Nashoba no more

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My last post. Goodbye to all of you.

Submitted: March 11, 2010

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Submitted: March 11, 2010



I've lost it all now

Friends abanadoned for the sake of a deserter

Familylost to the wind of disdain

All connections to the world severed slowly by my own hand

And all ties to this world foolishly burned away...

she was all I had... all I needed... all I wanted...

She was and still is my whole world...

To see her smile I'd give both arms

To hear her laugh, I'd give both legs

To have her in my arms I've give up everything

To be sure she's okay, I'd give my very life.

She's gone now... everything I've ever loved and more

She won't be coming back either...

I've given up all hope and no longer wish to see the day

I want nothing more than to fall asleep and never wake up again

She's everything I've ever loved and more.

And now, she's gone.........

© Copyright 2018 Keerow Ameratsu Imorai. All rights reserved.

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