My point of wiev on life

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This is my very first time writing something like this so I'm very sorry for it being bad

Submitted: December 03, 2011

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Submitted: December 03, 2011




Hello every one.

I’m more or less a writer I don’t ask for understanding I just ask to be heard. But what is it that I wish to say so badly well first of all world is dying not because of pollution or politics but because we forgot  what it means to truly live. Every time I look around and see people coming and going from home to work and from work to home without thinking how is this helping me to achieve my goals we just work for the sake of it. I’m a student but I worked enough to relate to that. I’m not sure myself why I worked so hard what was my goal and why was the money so important. But today after restarting my studies I see. Its experience and knowledge how hard even a smallest job can be how it connects to even greater cause. For example imagine that you work in shop carrying boxes from place to place when there’s machines that can do it for you. Irritated you feel at that moment for sure knowing but being unable to change it yet if you try to change it you lose something important when you use machine its loud and rarely good method to be used in case there’s need for conversation. But when you carry the box yourself its harder, its slower but allows communication between you and clients as well as coworkers. Now many would say why is he telling us what we already know and would be right I have no right to lecture others about their methods. And I’m not I’m just saying what I kept to myself for a long time and if you truly know about it why not to use it not only at work but at life as well. These days its rare to see some one without a car or enough care and understanding for others especially student. What do I mean by that well its simple when you walk in street and look at poor person begging for change you think to yourself I give him money he will buy himself some drink and get drunk how do you know can you read his mind maybe he will buy food or clothing to keep himself warm this kind of behavior usually influences the kids which is why bullying usually done to less fortunate. There is opposite cases yet its still simple deal of their parents being stupid in one or other way. How can this be stopped how can we change everything well easily stop ignoring look, speak, listen don’t say that it doesn’t concern you cause it dose. You might not know him but if you see him suffering give him the straw to grab let him feel accepted at lest a bit. Now to those that gets bullied I must say it hard I was in such position myself but I just ignored it not in obvious way which will cause them even more anger differently then some says. I might had it hard but I never forgot they had it harder I live trough it and now they are most trusted friends because they grew up they understood and they learned. I don’t say suffer and do nothing I say don’t give up if you can’t do anything keep on fighting as long as your alive your life has a reason if you cut it short it will lose it all and the suffering you suffered will be meaningless because your no more and they have forgotten you. O and I forgot to mention what’s wrong with the cars well its like a shield from the world in the car you feel more powerful because you know I can move and they will not chase me. And if you see misfortune you just move around thinking I can’t stop right now.


I wrote a lot on impulse and my thoughts not really well put together cause I have so many and they keep coming one after another I forgot what I wrote what I was saying but I want to say that too and so it turns out like this so you have to forgive me. If your reading this last sentence I that you from my heart for putting so much patience and trying to understand. Now for the ends I will say All of us is borne as a Hero pure at heart and at soul but how we will turn out in the future is for us to chose will I keep being Hero or will I turn in to a villain life is not decided before hand you decide it yourself


Thank You greatly for reading and apologize for my inability to put thoughts together in right sequence

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