Glowes of a Clown

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A clown of boxing world before death becomes a king. All fiction and as ussualy I appologise for my gramar for this is writen in moment of inspiration and if I try to fix my gramar I forget what I wish to write

Submitted: June 29, 2013

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Submitted: June 29, 2013



Its an old story that many has forgoten for is was long ago. But to this day nobody forgot the spirit that has shown us all what it means to be a true to yourself and hold no regrets.

1959 april 13th.

I stand in the ring where i will face world boxing champion for my final fight. The light is dim and silence is defeaning, but I still hold it as the most pridefull place in the world. For this is where we all put our life on the line just to know what true streangh is.

This story is not a happy one since I, for 30 years have not seen a single victory. And with all those failures I lost my family my friends my dignity. But today I will not lose, I will not yeld for this is the final fight of this old fool, that knew only surrender and defeat in his life.Suddenly the watch rings that its only hour left to the fight. I'm in the dressing room alone preparing for the fight that i'm told to lose so a young chapion could gain some experience. But for me Its kind of funny to hear such words, since i'm a man that has put his life on the line just to be a champion atlest once in his life.  

Crowd is shoating champion, champion, champion while cursing sight of an old fool that walks in the ring. Ignored and forgoten I stand in a dim light with old friend that came as a favor to be as my second. The bell I heard so many times brings a young full of spirit man dashing at me with all his streangh. Fast and sharp one, two throws me off balance and a hook blast me off the foot.

But as I slowly fall to the ground he walks away, as if victory is his alredy arogant and spoiled. I scream to myself, stand and fight! Win, for you have lost all that you had just, to stand here one last time. And so I push forvard with all that I have just to keep myself from falling and dash forvard to a man walking away as a champion. The shouts make him turn around and face the spirit of a old man. The punch lands right in the face he stumbles his legs shakes his eyes just for a second shows fear and surprise. The bell rings again and referee shouts to corners but as I walk to the corner my heart slows and pain follows in that moment, I understand that if I sit all will be for nothing, so I stand untill bell rings again. But now i'm the one dashing the one punching with all I got with all those failures and defeats weighting my fists. His legs still shaking from last punch, his defence is weak, this is my last chance for i'm dying and my breathing is geting worse and worse, I can feel my heart stoping. But I keep pushing and punching and then suddenly he falls to the ground and as referee shouts that i'm a winner. I lose the streangh I had left and as he lifts my hand showing the crowd that is shocked for who won death takes its reward a man standing with his arm held high for one last time.

 That was the only fight that I lost but from that moment never again have I said that strenght is all. For I have learn that even a fool can beat a king if he fights with his life. 

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