misfits. They were all there to escape something. The only thing he wanted to escape was there. With his parents blessing, he leaves the house to strike out on his own. He lives near his mother's family in Russia. Read Chapter

Among The Living

The lost Canadian man escaped again and is now a teacher in a school. He makes a special connection with a student which leads to a special connection to the student's single mother. He is now settled with two stepsons. Read Chapter

The Screamer

In pouring rain, a desperate girl in rags comes to their front yard and discloses that something horrible has happened to their son. In questioning her, they learn that the reason for his demise is her fault. As much as they do not want to help her, she is their only link to finding the truth. Read Chapter

Party Trap

Once their son was out on his own, the people in the tunnels figured out that his father was one of those who maintained a sanctuary. These safe houses hurt their cause. So they assembled a group of young people to take him hostage. The one that played the dirtiest role was the Screamer. She tells them the address where he was being held. Read Chapter

Outside In

Their Russian relatives go to the front door of the address while Sebastian's friends wait at the aperture. The place cleared out but their son was still missing. A search dog found him underneath a floorboard. He comes home in a wheelchair. Read Chapter

The Bathtub Jaunt

One of the Canadian stepsons accepts a ride in the tunnels. The lost Canadian man Spencer appeals to Sebastian for help. He had separated from Sebastian all these years for the house’s protection. Their friendship had never faded. Sebastian cooperates and they all meet at the house. Sebastian assembles all his old friends for Spencer’s long awaited return. Read Chapter

Spot Check

The screamer is allowed to stay with them. Although she had contributed to their son's capture, she was also the sole reason for his return. The son wants her relocated to a different safe house. He has since recovered and returned to Russia. On a visit, his grandmother requests that he see the screamer one more time for closure. Angrily, he abides and his attitude is adjusted when he sees the conditions she must adhere to. Read Chapter

JaneAnn's Radiance

A shaft of light knocks Sebastian's daughter out of her chair. She thinks either she or her father is dying. There are swirling dark clouds outside. She runs through the house in hysterics. Sebastian calms her down. She explains that she sees a white man with white hair and he is on their property at that exact moment. They open the front door to explore her suspicion and Sebastian's father is standing there. Read Chapter

Meteor Shower

They bring his father inside and Sebastian repeatedly faints.
Finally, with Sebastian blindfolded so their eyes cannot meet, they are able to talk, and then touch and then look at each other straight on. They bring him to Sebastian's wise and world weary mother who offers her old love a seat in her purple rocking chair.
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