God or Church

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A bit of trashing in direction of church and not god don't miss understand i still believe but freely

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011





I jus know I will be flamed for this yet I don't care. Story is simple I lived my life hard as it was never did I went to church every day to beg for help I don't say I didn't. What I'm saying is that were more of a movie to him that’s why we have free will and if by chance you do get a miracle well then he decided that script could be better that way. I knew people that believed in god blindly I knew their son died when he was 19 because he got in with wrong people not gangs but those that we call true believers who thinks that god created everything it my be just my opinion do give me definite proof. Science one is pretty convincing and bibles well how I should put it its probably most nonsensical and useless book ever written. And yet every day billions of people go to church and listen to same sentence ignoring the message it was suppose to represent. I have opinion for bible as well as you all know pretty well there’s more then just bibles but they all have same message which is laws as simple as that bibles is a law codex nothing more but why I said its useless because we don't look at it that way all we see is sacred book which its not. If you look at history this book was pretty much useless cause church the people who enforced reading it actually denied all its laws and ignored all its messages plus they even changed it. You probably have opinion that I’m crazy and that is true more or less yet I chose this road myself no book told me too no saint told me to be so I simply grew up looking at the world trough a box with moving pictures and the true images outside my house walls. And I was unable to know what country their showing until they named it. So in the end I started believing that crazy people are the sane ones. And I don't mean mental just in case blind Christians are are as well mentally handicapped in my opinion. I speak about people that acts the way they want live freely "not hippies"  I mean ones that do job they want not the one society imposed on them dress the way they want yet follows codes proper for work place as you all know there’s no true freedom cause if there was the world would be in chaos.

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