Leaders and theyr responsibilities

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My second article based on things that happened in politics and economy and how it influences my view on politics

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011




Hello readers this is my second article though this one will be more direct. And theme that I picked might be inappropriate for my level of intelligence yet I couldn’t stop myself.

And so I shall start by speaking about current politic situation which includes USA and Iraq war Economic crisis and Strike in Greece.

First will be obviously world know war because of sad tragedy that seem to have left lots of unexplainable details all around the world. And I shall start with well known line from USA president “We will no negotiate with terrorist” why just a second they request is that you leave their country not give them yours yet you will not listen and let innocent people that have families dies for no reason. I come to conclusion that the leaders are corrupt why else would some one start a war without proper reason. To country man he said is to pay back for 9/11 yet he moved an army and started war not with terrorist but all country I believe that’s a big misstep from objective costing money and life’s. I know I’m outsider and from citizens point of view I have no right to judge the decision. With this I come to second part of my article Economical crisis. We all know it started much latter then war and they even strongly denied that it’s because of war yet it originated in USA at the time of war which meant that they needed huge amount of resources I’m not economies specialist but I believe if you spend money without proper income you will reach crisis. Now that creates a question where did they get the money if it wasn’t from budget if their saying truth doesn’t that mean that war was sponsored by third party meaning countries military can be bought doesn’t that make you feel insecure.

That brings me to third topic Strike in Greece. Reason for it obvious no salaries huge taxes and high food prices people came out to complain stood for their rights and lost the country because people they called leaders betrayed them. You would probably wonder how did they betrayed them well when we chose leaders they have certain responsibilities one of them is making right decisions, theirs didn’t they kept on borrowing money and losing it somewhere until the EU run out.

All these assumptions simple leads to question why is Politics such a necessary thing well because they help keep wars at bay and coordinates countries resources but if the politicians incapable of doing their tasks their position lose point in existing why should they be paid salaries when their not doing their job. Any normal worker usually lose job for big mistake yet they don’t. And so if they can’t do job right yet still get paid and easily stay in their position why can’t normal person. Their not gods or saints their same as us so why is military and police protecting them when their job is to protect citizens.

Reason to all that is money in my opinion world should have one type of money and every one would receive stable income according to how well their perform their work

Every mistake would lower their salary and only doing good job would help it grow back.

Plus to all this income inspection for example count the salary persons belongings and checking background how they were achieved if you see that he has more then he should he should be inspected this way it would be possible to increase your salary and motivate workers to perform better.

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