Echoing Nights

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Just something that I had to write as I could not sleep, and well it's been a while since I tried writing to help sort out my thoughts. I also hope this is insightful and inspiring to my brothers and sisters that I'll later send this you guys

Submitted: May 03, 2015

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Submitted: May 03, 2015



An echoing sound in the dark, yet another reminder of those endless nights, endless lies, and endless cries.-

Cries unto God, cries unto mankind, cries on the sins committed.

Regrets pour out, roaring loudly as the high waves that pound when they come crashing down, leaving nothing but shards of what used to be a beautiful memory.

An echoing sound in the dark, filled with whispers that slander and curse you.

-The world cheers. You are its kin now. An applause.-

You past its test…yet by doing so you failed God’s.

Knees bent, you repent, but what’s done is done.  

In tears you found your comfort. In those echoing nights, that never stopped its taunting and endless cheers for this accomplishment.

You are the world’s kin now…-  so it whispers with a cold breath of a hatred that is so foul it causes me to shiver,

Shout into the darkness all you want. He won’t hear you nor see you. Weep all you want, your tears won’t be counted.

The echoing lies, in those endless nights. A familiar pain unto all, I remind myself.

Betrayed, wounded, left alone to bleed out quietly without complaint.

Yet as I laid in all this havoc and agony, another voice manages to pierce through-

Woe is not unto you, but the one who has done this to you for his pain surpasses yours in measures beyond your understanding. Woe is to the one who understands it little himself and so pushes others into his darkness. His endless nights of lies.

Woe is unto he who knows not of My comfort… nor My love.

Now… I set you free, for you had to see, why I sent you here to share to those, who need me.

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