Last regret

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Las words of victim created by standards of community

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012




From young age I kept on hearing world is merciless you must be strong do not succumb to temptations of evil and beauty of a lie. But they forgot to say that all evil and the lie is exactly what they say. Because the world is not at fault the people are, they are the merciless ones. And its all too late my love has left me my friends betrayed me I’m all alone dying in this bed because of words I heard before. I curse my teachers my parent's and the nature of the human. Where is my salvation and why all that I have now is paper that can't even bring me life or show me happiness, to warm my heart in moments of regrets. What was my life good for if all I have is a regret that I forgot to live. Do not believe what other chose for you do not seek other dreams. You have to live for yourself because in the end it is your life that will end with regret not theirs. We can't live forever and that’s why were given free will to chose for ourselves not ask for others to do it for us.

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